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“Niangniang, His Highness Chen Wang and Ming Xianzhu have arrived.”


“Let them in.” Su Guifei sat up in the chaise longue, seeming hardly surprised that Chen Wang had followed along.


“Niangniang, His Majesty barely issued the decree forbidding you from sending anything to His Highness.” Her personal maid said worriedly: “If His Majesty finds out, he will not be angry with you, will he?”


Everyone in the Palace was aware of the Emperor’s recent foul mood. Of the five princes, he demoted one, had some flogged with sticks and fined the others. He even criticized two of the princesses. And yet, none of the imperial concubines dared to go plead with him, which showed how grave the current situation was.


“His Majesty only forbade Ben Gong from sending things to my son; he didn’t say anything about him coming to see Ben Gong.” Su Guifei replied with confidence. “When did Ben Gong disobey the imperial decree?”


The female official remained silent, realizing that she had forgotten how much the Emperor favored their niangniang. In this case, “His Highness coming on his own” didn’t necessarily equal “niangniang sending things” and therefore, it wasn’t an issue. 



“Guifei niangniang.” As soon as Jiuzhu entered and saw Su Guifei, her steps quickened: “I have not seen you for a long time. How are you?”


“Everything is fine, except that I missed you a bit.” Su Guifei pulled Jiuzhu to sit. “Come, take some rest first. Now that you have come, you must stay a few days before leaving. Otherwise, my days will be too lonely.”


“Niangniang, what happened?” Jiuzhu asked, looking at her worriedly.


“Ai.” Su Guifei sighed softly. “His Majesty had ordered me to not send anything to the Zhangliu Palace for Duqing. Ever since he punished the princes, everyone in the Palace has been on edge. The concubines also refrain from interacting with each other now, leaving me alone in this desolate Palace. It’s truly cold and cheerless.”



Xiangjuan, who had accompanied Jiuzhu and Chen Wang inside, remained silent.


The concubines don’t interact?


In the first place, niangniang was never fond of them.


Niangniang not allowed to send things to the Zhangliu Palace?


In fact, among the five princes, their prince received the mildest punishment. Moreover, she also suspected that the Emperor only forfeited Chen Wang’s half a year salary to avoid making him stand out too much.



Even if niangniang didn’t send anything, Taiyang Palace was still there to do that.


“Don’t worry, niangniang.” Jiuzhu whispered: “I brought some money for His Highness.”


Su Guifei glanced at Chen Wang, who turned to look at the beams on the roof.


“Duqing… he took it?”

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“His Highness was willing to take only half of it.” Jiuzhu whispered in Su Guifei’s ear: “But worry not, niangniang. I will give more after the lunar New Year. I have money now.”


Not only did she get monthly silver from her mother now, but also salary as a xianzhu. She was really a happy little rich woman. 


He actually took it?



Su Guifei looked at her son in disbelief. He had the nerve to take money from a little guniang. What about face? What about conscience?


“I persuaded for a long time, but His Highness only accepted half.” Jiuzhu sighed: “Niangniang, why don’t you help me persuade His Highness?”


“He is a big man. How can he lack money?” Su Guifei said: “I don’t think you should give him even half a coin.”


“His Highness has never lacked money since he was young. How can we let him suffer like this?” Jiuzhu did not agree with Su Guifei’s words. Losing something that one had since birth must be very difficult ah.


“Don’t worry, with me here, he won’t really suffer.” Su Guifei found Ming Jiuzhu more and more likable: “Besides, my daughter cannot lack money to spend. You feel sorry for him, so you give him money to spend. He feels sorry for you, so he is only willing to accept half of your money. This is just right.”


Chen Wang patted the bulging pouch at his waist and coughed dryly. It was not that he felt sorry for Ming Xiaozhu, he just… couldn’t bear to see her unhappy and aggrieved expression.


Outside the Mingyue Palace, a member of the Dragon Guards circled the main gate before stopping and turning to ask Liu Zhongbao, “Liu gonggong, did His Majesty really say that this subordinate should respectfully ask, and if the Guifei doesn’t wish to say, this subordinate cannot press further?”


“That’s right, Commander Wang.” Liu Zhongbao smiled: “You don’t have to worry, this old slave will accompany you to meet Guifei niangniang.”


“Alright.” Commander Wang sighed helplessly. His Majesty is really too good to Su Guifei. He is unwilling to let her face any difficulties even in such a major case.


From now on, if anyone said that Su Guifei was a demon consort, he would be the first to oppose it.


If Su Guifei really was one such consort, with His Majesty’s level of favoritism towards her, it was possible that their Da Cheng’s imperial family’s surname would have changed to Su, and the other princes wouldn’t have had the chance to grow up.


