My name is Akito Aisaka, as I was returning to my class to pick up something I forgot, I was startled by the sight of a female student in a winter uniform who's taking a selfie by the window against the backdrop of the tanned autumn sky.

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She had just taken off her blazer, unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her enormous breasts, while her eyes were fixed on the screen of her smartphone.


She was moving her hand that was holding the phone, as if she was worried about the angle.


Of course I knew her, she was Yuu Mamiya, a model student sitting next to me who was known for her good grades, beauty, and good behavior.


She is a long-haired girl with a firm face and style. If you ask the boys in class whether she is cute or not, they almost always answer "cute." She has a rather mature atmosphere, but despite her unapproachable appearance, her behavior of not putting up walls to anyone is something worth emulating.


Despite her beautiful appearance, Mamiya doesn't seem to be interested in romantic things, and I've heard rumors of such things. It wouldn't be surprising if she had a boyfriend, but gave no signs of such a relationship at school.


That's why I doubted my own eyes, rubbed my eyes and looked twice, but still Mamiya's appearance was the same. My curiosity and suspicion began to grow, and at the same time, I became increasingly worried.


Mamiya was a model student who was polite to everyone and didn't make sour faces when asked for help, so why would she do this?


As I pondered the situation, my consciousness began to return to reality when the flashlight from her phone startling me as I looked at Mamiya who had just taken a picture of me from inside the classroom.


I got caught.


I was already late when I realized that, and she looked at me, cold sweat starting to run down my back. I wanted to run away, but my legs were frozen like a frog staring at a snake.


With a hint of surprise on her face, she tilted her head and asked, "why is Aisaka-kun here?"


"I just came to pick up something I left behind in class."




Mamiya approached with a seductive smile on her face. As she unbuttoned her shirt, her cleavage, which was usually hidden, and... her white panties, came into view. My gaze and consciousness were drawn to her, but I hurriedly averted my eyes.


However, Mamiya must have noticed my gaze. She put her hand over her mouth and smiled, while squinting at me.


"I don't mind if you look at it one more time, it can't be helped."


It was there that I first noticed that Mamiya's tone and mood had changed to something different and relaxed. I was relieved that she was easy to talk to, but there was a strange tension in the classroom.


"Then, don't show it to me, it's not good for me."


"I don't know if I can do that."


"What are you doing...?"


"Can't you see it? I'm taking a picture."


She lightly raised her phone in her hand and said as if it was natural, but there was no way she could convince me.


I wondered what makes a female student take a selfie in the classroom while wearing her school uniform? No way, a model student with excellent grades is an exhibitionist, right...?


"Umm, I have a reason for that... But I haven't told you what it is yet."


Mamiya's hand grabbed my right wrist.




"I'm sure you won't reject me from now on, right?"


With a gentle smile on her face, Mamiya placed my palm on her chest.



I felt the softness all over my palm, the direct contact with her breast, making my body start to sink gently as if pushed by Mamiya's strength.

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Mamiya's body temperature was slightly warm.


I had no idea what she was doing to me and my mind gradually went blank.


What pulled me back from my lost thoughts was the clicking sound of the camera.


"I just took a good picture, I didn't expect you to be able to make a face like that Aisaka-kun, I couldn't resist taking a pict. What do you think?"


The phone screen she shown to me captured my face and my hands touching Mamiya's breasts.


I felt as if something was leaving my body, and I couldn't utter a single word.


"Oh, could it be that I scared you too much? Sorry, you don't have to be afraid. If Aisaka-kun keeps it a secret, I'll keep it a secret too."


That doesn't make any sense.


I just came to get something I left behind in class.... So why am I even being threatened like this? She even holds strong evidence against me so I can't fight back.


I'm even starting to wonder if the girl in front of me isn't the same Yuu Mamiya I know? On the contrary, how good it would be if she was.


"I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong."


"Isn't it wrong to touch a girl's breasts...?"


"You made me touch them, didn't you?"


"You're talking too loudly. If you speak too loudly, someone might come."




