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Jealousy and anger surged out of Lu Xiang’s heart like a tide. Her grandfather had only liked Lu Qingyun since she was young. She and her mother were humble, but she still could not obtain her grandfather’s affirmation. Hence, when she was young, she had hoped that Lu Qingyun would die. This way, she would be the only daughter in the Lu family.

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After Lu Qingyun died, the Lu family would be hers. Unexpectedly, Lu Qingyun’s son returned and wanted to snatch everything away.

Impossible! She would never allow this to happen.

Lu Yan pulled Lu Xiang back and glared at her. Then, he lowered his voice and warned, “Let’s go.”

“Ah Yan, he can’t participate in the ancestral worship. He’s not worthy…” Lu Xiang was still unwilling.

“Shut up!” Lu Yan roared angrily and interrupted Lu Xiang. He resisted the urge to flare up and gritted his teeth. “Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough? Let’s go!”

Lu Xiang’s face was filled with embarrassment, but seeing that Lu Yan was so angry, she could only leave with him dejectedly.

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As she watched Lu Yan and Lu Xiang leave in a sorry state, the corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth curled up. She grunted coldly in disdain. “Please leave at once!”

Lu Yan stopped in his tracks, and the veins on his forehead popped out. He suppressed his anger and gritted his teeth.

Did Gu Zheng want to participate in the ancestral worship ceremony? Well, he would absolutely not let Gu Zheng have an easy time! At that time, Gu Zheng would come to the Lu family’s territory. Was he so confident that nothing would go wrong?

Seeing Lu Yan leave without a word, Gu Yao frowned. “Lu Yan must be holding it in! Maybe he’s thinking of another way to deal with Gu Zheng!”

“By the way, is the Lu family holding the ceremony in advance? They probably decided on this because of Old Master Lu! If Old Master Lu has yet to wake up when the ceremony is being held, it’ll prove to everyone that Old Master Lu is really unconscious. If he’s not sick, how could he not participate in the ancestral worship ceremony? That’s a great disrespect! In short, this kid definitely doesn’t have good intentions. When Gu Zheng goes, he’ll definitely cause trouble again! Lu Yan is too cunning! We have to be careful of him!”

Qiao Xi: “…” Was Gu Yao thinking too much?! Lu Yan probably did not have that many thoughts running through his mind, but after Gu Yao’s reminder, Qiao Xi felt that Lu Yan would definitely not be able to take this lying down. He would attack behind the scenes.

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At this moment, Gu Yao was still indignant. “I’ve never seen a man as scheming as Lu Yan. He’s full of schemes. He’s really scheming!”

Everyone: “???”

Gu Yao was just about to turn around and complain about this to Qiao Xi when he suddenly saw Qiao Xi’s fierce expression. She was like a kitten that had exploded. He hurriedly lowered his voice and said, “Qiao Xi! Watch your expression. Your current appearance will contradict your image too much.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a noblewoman at the side, Madam Ye, could not help but look over. She suddenly saw Qiao Xi’s fierce expression and was momentarily confused. “Mrs. Gu…”

Gu Yao thought that this matter could not be hidden anymore. It was fine if he and Gu Zheng saw it, but if others saw it, they would say that Qiao Xi was deliberately pretending to be weak.

Even in the next second, Qiao Xi’s expression did not change. It just gradually returned to normal. She raised her hand weakly and wiped the remaining tears from the corners of her eyes. She smiled weakly at Madam Ye. “Madam Ye, what’s wrong?”

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Madam Ye even thought that the scene just now was an illusion, but she clearly saw Mrs. Gu’s fierce expression. Moreover, she had just kicked Lu Yan. She did not look like a very weak woman at all!

She stared fixedly at the weak Mrs. Gu. She was clearly a petite woman who had been bullied by Lu Yan until she cried. She must have seen it wrong just now.

Mrs. Gu was so weak and kind. How could she hit Lu Yan and even show a fierce expression?

Madam Ye dispelled the doubts in her heart and asked with concern, “Mrs. Gu, are you okay?”

Now, the Ye family and Gu Yao were discussing a collaboration. Madam Ye expressed her goodwill to Qiao Xi firstly to please Gu Yao and Gu Zheng, but it was also because she saw her being bullied by Lu Yan and crying pitifully, so her heart ached for her.

Madam Ye said gently, “President Gu, I think Mrs. Gu is scared. Hurry up and leave with her.”

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Qiao Xi nodded and sniffed weakly. “Ah Zheng, I was really afraid. I didn’t expect Young Master Lu to come looking for me directly. If Ah Yao hadn’t come, I don’t know what would’ve happened!

“He even said bad things about you just now, Ah Zheng. Actually, it doesn’t matter how much he bullies me, but I can’t allow him to say anything about you, Ah Zheng, so I impulsively kicked him. At that time, his gaze seemed to want to kill me. I was so scared that I cried. I’m too much of a coward!”

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