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Of course, Jiang Dao couldn’t say that he did an all-nighter in order to study his “own” life experience.

So he acquiesced to Chu Yinlong’s guess.

“I actually don’t like this feeling that all my actions are known to others.” Jiang Dao commented, continuing the topic at hand. “In addition, there are many unspoken rules in this circle that I don’t agree with, which is why I want to leave.”

Chu Yinlong was silent for a moment, then smiled wryly. “Understandable.”

After a pause, he continued: “With me, you don’t have to worry about these. I also don’t like those so-called unspoken rules. If you don’t want to, the studio will not announce your itinerary, nor will it ask you to interact with fans on any social platform.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao tilted his head and looked at Chu Yinlong with a smile. ” It’s because I know you indulge me, which is why I asked you for help.”

His voice fell, and he learned over, and asked slowly, “That’s why I’ve always been curious. Why do you indulge me so much? In the end, what role do you and Director Mu want me to play? Why must it be me?”

“It’s not that it has to be you.”

Chu Yinlong looked down at the beautiful face close at hand, and looked at it for a long time.

“But you do have the complex temperament that the role needs… For example, your face. It’s obviously childish, but when someone looks into your eyes, it’s like you’ve had some past experiences. They’re a little mysterious, a little dangerous, making people… cough, Director Mu feels you can perfectly interpret that role.”

Jiang Dao did not avoid Chu Yinlong’s gaze, but raised his eyebrows and stared back provocatively.


Chu Yinlong continued: “Apart from temperament, though, in terms of acting skills, you’re still far behind. But Director Mu thinks you’re a talented seedling and wants to train you so you can play the role perfectly.”

After speaking, he turned his eyes away to glance at his phone. “Let’s go back and talk about the script. It’s almost time for lunch.”

Back in the living room, Chu Yinlong spread the script on the coffee table and had Jiang Dao analyze the storyline with him.

Based on the plot itself, this is a very typical action movie with two forces: the police and the criminals. It is simple and clear, and it seems a bit old-fashioned.

The protagonist of the movie is, of course, the sharp knife of the righteous side. Together with his comrades, he lurks in a criminal organization that manufactures and sells banned drugs, collects criminal evidence, transmits information, and assists the police in setting up a net… and finally successfully destroys the criminal organization.

And Jiang Dao’s role, Jess, is the bodyguard of the boss villain.

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He will participate in three battles. The first one is to capture and kill the protagonist’s ally, and the last two are head-to-head confrontations with the protagonist – a road chase and hand-to-hand battle in the jungle.

Seeing the words “personal bodyguard” next to his character, Jiang Dao frowned, feeling that something was wrong. But he couldn’t tell what was off.


“Okay, those are the areas you need to focus on when reading the script.”

Chu Yinlong closed the script and handed it to Jiang Dao. “You’re not a professional, and this is your first time filming a movie, so you need to put more effort in these areas… Take the script back, read it a few times by yourself, and write down your understanding of Jess.”

After speaking, he glanced at his phone: “Let’s go have lunch.”

After lunch in the dining room, Jiang Dao followed Chu Yinlong back to the villa.

Assistant Xiao Yang stepped forward with a tablet. “The trainings have been arranged. Secretary Zhang has also contacted the driving school and signed Jiang Dao up for the VIP course.”


Chu Yinlong took the tablet and turned to Jiang Dao.

“You need to start learning to drive as soon as possible… In addition, here are the training courses Longqi Media provides. The fitness and shaping class cannot be interrupted, and my suggestion is to add an acting class too… But since you didn’t sign a brokerage contract, you’ll need to pay at your own expense.”

“Ok, no problem.” Jiang Dao still has a lot of savings. It’s more than enough to pay for a few lessons now that he no longer needs to save to terminate the contract.

Chu Yinlong sent the schedule to Jiang Dao, and said: “The coming weeks will be very busy. Preparations for filming should be complete around the same time as you getting your driver’s license. After signing the formal contract, there’ll be character design, makeup, script reading… Your schedule will be very tight, so…”


He said with a chuckle: “Stop reading those online comments, adjust your mood, and focus on what you should do.”