A shipwreck warning, I was sure I didn't see anyone in the hallway when I went to class in a hurry, and I didn't hear a single footstep this time. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Mamiya thinking that it wouldn't happen...


"It's about time you let go of my hand."


"Don't you want to touch it longer?"


".... No."


"Hmm, interesting."


She said it in cool manner.


Wait, that's not what I wanted to say!


If you're a high school kid who's going through puberty, there's no way you can pass up an opportunity like this! Most of us want to enjoy it as much as possible....but there's a problem with this situation, it's not good for me. Mentally and physically.


First of all, only a sane person could think of such a thing immediately after being threatened by Mamiya.


Mamiya let go of my wrist, so I pulled my hand back and took a step back to keep my distance.


I subconsciously took a deep breath.


"There's no point in worrying, isn't it? Look, I just finished taking a good photo"


"Yeah, right."


"So, let's chat for a while. You want to know why I'm doing this, don't you...?"


Mamiya who took a seat nearby signaled me to sit next to her.


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Meanwhile, Mamiya was fixing the buttons of her blouse that she had undone and putting back on the blazer that she had just taken off.


There Mamiya was fixing her uniform without interruption looking like a model student as usual. In the end, the figure and atmosphere I remembered overlapped.


"You really are the same person, aren't you?"


"Do you have any doubts?"


"If that's the case, I hope it's a different person. It would be better if it was a dream. Your tone of voice and the atmosphere just now were drastically different."


"Unfortunately, what you saw was real. I changed my tone and mood at school. I mean, how can you say that the dream was better after squeezing my breasts?"


"That's it. Why did you take a picture dressed like that?"


When I expressed my doubts honestly while avoiding Mamiya's gaze, Mamiya showed me her phone screen.



There, I saw a social media account displayed but all the photos on that account were all lust-inducing photos. Some of them even appeared wearing only underwear, and I didn't want to look at them too much, so I turned my gaze back to Mamiya.


Although her face wasn't clearly visible, I found many similarities with Mamiya, I knew that it was a platform specialized for such a thing.


Mamiya smiled at me with a smile that was hard to explain...


"I'm what is usually referred to as a "back account girl.""

[TL: Someone who has an account to express her latent desire.]


Model student Yuu Mamiya, confessing her secret.


"You mean, you're one of those who often create erotic content on social media?"


"Well, there's a lot to say, but that's how I understand it. So I don't need to directly explain something awkward like that, I just post pictures. So please don't make any weird misunderstandings."


Mamiya continued to gather the missing words in my perception.


Is it possible that a model student like Mamiya is a two-faced girl? I could tell the pictures did have a lot of similarities with Mamiya,


"You must be thinking "How come?" and asking questions like that, but I won't answer that question. Everyone has their own reasons and secrets. Isn't that right?"


"Well, that's true."




If you say so, I would also say no if I were in the opposite position.


At least, it's not something I want to hear from someone I don't have much contact with.


There are topics that I don't even want to talk about.


Mamiya smiled and said, "Yes."


"I'm glad you understand. If you've heard this far, you'll know that I was taking pictures to post on that account."


"Then I happened to see it."


"I had no choice but to threaten and shut you up... so we're even."


"There's nothing to worry about that..."


Don't try to make it sound like a good story. I feel like I've been victimized. I've even lost the energy to get angry because it's so unreasonable.


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Mamiya probably didn't expect me to find out either, in other words, sooner or later, I'm sure someone other than me will find out too... In short, I don't want to be humiliated by a perverted woman who took selfies while taking off her clothes in class.


I'm really unlucky.


"I'm sure you know this, if you tell this to anyone, I'll also tell everyone that Aisaka-kun has been squeezing my breasts."


"I know, I mean, you shouldn't have taken a selfie in the classroom with your clothes off in the first place."


"I didn't take off my clothes. I just unbuttoned it."


"Is this your father's school?"


"Not at all. Oh, do you want to see me take off my clothes? You're quite aggressive, I'm not sure if it's too much to ask. But yeah, if you want, then it's fine."


