When “Come on, Eat!” was broadcast, Chu Yinlong, who was very popular recently, rushed to the top of the hot search again. Together with several topics related to the show, he filled half of the top ten.

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Naturally, there were also tags linking Chu Yinlong and Jiang Dao. But it wasn’t the first time that the two were side by side on the hot search.

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao Damn, before I clicked in, I thought Xiao Dao made egg tarts for Chu Yingdi1movie/acting emperor. Decided to keep it Yingdi as Emperor Chu isn’t right and Movie Emperor Chu is too long again!”

“Reply: Sister, you’re late, your Xiao Dao can do more than make egg tarts [kneeling]”

“Reply: I want to open Xiao Dao’s brain now to see how his brain is wired. He even dares attack Brother Long [doge][doge]”

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao I’m laughing to death! The black history of Father Long must be preserved. What a moving picture.”

“Reply: Hahahaha!!! Tossed by a vase artist. I wonder if Father Long has a psychological shadow!”

“Reply: Keep watching, Brother Long fights back making Jiang Dao rub the ground”

“Reply: I saw it. A vase is a vase, and there is no way to fight back [proud][proud]”

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao This younger brother is a bit good-looking. I want to be a fan, has he acted in any dramas?”

“Reply: No, he only debuted in the first half of the year and has only participated in one audition. It’s likely he participated in this show through Weiwei’s relationship [smirk]”

“Reply: Welcome, newcomer! Xiao Dao is really cute and sassy. You can join here [picture link]”


“Reply: Oh, the fan filter is thick enough, what cute and sassy, watching his antics in that star show, disgusting [spit][spit][spit]”

“Reply: I was too lazy to care about you, but you still jumped in the face? Zhou Wei fans are this quality? Xiao Dao is feisty and competitive, and depends on Zhou Wei to get variety show resources? Zhou Wei doesn’t even dare fight Chu Yingdi. Do you think people can’t see him hugging thighs every day when he is next to Tang Yao?”

“Reply: Upstairs you mentioned Xingxiu2a show/audition the original Jiang Dao participated in, I think that Xingxiu is faking. Setting up a strong character for Xiao Dao and editing maliciously”

“Reply: That’s right, look at how cute Xiao Dao is in Eat!. When he was on Xingxiu, he had very few shots, and only showed those forceful scenes out of context. Who knows if he was being pressured by someone?”

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao Are there people who do CP? If not it’ll be sad [pitiful]”

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao Am I the only one who found that Jiang Dao is pretty good. How many people in the entertainment industry can fight with Chu Yingdi at this level?”

“Reply: Father Long obviously gave in!”

”Reply: As if, if Chu Yingdi exerts 50% of his strength, Jiang Dao will be down on the ground for a long time. This should be deliberately done for the show.”

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“Reply: He’s amazing, his thigh-hugging skills are amazing [hehe]”

“#ChuYinlongJiangDao Those who want to follow CP don’t run! Here’s the group! [Picture link]”

“Reply: Oh, this is Jiang Dao’s true purpose, right? Pull the Chu actor to fry CP. I’ll laugh and see how he dies.”

“Reply: Laugh and see how he dies +1”




“I’m starving to death.”

Jiang Dao looked blankly at Zhu Yao, who was sitting across from him. “Can I go to dinner first and then come back?”

On Monday, when he learned that Chu Yinlong Studio was going to poach Jiang Dao, Zhu Yao came over with a dark face.


He seemed to be unable to accept it for a while, and his tone was full of anger. “You’re still in the mood to eat? Why didn’t you discuss such a big matter with me?”

Jiang Dao sighed: “If I discuss with you in advance, will you agree?”

Zhu Yao scolded anxiously: “Of course I won’t agree! You were dug up by Xingyao and cultivated by Xingyao. You’re simply ungrateful! You—”

“Commodities will not be ungrateful.” Jiang Dao looked at Zhu Yao’s eyes calmly. “Think of me as an investor instead, one who doesn’t have the right to repay a favor.”

Zhu Yao was stunned.

Jiang Dao continued: “I will pay the liquidated damages in accordance with the contract, so this is just a commercial act. Please don’t talk about morality. If you must ask, please help me ask President Liu how well he knows Li Cheng?”

Hearing this, Zhu Yao’s expression changed suddenly.

He was silent for a moment, then muttered: “Li Cheng… Sure enough…”

After a long time, he raised his eyes to look at Jiang Dao with a very complicated expression. “But do you believe that Chu Yinlong won’t do anything to you? He only met you twice. Being dug by his studio, you…”

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Of course Zhu Yao didn’t know that the transfer was actually initiated by Jiang Dao, and Jiang Dao had no plans to tell him at all.

So facing this question, Jiang Dao just smiled perfunctorily, and immediately got up.

“Let’s go, lunch is on me.”


At the same time, Chu Yinlong received a call from the secretary of his studio.

“I don’t agree.” He closed the Weibo page, got up and walked to the window to speak. “There’s no room for negotiation on this matter. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of Jiang Dao’s matter this time. If it wasn’t for the timing… In short , I won’t cooperate with the hype.”


Don’t know what the other side said, but Chu Yinlong frowned and his eyes darkened slightly.

