After stabbing a mystic-rank alligator snapping turtle to death, Lin Xuan didn’t even bat an eyelid. Instead, he turned around and glanced at the others who didn’t reply to him, “Are you d*mb? Say Something!”

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All the others were staring ahead in a daze. One of them stretched out his quivering hand and pointed ahead, indicating Lin Xuan to look ahead.

His heart skipped a beat, and a bad premonition flashed through his mind. Could it be that another earth-rank sea king had joined the battlefield?

He turned his head and stood rooted to the spot, only to see an incomparably huge wave slowly heading toward Guangzhou. Within it, countless sea beasts could be seen with the naked eye, densely packed and uncountable.

This wave was not the expected horde. According to the pattern that they had discovered previously, the next wave of horde would arrive within three minutes. This wave was caused by the Octopus Queen who had dived into the seabed!


They had to do something about the oncoming wave. With such a huge wave of sea beasts coming, their three surrounding circles would not have plummeted!

Looking into the distance, the two Wind and Cloud teams were fighting against an earth-rank sea king alone. They were surrounded by danger, and they could barely hold on. The six of them had naturally seen this wave of sea beasts, but they could weigh the pros and cons, the danger of letting an earth-ranked sea king ignoring them was far greater than this wave of sea beasts.

They were pinned down by the earth-rank sea king and couldn’t move.

“Li Rui, f*cking get back here!”

On the other hand, the two tentacles of the Octopus Queen were growing. Although they were of the low earth-rank, the golden light that flashed by didn’t just bring about the breaking effect, there was also continuous damage attached to them. It could be said that even if they were left unattended, they would still be fine… perhaps?

Li Rui, who was trying to kill one of the tentacles, heard Lin Xuan’s roar. He raised his head and saw the surging horde in the distance. His expression was extremely unsightly.

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To be honest, he felt conflicted. Killing an earth-rank demon king had brought him too much benefit. However, at the same time, he was also very clear that even if he used the Feast of Fear, it would be extremely difficult to directly kill one of the tentacles, because the two tentacles that fell were now two new life forms thanks to their powerful life regeneration ability.

And the mystic-rank and earth-rank were after all separated by a large rank. Unless it was an earth-rank that was on the verge of death, if he used the Feast of Fear to kill it, the success rate… was almost nil!

Yet he was still unwilling to leave!

He really wanted to give it a try. The mountain of gold and silver was right in front of him, but he could not take away a single bit of regret. It was like a devil corroding his heart, crying bitterly and suffering.

There was still a chance in the future for him!

He wouldn’t be a slave of strength!

He resolutely turned his head and left. He took another look, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his aching heart.

In the Green Sea Palace, Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man watched this scene with a smile. “Not bad. These little guys’ temperaments are still pretty good. When you make a move later, we can give him a chance.”

The young Daoist nodded as he picked up his glass and continued to drink. Although that b*stard Io hid very well, he was still located. If not for the sake of training these upcoming fighters… he would have long ended this farce.

That’s right. For the two of them, there was not much difference between the monsoon season and the rainy season. It was a matter of one sword and one fist strike. If not for the sake of improving the cultivation environment in the country and making the new ability users feel pressured… they would not spend so much effort to train their ability.

Taixia Country had accumulated 300 years of cultivation strength. Nobody knew how truly powerful it was!

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If not for that great goal, they would not make such a painstaking plan. Over the past 300 years, how many talents had hidden in the human world and waited for the arrival of that great age? The prosperous age? Or the decline of Taixia Country?

Who knew…

However, everyone knows that 300 years is a long time. Many people could not wait any longer. If not that, Wudang said that the time for a breakthrough was coming soon, Taixia Country might have had another dispute over 200 years ago.

However, was that time really coming? Why couldn’t he sense it at all as the other protagonist?

Or was it just an excuse for Wudang?

After throwing a glance at the young Daoist who was drinking alcohol, Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man sighed, ‘Forget it. If that day comes, I will push them down one by one. It’s not that I don’t have the strength to do that anyway.’

After all, his master, the Bright Phoenix, was merciful in the dispute over 200 years ago. Additionally, he didn’t have enough manpower. With him and Wudang, it was easy for him to suppress those abnormal sounds.

After all, none of them could fight!

After returning to the battlefield, Li Rui came to Lin Xuan’s side as he watched the incoming horde with a solemn look, “I will block the front!”

“Don’t rush yourself. I will tend to the people at the back!” Lin Xuan replied immediately. After that, the contact number was connected rapidly. However, a very noisy voice came from the other side, “The situation is urgent now. We can’t go over to support them, but we’ll do our best to stop the next wave of sea beasts. We’ll try our best not to let the yellow-rank ones off. You guys just have to deal with the current situation.”

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“Lin… Lin Xuan… Li Rui… We can’t hold on much longer!”

“Even if you can’t hold on much longer, you have to hold on for as long as you can. Think about who’s behind you. If you fall, your family, friends, and loved ones will all suffer. Remember what I said, hold on for me!”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xuan took a step forward with his flaming blade in hand. The watch in his hand beeped as he casually picked up the call. It was a call from the person-in-charge of the three circle defense zone.

“Zone A, do you need backup?”

Lin Xuan looked at the huge horde that was right in front of him and the corner of his mouth twitched. “No need, it’s too late!”

“We’re almost there, you…”

Before he could finish his words, Lin Xuan put down the call, raised his sword with his right hand, and slashed down viciously.

Wind Supreme — Sharp!

Wind Supreme — Floating!

Light Supreme — Scattering!

Domineering Blade!

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Sword Draw Slash!

Advanced Fist Art — Shocking Dragon!

Water Supreme — Floating!

Fire Supreme — Incinerating!

Bloodline Supernatural Ability — Double Transformation, triple strength!

Advanced Swordsmanship — Grand Burial!

With a slash of his sword, the sword light streaked across the sky. Facing the huge and terrifying horde, this wave was overpowering and terrifying. However, in the next second, countless sword lights surged out from that sword slash.

Lin Xuan fell from the sky. With this slash, the power in his body had been completely exhausted. However, in the next moment, endless power surged into his body from the void, the talent skill Blood Devour was working.

Li Rui jumped up and caught Lin Xuan who fell from the sky. Although his body was full of power, his spirit was weak and he could not mobilize his own power.

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