In records, there was an Emperor who favored a certain consort. This consort was childless, and the Emperor, for her sake, didn’t even want children. In the end, the only surviving child was secretly raised by eunuchs and palace maids.


If there was a ranking for demon consorts, Su Guifei would definitely be ranked last, not because she was not favored, but because she was too kindhearted.


“Liu gonggong and the Dragon Guards’ commander seek an audience?” Su Guifei was extremely surprised. What did the Dragon Guards’ commander want from her?


“Let them in.”


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“This Commander greets Guifei niangniang, Your Highness Chen Wang, and Ming Xianzhu.” Commander Wang entered and paid his respects.


“Commander Wang, please have a seat. Liu gonggong as well.” Su Guifei waved her hand and had the palace maids bring tea and some light refreshments. She went straight to the point: “What business does Commander Wang have with Ben Gong?”


Commander Wang was still wracking his mind trying to think of a way to approach the matter. He didn’t expect her to ask him directly. He glanced at Jiuzhu, who was sitting beside Su Guifei. Jiuzhu, realizing the meaning behind his gaze, was about to get up and find an excuse to leave.


“There are only Ben Gong’s own people here.” Su Guifei leaned against the soft cushion lazily: “Just ask directly.”


Jiuzhu rose a little only to sit back again.


Chen Wang stood up and walked over to her side, reaching out to take the fruits in front of her. Jiuzhu beamed and offered him the whole plate.


He selected the biggest fruit, peeled it and split it into two halves before sending one directly to her mouth.


Liu Zhongbao smiled as he watched this scene, not hiding his closeness to Chen Wang.


“Then this commander will be bold enough to begin.” Commander Wang stood up and cupped his hands: “May I ask niangniang if you, during the fifth year of Longfeng when you accompanied His Majesty to Lingzhou, had planned to taste the culinary delicacies in Lingzhou City?”


Upon hearing Commander Wang’s words, Jiuzhu lost her focus and accidentally bit Chen Wang’s finger.


Chen Wang widened his eyes. Is she actually a puppy and not a little pig?


She snapped back to her senses and lowered her head to look at Chen Wang’s fingers. Jiuzhu quickly pulled out a handkerchief, shot him a flattering smile, and started wiping his finger. She whispered:

“Apologies, Your Highness. Chennu didn’t do it on purpose.”


“You really are worthy of your zodiac sign1T/N: It is mentioned in chp 25.2 that Jiuzhu was born in the Year of the Dog. You can refer to the 1st footnote there if you wanna get a quick recap on this matter..” Chen Wang picked up two fruits. “Now it’s your turn to peel these for me.”


“Yes.” Su Guifei glanced at the two whispering people and turned to look at Commander Wang: “What is the matter?”


“This commander has just found out that there was an assassination attempt on niangniang and His Highness at that time. Due to you two returning to the Imperial boat halfway through your journey, the attempt failed.” Commander Wang looked at Su Guifei, observing her expression: “Does niangniang still remember the reason why you changed your plans midway?”


Jiuzhu, who was peeling the fruit with her head down, was stunned.


Someone wanted to kill niangniang and His Highness?!


“What? Someone actually wished to harm Ben Gong and my son?” Obviously, Su Guifei’s focus was on the first half of the statement. Her expression lost its indolence: “Have you found out which family sent the assassin?”


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Commander Wang: “……”


No- wasn’t he the one asking the questions?


“What? You don’t want to tell?” Su Guifei stood up: “If you don’t want to tell, Ben Gong will go ask His Majesty. Ben Gong wants to see who dares to be so bold.”


“Please quell your anger, Guifei niangniang!” Realizing that she was really going to rush into the Taiyang Palace, Commander Wang quickly spoke up: “It’s not that this commander does not want to reveal the mastermind. It’s just that the investigation is not yet complete, so this commander does not dare to open his mouth rashly.”


“Then tell what you have discovered so far.” Su Guifei sat back as if she wasn’t the one who was riled up a moment ago: “Ben Gong believes that even His Majesty will answer if I asked. Right, Liu gonggong?”


Liu gonggong bowed: “Niangniang, His Majesty will definitely tell you whatever you want to know. Even if he doesn’t know, he will find out the truth and tell you.”


Upon hearing this, Commander Wang immediately spoke up: “Niangniang, the mastermind that has been discovered is the Zheng family, Ning Fei niangniang’s natal family.”


“The Zheng family?” Chen Wang sneered, “No wonder Ben Wang never found them pleasing to the eyes. Turns out they are actually in the wrong.”


Commander Wang: “……”


You really can’t say that. In the entire capital, there aren’t many people that you find pleasing to the eyes.


“Go summon Ning Fei.” Su Guifei waved her hand to dismiss Commander Wang: “You can go. Ben Gong is going to meet His Majesty now.”


