What she meant was that Gu Nuo’er had deliberately lost the little white tiger just to prank her.

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She had even caused such a huge commotion.

Everyone around knew that Gu Nuo’er liked to be helpful.

Moreover, she was small and looked cute with lively eyes.

No one thought that she was the kind of person Xie Liuhua was talking about.

The eldest daughter of the Zhang family, who had gotten a little closer to Gu Nuo’er previously, said, “Miss Xie, what you said doesn’t sound good.

“We’re all classmates. Putting aside Princess Yaoguang’s identity, your mocking words really make people feel ashamed of your upbringing.”

Tears streamed down Xie Liuhua’s face. “I’ve been wronged, but why do I still have to explain things to you guys nicely? However, no matter how I explain myself, there’d be someone who’d be refusing to let me off.

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“Princess, if you don’t like me, just say it. Why do you have to draw up such a big trap to deal with me? Who am I to deserve this?”

Before Gu Nuo’er could say anything, Ye Siming’s slender palm had already grabbed the hilt of the sword at his waist.

His eyes were cold as he walked forward.

The child quickly asked, “Elder Brother Siming, what are you going to do?”

Ye Siming didn’t even turn around. “I’ll behead her now and let her understand that I can kill an ant like her if I want to. Why would you have to mobilize so many people just to frame her? Is she worthy?”

When Xie Liuhua saw Ye Siming use his thumb to push the cold sword out of the sheath, she was shocked!

She had heard from her father that this Ye Siming killed without batting an eyelid. He was a ruthless person!

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Moreover, she also knew that when they first came to school, Ye Siming had cut Young Master Zhao’s neck and blood was flowing from his neck back then!

Xie Liuhua’s face was pale and she subconsciously took a step back.

Ye Siming was about to show no mercy when Jiang Xiaoran covered his eyes first.

“My Brother Ming is just cruel and magnanimous. If he can cut the crap talk, he will.”

However, Gu Nuo’er reached out her small hand and grabbed Ye Siming tightly.

She waved her fair finger, looked up, and said softly, “Elder Brother Siming, we’re clearly the ones in the right, so why do you have to use such a rough method? That’s not right. If there’s so much blood, it’ll scare everyone!”

Ye Siming lowered his eyes and looked at the child in front of him, explaining to her patiently, “I can’t stand her.”

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Gu Nuo’er’s gaze was bright. “I have a way to make her lie collapse by itself!”

On the other hand, not only was Yun Linzhou sad to have been wronged, but when he saw Ye Siming’s cold sword, he became so frightened that he cried.

He wiped his tears with his hand and shouted, “Linzhou is very stupid, but Linzhou doesn’t deceive others, doesn’t lie, and doesn’t act like a thief!”

Gu Nuo’er gave him a small look. “Prince older brother, calm down. I’ll help you get justice now. Don’t be anxious and don’t cry!”

As she spoke, she looked at Xie Liuhua and said with her pink lips, “If you don’t want others to know about something, don’t do the act. You said that you’ve never seen Prince Yun?”

Xie Liuhua came back to her senses from Ye Siming’s death threat. Her face was pale as she nodded.

She had already hidden the little white tiger. Even if the imperial guards dug three feet into the ground, they wouldn’t be able to find it!

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At the thought of this, she felt a little more confident.

Xie Liuhua said, “I’m not familiar with the prince and we’re not related. How can I instruct him?”

Gu Nuo’er placed her hands behind her back and walked up to her, her fair face leaning close to Xie Liuhua’s sleeve.

She pointed at the obvious stain on her sleeve, her eyes filled with innocence. “What a coincidence. Prince Yun still has meat grease on his hands that haven’t been washed off. Why do you have it on your sleeve too? Did he pull on your sleeve?

“Or are you going to say that you got it onto your sleeve yourself?”

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