“So you really just left?”

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“It’s too sudden! I went out for a photoshoot, and when I came back, I found that you moved out…”

“Then I won’t be able to eat your baking in the future?”

Jiang Dao couldn’t help smiling as he read the WeChat messages from Zhou Wei, and replied with two sentences:

“You have finally been enlightened by food.”

“Cookies are made of butter, how many can you eat?”

Putting down the phone, Jiang Dao stretched out. Resting his head on one arm, he continued to scroll through the contents of the laptop.

Unfortunately, still nothing.

The original owner’s mobile phone and computer did not contain anything related to his family. Even the contact list only had a few work-related numbers. It was almost deliberately clean.

The book didn’t have much to say about the origin of the villain Jiang Dao either.

In addition, in the later part of the story, the original owner did a lot of disgusting things in order to oppose the protagonist Zhou Wei, selling himself and plotting conspiracies. He originally thought that the original owner’s family was very ordinary.

However, the phone call just now changed his opinion.


He’s sure that the reason the original owner entered the entertainment industry and appeared in Xingyao Media was arranged by the person on the phone. Based on the call, that’s probably his older brother… who hates him.

In this case, things are a little complicated.

Will his previous decisions have unintended consequences in places he doesn’t know about? Will it bring any trouble to Chu Yinlong?

It’s a pity that he doesn’t have the power to change anything right now. Checking his background is difficult, and as a public figure, it’s hard to conduct a secret visit or investigation.

Fortunately, since the book did not cover the family conflict of the villain Jiang Dao, this conflict should not be too fierce. The other party should not want to make it known to everyone, so he still has time. Now he can only take one step at a time and try to avoid possible dangers.

With the idea of ​​looking for clues, Jiang Dao visited the marketing account that had recently mentioned his variety shows and transfer, and rummaged through the black material about “himself”, but still didn’t find anything useful.

After thinking for a moment, he pulled out the full show the original owner participated in, planning to screen it from beginning to end.

After watching the last video, Jiang Dao moved his stiff shoulders, only to realize that the sky was already bright outside the window. He ended up staying up all night watching the show to try and find clues.

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Since it was already dawn, Jiang Dao didn’t sleep at all. He simply washed his face and went to the gym to start his morning run. After two hours, he finished exercising, showered, dined, and… slacked off.

Sitting on the sofa for a while, Jiang Dao smiled wryly.

There are no classes to attend, no work arrangements, and no friends to call and hang out with. As an artist, even going out for a simple walk is difficult.

After thinking for a moment, he sent a message to Chu Yinlong: “When does the movie you mentioned last time start filming?”

After a while, the opposite side replied:

“It’s still in the early stages.”

“However, if you have nothing else to do, you can come and talk about the script today.”

Finally finding something to do, Jiang Dao breathed a sigh of relief. “Sure, I can go over anytime.”

Chu Yinlong: “In the apartment? I’ll have Xiao Yang pick you up.”


Putting down the phone, Chu Yinlong picked up the towel to wipe his sweat, and said to the bodyguard, “Let’s end here today.”

Finally, he turned to the assistant: “Go to the apartment to pick up Xiao Dao, and go to the studio… Forget it, come here.”

The assistant responded and added, “Just now, the studio received an email from Tianqin Capital. Qin Xiao wants to meet you.”

Chu Yinlong frowned: “Tianqin Capital’s CEO?”

The assistant nodded: “Yes. Secretary Zhang confirmed that the email came from the current CEO, Qin Xiao’s, personal email.”

This is even more strange.

Chu Yinlong pondered: “Qin Xiao… Even if he suddenly wants to invest in movies, he should go directly to Lu Zhengrong. I never care about the investment side. What does he want with me?”

The assistant pursed his lips and shook his head.

Chu Yinlong: “Okay, let’s meet. Have Xiao Zhang arrange it.”

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Jiang Dao originally thought that “talking about the script” would be carried out in the studio. He didn’t expect Xiao Yang to directly drive him to a villa.

Chu Yinlong, wearing a casual T-shirt, came downstairs with the script in hand, and greeted Jiang Dao, “Sit down.”

Then he handed over the script in his hand very naturally.

“This is your role, Jess.” Chu Yinlong wrote on the notebook with a marker. “There are not many scenes, but they are basically action scenes. There should be an indoor confrontation in a narrow space, drag racing, a field chase, car fight… oh, and the final death.”

“The indoor confrontation and field chase, I think you should be fine.” He glanced at Jiang Dao and continued. “The difficulty factor of drag racing and the car fight is comparable. You need to jump between two vehicles moving at a medium speed, and there is a jump shot, which is also dangerous. Do you think you can do it?”


Jiang Dao thought for a while. “Driving at a medium speed? How fast?”

Chu Yinlong said: “The vehicles will be controlled at about forty140 km/h aka ~25-30mph, and there will be safety measures on site. But the risk is still very high… If it’s really impossible, I will arrange a substitute.”

Jiang Dao pondered for a moment, but his tone wasn’t too certain. “I can try it. If the two cars are not far apart and the same speed is maintained, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Although I said this role will be reserved for you, the necessary audition must still be done.” Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao’s attire, and stood up. “Follow me.”

