At this moment, the servant who had brought Ning Yue to the toilet walked over. “Marquis, I brought Miss Ning to the toilet. Miss Ning didn’t want me to follow her.”

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“You!” Marquis An was furious, but when he thought of how Jiang Ying was still here, he did not dare to say anything.

“Take good care of the heir of Prince Jin. My stomach hurts too, so I have to go to the toilet.” With that, Marquis An turned around and left.

Jiang Ying frowned. He was afraid that Ning Yue would be discovered. No, he had to follow!

“Marquis An wants to go to the toilet, right? My stomach hurts too. Let’s go together.”

Upon hearing Jiang Ying’s words, Marquis An almost bit his tongue off.

Did they think that he was easy to fool? They all said that their stomachs hurt, but they were actually fine.

However, the person in front of him was Jiang Ying. He had no reason to refuse, nor could he.

Marquis An had no choice but to bring Jiang Ying to the toilet closest to the study.

While Jiang Ying was going to the toilet, Marquis An entered the study.

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He observed the situation inside. No one seemed to have entered.

He quietly went to the secret passage again. There was no one there either.

Could something have gone wrong?

Marquis An couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t plan to think about it anymore.

Calculating the time, it was about time for Jiang Ying to come out, so he simply left the study.

After coming out, he realized that Jiang Ying was waiting at the entrance of the toilet.

“Marquis An is really busy. He even has to enter the study to grade his official work when he’s going to the toilet.” Jiang Ying’s words were filled with sarcasm.

How could Marquis An not understand? He was very angry, but he did not dare to do anything to Jiang Ying.

He brought Jiang Ying back to the living room and did not expect to see Ning Yue wandering outside.

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“Ning Yue, why are you here?” Marquis An asked.

“I just came out of the toilet and was a little lost. When I finally walked out, I realized that you weren’t in the living room. I was about to come out to look for you,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Marquis An looked Ning Yue up and down.

In the past, he had ordered An Yuan to cripple Ning Yue after bringing her back.

But now, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with Ning Yue.

Thinking about An Ning, An Yuan must have disobeyed his orders again!

Ning Yue glanced at Jiang Ying, indicating that she could leave.

Jiang Ying nodded slightly. He said goodbye to Marquis An, and left with Ning Yue.

When they returned home, Jiang Ying asked Ning Yue, “Did you find anything at Marquis An’s place?”

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Ning Yue sighed faintly and told Jiang Ying some things. “The mastermind behind the incident in the general’s residence is indeed Marquis An. Guess who the person behind him is?”

When Jiang Ying heard Ning Yue mention this, his interest was piqued. He smiled and said, “Let me guess.”

“It’s either Prince Ning or Prince Qi. I think Prince Ning might be more likely,” Jiang Ying asked.

“That’s a good guess. But why did you guess Prince Ning?” Ning Yue looked at Jiang Ying in confusion.

“Because the poisoning of Uncle Emperor is related to Prince Ning. I’m guessing that he did more than that,” Jiang Ying said.

“Prince Ning poisoned the emperor?” Ning Yue was shocked.

The poison in the emperor’s body had been given to him by Gu Yu many years ago to protect himself. Not many people knew about this.

Not only did Prince Ning know, but he had also used poison on the emperor.

What did this mean?

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It meant that Prince Ning’s spies and forces had already infiltrated the palace. It was very likely that the emperor was surrounded by Prince Ning’s men!

“Prince Ning is rebelling!” Ning Yue said in shock.

If it weren’t for the rebellion, why would he have done so many things? It wasn’t enough for Prince Ning and he wanted to be the emperor.

“That’s right. Prince Ning wants to rebel. I’m guessing that it’s about time for King Qi to take action. King Qi has interfered in the matter of the general’s residence that I’ve investigated,” Jiang Ying said.

“I originally wanted to investigate this matter thoroughly before telling you, but now that you’ve already found out the connection between Marquis An and Prince Ning, I might as well put everything on the table,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Yue nodded, understanding what Jiang Ying was thinking.

He did not feel good about investigating the problem and finding out that it was his uncle. He did not want to wrong any good person, so he planned to investigate thoroughly.

“If King Qi also interferes in the General’s Residence’s matters, do you think these two will join forces to rebel?” Ning Yue asked.

Jiang Ying was stunned. Soon, his eyes widened. He had never thought that the two of them would join forces to rebel!

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