Chapter 3 Agreement

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  ”No” Qiao Xuan simply played a bit of a rogue: “Anyway, I was wrong before I left anyway, I apologize to you. If it still doesn’t work, what do you want me to do?”

   “Haha!” Shao Yunyun still sneered.

  Qiao Xuan said bitterly: “We get married today, and we will divorce tomorrow. Isn’t it true that both families will become a joke. You don’t think about yourself, but also for your own family!”

   Shao Yunyun was stunned by her shamelessness, and sarcastically said, “Do I have to thank you for being so considerate of my family!”

   “That, that’s not necessary. I mean, we have to think of a best of both worlds to deal with this. Obviously, Heli is not a good way.”

   Does Shao Yunyun not know?

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   Although he was reluctant in his heart for this marriage, but the villagers, relatives and friends, whoever did not know each other, as long as they knew about it, who wouldn’t envy him?
   Who doesn’t say that this is the smoke from his Shao family’s ancestral grave!

   Only made him a poor boy from a peasant family to become the quick son-in-law of the county magistrate!
   This bride just walked through the door and left the next day. He didn’t even dare to think how others would laugh at her!

   After all, it was all his bad luck.

Qiao Xuan looked at him secretly and saw that he didn’t look very good, but obviously Heli’s attitude was not so firm, she felt a little relieved, and she took the next step, and said softly: “Do you think this is okay, you leave me first , After two or three years, when the time is right, we will reconcile.”

  Shao Yunyun: “.”

  Shao Yunyun was a little confused, raised his eyebrows and said solemnly: “Do you really think so? It won’t do you any good in two or three years.”

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  Qiao Xuan disapproved and said casually, “I’ll be seventeen or eighteen in two or three years, so what are you afraid of!”

  Shao Yunyun: “.” Really confident!
   Shao Yunyun was speechless.

   Okay, since she said so herself, he has nothing to say.

   “If you really want to stay in my house, you must do what a daughter-in-law of the Shao family should do and abide by your duty as a daughter-in-law! Don’t be rude to my father, my mother, my brothers, sisters and sisters.”

   “Also, our family is poor, and there are no servants to serve you. You have to do everything yourself. What you eat is just plain food and food. You need to think about it!”

  Qiao Xuan said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, I understand all this!”

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   Shao Yunyun thought in his heart, does she understand? I’m afraid she’s not joking! No matter how he looked at her, she didn’t seem to understand.

   However, there is no way to do this for the time being, so we can only do this first.

   In the future, Shao Yunyun will be a little upset, so don’t think about it for now, and be patient for the next two years, and send this big Buddha out of the Shao family smoothly!

   In the past two years, as long as she managed to stay safe and didn’t cause trouble, he would be satisfied, really.

   was speechless all night.

   The next morning, Qiao Xuan was shaken by Shao Yunyun.

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   She opened her eyes ignorantly, and Shao Yunyun was already neatly dressed and standing in front of the bed.

   Seeing her awake, he said, “It’s time to get up.”

  Qiao Xuan “Huh?” After blinking, she yawned and nodded in a trance: “Well, just get up.”

   No daughter-in-law can sleep in, she understands.

   In fact, when the original owner was still at her parents’ house, she was a poor little kid who got up earlier than the chicken.

   She is the only one who is struggling. After all, although she was a social animal in her previous life, she never woke up so early!
   She is the new daughter-in-law, and today she is going to change her mind about serving tea to the elders.

  After washing up, Qiao Xuan officially met with the Shao family.