Jiang Dao followed behind Chu Yinlong. After passing through a corridor and the back door of the villa, they came to a training ground.

There are many obstacles in the field. Obstacles of varying heights, and even a circular swimming pool about two meters wide, filled the entire backyard.

Looking at these obstacles, Jiang Dao’s eyes lit up. “You have this at home!”

Chu Yinlong smiled and didn’t answer. He took Jiang Dao to two opposing walls, and pointed at the various wooden slats jutting out of the wall. “The distance between the two walls is 1.8 meters, and the wall is 6 meters high. These holds are very strong. Try to see if you can climb up.”

Seeing that Jiang Dao was about to climb the wall, Chu Yinlong grabbed his arm: “Wait! Safety first.”

As he said that, he picked up the belt and handed it to Jiang Dao: “Do you know how to wear it?”

Jiang Dao frowned slightly, trying to observe how to wear this thing.

It looks like a professional device. In fact, he wouldn’t be as entangled if a rope was handed over directly.

Seeing Jiang Dao like this, he knew that he never climbed.

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Chu Yinlong stepped forward, took the safety belt, and patiently taught him. “Here, put your legs in…  the thigh must be caught here, how about the elasticity? See that buckle? Adjust it yourself. As for the length… is the belt too tight?”

After tying the harness and checking the safety, Jiang Dao was allowed to try to climb these two high walls.

Although various holds are installed on both walls, they are not densely packed. If you want to reach the top, you have to jump and move between the two walls, which is not a small challenge to dexterity, strength, and physical fitness.

However, Jiang Dao didn’t observe for too long. He jumped up and climbed the bottom shelf of the left wall, turned over, and used the strength of his jump to make a few turns between the two walls. After a few seconds, he climbed up to the top of the wall.

“It’s okay, it’s not difficult.” He said condescendingly to Chu Yinlong with a smile, and then used the shelves on both sides of the wall to drop to the ground in three steps.

Chu Yinlong’s eyes followed Jiang Dao’s figure, and said with satisfaction: “Better than I thought. It seems that you should be competent enough in action scenes. You should be fine.”

Jiang Dao nodded and looked at the rest of the training ground. “Can I try something else?”

Chu Yinlong didn’t expect Jiang Dao to make this request, and asked with a smile: “Want to play?”

Jiang Dao, who was seen through, made a sound of agreement, pretending to be embarrassed.

Chu Yinlong said: “Come on, it just happens I can give you a physical fitness assessment, which will make it easier to design the movements in the script.”

After forty minutes, Jiang Dao tried out all the training facilities in Chu Yinlong’s backyard.

Leaping down from the last barrier wall, he panted heavily, took two steps back and leaned against the wall, raising his hands to wipe off the sweat.

“It’s pretty tiring… Oh, thank you.”

Jiang Dao took the water handed by Chu Yinlong, unscrewed the bottle cap and took two sips.

“Physical fitness is still lacking.” Chu Yinlong commented unceremoniously. “When filming, if there are too many NGs, I am afraid you will not be able to stand it.”

“There’s no way, physical fitness can only be trained slowly.” Jiang Dao laughed. “It’s already much better than when I first… started exercising.”

Chu Yinlong turned his head to see Jiang Dao’s blushing cheeks due to exertion. His originally delicate facial features were magnified, and his skin, which was covered with a thin layer of sweat, looked as if it was shimmering with dazzling gold from reflecting the sunlight.

“Seeing your previous choices, you originally wanted to develop into singing and dancing?” Chu Yinlong asked suddenly.

“Uh, originally.” Jiang Dao replied casually.

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“You said before that you wanted to quit the entertainment industry,” Chu Yinlong said again, “But seeing how hard you are working out, Xingyao also said that you are very active in class… I can’t see that you have any plans to back down.”

Jiang Dao smiled: “Who said that exercising must be for the entertainment industry?”

“Fair enough.” Chu Yinlong couldn’t refute him.

Jiang Dao continued: “Learning new skills doesn’t hurt. It’s like learning to drive, and can be helpful. The company provides courses, so I might as well take advantage. Even if I’m not in the entertainment industry, they may be useful in the future.”

“I think you are very well suited for this circle.” Chu Yinlong said.

“Why?” Jiang Dao tilted his head slightly and asked.

“I won’t go into details about the physical conditions.”

Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao with undisguised admiration in his eyes.

“Being able to endure hardship is an essential quality for an actor. And the recent turmoil… Even if you can’t sleep, you seem to have adjusted your mentality quite well. As an actor or an artist, your psychological quality is also very strong, and at least you won’t be influenced by public opinion.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao’s expression gradually became strange.

When Chu Yinlong finished speaking, he couldn’t help asking: “You can tell I didn’t sleep last night?”

“With so many dark circles under the eyes and no makeup, anyone can tell.” Chu Yinlong smiled. “Were you reading those online comments? Why, you can’t hold back?”


Let him do things without the harness, CYL. It’s affecting JD’s agility!

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140 km/h aka ~25-30mph