I've already touched your breasts today, so it's okay...


"My head is getting dizzy...."


Who would have thought that a model student like Mamiya would become such an exhibitionist girl? ..... She's just a b*tch.


Is there even a sense of shame in you? Couldn't you have prevented me from going back to class a few minutes ago? Yes... I know. I was just thinking.


"I don't want you to misunderstand, the only reason I unbuttoned and took a selfie was because it would get more reactions right?"


"I'm sure you're right. Men are simple creatures. They'll be happy even if they see a little bit of it."


"Didn't you just talk about yourself Aisaka-kun? Aren't you happy, Aisaka?"


"That's a complicated thing."


"Why don't you just say that you're happy?"


Stop that laughter!


For me, it's more about guilt feeling rather than my personal wishes. Under such circumstances, I look at it like it's a part of being a man that I can't avoid. Humans are not made to be so easily divided.


It's impossible for me to just look or touch her directly. Especially when it comes to a girl like Mamiya, who only looks cute on the outside.


If something like that happened again, I don't know what would happen.


"That's why I'm here. I would appreciate it if you kept it a secret."


"I won't tell anyone even if you tell me to. After all, isn't it against the law to take pictures of me without permission."


"I'm sorry. But, if Aisaka-kun doesn't tell anyone, I won't think about what to do with those photos either."


Mamiya's face came closer. The tip of her long hair tickled me


"If you keep it a secret, I'll let you have fun..."




A sweet bite and a soft breath. Mamiya gently bit my earlobe. Shortly after that my goosebumps started to rise.


A shiver ran down my back, my shoulders stiffened and reflexively a silent scream escaped my mouth.


My face began to turn red, my consciousness gradually fading away. Mamiya's breath was very warm and caressed my skin in horror.


"Shhh~ Keep quiet, Akito..."


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Ignoring my feelings, Mamiya called me by my first name and giggled.


Seeing Mamiya smiling at me made me think, it's said that beautiful flowers have poison, but the flower Mamiya brought is a deadly poison that can easily exceed the deadly threshold.


Once you touch it, you won't be able to get rid of it until you die.


"You're not going to let me go, aren't you?"


"Haha, how could you know...?"


"You didn't even try to hide it."


"I'm sorry about that... I was surprised that my secret would be revealed by you... Besides, I told you, didn't I? If you keep it a secret, I'll give you a good time."


She repeated to make me believe that her words were not a lie, even so Mamiya's eyes showed no sign that she was joking.


No, she really wasn't joking.


Why do you look like you're enjoying it so much, Mamiya-san?!


"Oh yeah, let's exchange contact information."


"I'd like to, but..."


"Then it's decided!"


I took out my phone and exchanged contact information with Mamiya. Yu Mamiya and my name appeared in the contact list, and I immediately received one notification.


The sender was Yuu Mamiya. I had a bad feeling about this, but when I opened the chat room, she sent me a picture where it looked like I was rubbing Mamiya's breasts.


"I've never written such a pleasant first message."


"I have a bad feeling about this."


"It's okay. This is a secret between me and Aisaka-kun."


A red tongue filled her lips.




A secret between two people.


A sentence that could be a sweet and sour slice of youth for some people, but under these circumstances, instead of pleasant, "it's terrible" seemed more appropriate to describe it.


"I'm sure, all this time, everyone only saw me as a model student. Since you are the only person who can see me in this state, I guess I should punish you for knowing my true identity."


"What are you going to do to me?"


"From today onwards, Aisaka-kun, you will be under my command..."


"I don't understand."




"I feel that you're out of your mind now, please return the girl of my dreams--no, return that Mamiya who's always been a model student!!!"


Mamiya giggled happily and ignored my feelings, I had some thoughts about that, but since there was no point in saying them, I swallowed them with tears in my eyes.


Akito Aisaka, 16 years old, in the fall of his first year of high school


He met her by chance and accidentally learned her true identity and was threatened by an exhibitionist girl who was a model student in her class and also a two-faced girl.