“I know, it’s a bad time.” He looked out the window aimlessly. “This matter will definitely cause a disturbance, but as long as we don’t intervene, things will settle soon. I think the price I’ve offered is sincere enough. If Mr. Liu is not satisfied, then I don’t need to save face for him.”

“Yes, tell him my original words.”

After cutting off the communication, Chu Yinlong rubbed the screen of his mobile phone and typed a message…


Jiang Dao put down his chopsticks, picked up his phone, and looked at the message from Chu Yinlong.

“Unfortunately, the matter of your signing happens to fall during the recent variety show broadcast. The popularity is too high, and may spawn malicious comments online. I recommend you not to pay too much attention to the online comments, so as not to be in a bad mood.”

He’s quite thoughtful.

Jiang Dao chuckled and replied, “I never cared about that.”

Especially now. After signing that agreement with Chu Yinlong, he doesn’t have to worry about his future being swayed by public opinion. He believes that Chu Yinlong isn’t a person to be swayed by public opinion either.

Chu Yinlong’s reply came back soon:

“It’s good you won’t be affected.”

“The matter can be resolved in the afternoon, I will let Xiao Yang pick you up.”

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“Is your luggage packed?”

Jiang Dao: “Packed.”

In fact, there is not much to pack. The original owner didn’t live in the dormitory for a long time. All the things in the closet are put away, and two large suitcases are packed. He picked up another box for odds and ends. That’s all his net worth, and two people can move it all in one trip easily.

Putting down the phone, Jiang Dao picked up his chopsticks and was about to continue eating, when he caught sight of the person sitting across from him and looked up helplessly.

Zhu Yao stared at Jiang Dao with a very complicated expression.

“I’ve already said it, it’s just a normal contract transfer.” Jiang Dao felt helpless. “It’s not what you think.”

“I don’t believe you at all.” Zhu Yao pushed his glasses up. “Living in his apartment soon, how is this a normal transfer?”

The upcoming move couldn’t be hidden from Zhu Yao, so Jiang Dao just told him directly.

Sure enough, it was misunderstood.

Zhu Yao silently ate a few mouthfuls of food, then put down his chopsticks. He was obviously not in a good mood.

“Actually, I had a hunch before,” he said in a slightly cold tone. “Whether recording a show or taking a class, you would never get too close to people. Even if you communicated, it was still fighting. After meeting Chu Yinlong, you’ve become very strange. You don’t make trouble during shows, go to class obediently, and even learned how to cook… Heh, how can you make me believe that there’s nothing going on?”

Jiang Dao was speechless. He can’t say it’s because the original owner is gone and he crossed over.

Feeling that it was futile to continue to explain, he nodded casually: “Okay, whatever you think.”

Seeing Jiang Dao’s casual appearance, Zhu Yao’s eyes showed obvious anger. “So you just gave up on yourself? What’s the difference between him and Li Cheng? Isn’t it all selling—”

The last word was stuck in his throat seeing Jiang Dao’s suddenly cold eyes.

Zhu Yao shrank back subconsciously, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Be careful when you speak.”

Jiang Dao looked back and gently stirred the soup in front of him with a spoon.

“Not everyone wants to be popular by any means, and not everyone is like Li Cheng. Don’t think that because you see such things often, that people like that are all over the world. You’re just sitting in a well and watching the sky, Zhu Yao.”

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He’s clearly only fresh out of high school, but Jiang Dao’s whole aura is completely different from before, as if he holds the power of life and death, aloof and contemptuous of all beings.

Inexplicably frightened, Zhu Yao didn’t even dare to look Jiang Dao’s eyes directly. In the end, he could only keep his mouth shut and said nothing.




That afternoon, the manager in charge of the transfer called Jiang Dao to the company’s conference room, and after two hours of discussion, the matter was basically done. Chu Yinlong’s assistant followed Jiang Dao back to the dormitory to help him move the luggage. From now on, Jiang Dao completely left Xingyao Media.

The series of actions weren’t sloppy, and wrapped up smoothly.

In the car, Jiang Dao carefully looked at the negotiated transfer contract.

Xingyao Media really sold him for a good price. In addition to the more than one million liquidated damages he was aware of, the other party added in training fees, public relations fees, and a “negotiated but not announced” endorsement breach of contract fee. Wait… All of these things added up… the total liquidated damages that Chu Yinlong paid for him was almost two million.

Looking at his deposit of over 300,000 on the mobile bank app, Jiang Dao sighed softly.

His bank account seems like a lot for a young man who is not yet twenty like him, but it’s a drop in the bucket in the face of the two million he owed.

Trying to estimate how much he can earn for acting in movies in the future, Jiang Dao’s cell phone suddenly rang, and an unfamiliar number was displayed on the screen.

Jiang Dao picked up the phone.


There was a moment of silence on the other side, and then a playful tone came: “You’re quite capable. Are you dissatisfied with me for arranging for you to go to Xingyao Media? Or… do you think being associated with Chu Yinlong can make your father recognize you?”


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1movie/acting emperor. Decided to keep it Yingdi as Emperor Chu isn’t right and Movie Emperor Chu is too long2a show/audition the original Jiang Dao participated in