“Niangniang, aren’t you going to see Ning Fei niangniang?” Xiangjuan hinted Su Guifei with her eyes. After all, Ming guniang was still here. Would she not seem too fierce and shrewish if she were to deal with Ning Fei niangniang in front of her?


“Duqing, take Jiuzhu on a walk to your courtyard in the Zhangliu Palace.” Su Guifei smiled sweetly: “I have some matters to discuss with His Majesty.”


When she dealt with someone, she never cared what others thought about her or how they saw her.


But Jiuzhu was different. She was the one who would accompany her son throughout his life.


Chen Wang glanced at Jiuzhu, who was peeling the fruit with her head down. After a while of doing it, she had only managed to peel one fruit. “Alright.”


He pulled Jiuzhu out of the Mingyue Palace. “Don’t worry. With Mother Consort here, I won’t be at a disadvantage.”




“It is the safest inside the Palace exactly because all the adult princes and princesses are locked up now.” Chen Wang flicked her forehead, “Don’t worry, and don’t be afraid. Ben Wang is with you.”

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During the first few days of living in the Palace, the brothers gathered together to eat hot pot not only to annoy Yun Yanze, but also because of the lack of trust between each other.


No one could be sure which bowl or piece of food or which cup of tea would go into their own mouths when they were together, so none dared to tamper with the food and drinks.


“En.” Jiuzhu nodded gently, her eyes filled with trust: “I know. Your Highness has always been the most amazing.”


Chen Wang snorted softly: “Certainly.”


As soon as Sun Caiyao came out to the yard, she discovered the palace maids of Zhangliu Palace sweeping the floor and wiping the pillars. Even the weeds on the rockery were pulled out cleanly. Some also picked a few branches of red plum blossoms and tied them to the leafless branches.


“What are they doing?” Sun Caiyao asked the palace maid at her side.


“Replying to Junwangfei, the palace maids are decorating the outer courtyard and Chen Wang’s courtyard.” The palace maid replied as she glanced uncontrollably at the beautiful shark gauze lantern that the servants had brought and hung on the tree branches.


“There’s still eight days until the lunar New Year. Why did they start decorating the courtyard so early?”


“Junwangfei, it is not because of the lunar New Year.” The palace maid whispered. “This slave heard that Chen Wang specially arranged for the decorations on account of Ming Xianzhu’s arrival.”


They are decorating the Zhangliu Palace’s entire outer courtyard just because Ming Jiuzhu is coming?


Are the servants of the harem really following Chen Wang’s orders like this?


Was it because of Yun Duqing’s recklessness or was it because everyone in the harem knew that the Emperor doted on him the most?


“Your Highness,” Jiuzhu walked into the Zhangliu Palace and saw the lanterns fluttering with the wind. “What is that? It is so beautiful.”


“That’s a shark gauze lantern.” Chen Wang said. “When it is lit at night, it looks as beautiful as the merfolk, hence the name. Some people also say that the fabric used to make these lanterns is woven by them, which is why they are called like this2T/N: You might be wondering why I translated the lantern’s name as ‘shark gauze lantern’ and not ‘mermaid gauze lantern’ if the fabric is supposedly made by the merfolk. So here’s my explanation- merfolk are called 鲛人 (jiāorén or literally, shark people) in Mandarin while shark is just 鲛 (jiāo). The lantern is called 鲛纱灯 (jiāo shā dēng) and interestingly, these merfolk are excellent craftsmen; the fabric woven by them is rare and exquisite. I couldn’t find a picture of this shark gauze lantern but the one below is similar. It is a type of gauze lantern (纱灯) and is called 绛纱灯 (jiàng shā dēng) where the 绛 means dark red. .”


“Are they real?” Jiuzhu asked with curiosity.


“No.” Chen Wang flicked her forehead lightly. “Quit dreaming.”

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1T/N: It is mentioned in chp 25.2 that Jiuzhu was born in the Year of the Dog. You can refer to the 1st footnote there if you wanna get a quick recap on this matter.2T/N: You might be wondering why I translated the lantern’s name as ‘shark gauze lantern’ and not ‘mermaid gauze lantern’ if the fabric is supposedly made by the merfolk. So here’s my explanation- merfolk are called 鲛人 (jiāorén or literally, shark people) in Mandarin while shark is just 鲛 (jiāo). The lantern is called 鲛纱灯 (jiāo shā dēng) and interestingly, these merfolk are excellent craftsmen; the fabric woven by them is rare and exquisite. I couldn’t find a picture of this shark gauze lantern but the one below is similar. It is a type of gauze lantern (纱灯) and is called 绛纱灯 (jiàng shā dēng) where the 绛 means dark red.