Jiang Dao was torn between laughing and crying.

He really doesn’t care about those online comments, but the two dark circles under his eyes caused by staying up late makes him very unconvincing.

“Okay, you should go back first and rest well tonight.” Chu Yinlong looked a little helpless, “The driving school online appointment scheduler has also been sent to you. You can book whatever time works best for yourself… Remember to pace yourself, and avoid driving when tired or fatigued. It’s as dangerous as drunk driving.”

After speaking, he paused for a moment and turned to his assistant: “Xiao Yang, I have to trouble you these days to pick him up for class.”

After everything was arranged, Chu Yinlong ordered his assistant to take Jiang Dao back to the apartment .

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In the car, Jiang Dao, who suddenly relaxed, released a huge yawn. Slumping in the car like a boneless lump, he half-squinted, as if he was about to fall asleep.

Seeing his appearance, Xiao Yang couldn’t help smiling. “You have to learn to adapt. The boss treats work like a battlefield, and his pace will be very fast. When you enter the group, it will be even more… Cough, you must be mentally prepared. He’ll be like a completely different person.”

Jiang Dao no longer felt sleepy hearing those words.

“How does he change?” He opened his eyes wide and faced the driver’s seat curiously. “Like those videos, is he very fierce? Will he curse?”

The assistant nodded with a hint of sympathy.

Jiang Dao smiled: “Then I’m looking forward to it.”

The next morning, Assistant Yang arrived downstairs at Jiang Dao’s apartment to drive him to the driving school.

“Why did you make the appointment so early? Don’t you need a break?” The assistant was a little surprised at Jiang Dao’s efficiency.


Jiang Dao was in high spirits. He even ran in the morning, and the ends of his hair were moist from his recent shower.

“Starting earlier means getting my driver’s license earlier, which means I can drive whenever I want to go out.”

Frequent taxi trips are too conspicuous, and he doesn’t want to disguise himself every day. Last night, he found a few cars with a price tag of less than 100,000 yuan, and planned to buy one for himself after getting his license.

Hearing his words, Xiao Yang couldn’t help laughing: “Your pace is really like the boss…”

…it matches.

He very cautiously did not say the last two words.

After three days of theoretical lessons and passing the written exam, Jiang Dao finally saw the vehicle he would be learning to drive in.

“Wow, what a big guy!”

Stepping forward enthusiastically, Jiang Dao patted the towering frame of the truck in front of him.

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The coach was happy. “Are you scared?”

Jiang Dao shook his head: “Of course not, it’s a surprise.”

“That’s good.” The coach was satisfied. “Come on, get in the car.”

Accelerator, brake, clutch, gear… After learning how things worked, Jiang Dao started the truck according to the coach’s request, and carefully drove out of the parking spot.

In the co-pilot’s seat, the coach pointed to the training ground not far away, and smiled. “Since you came for course B, let’s not waste time on those pedantic rules people learn to pass the course but fail at when driving by themselves1i.e., how far out to turn to park… Let’s go straight to the real thing. If you can follow my instructions, driving fast and steadily is guaranteed!”

Jiang Dao actually doesn’t quite understand what those “pedantic rules” meant, he still smiled and nodded: “Okay, I’ll follow your instructions.”

The coach praised: “Okay, now, put the gear in reverse. Reverse however you like until you get the feeling of the car, and the car can be  parked firmly in the middle of the two white lines. After that, we’ll move on to the next step.”

Jiang Dao: …

This is the so-called “follow my instructions”?

Isn’t this the “Master opens the door, but cultivation depends on the individual”?2aka the master gives basic instructions, but talent depends on the person

Although he complained in his heart, Jiang Dao obediently put the car in reverse and tried to drive backwards.

The coach was instructing: “To turn left, steer all the way left – yes, look in the rearview mirror. When the wheel is fully turned to the left, the car will always reverse like this. Okay, now fully turn to the right, yes, fully! Look in the rearview mirror! “

After experiencing back and forth for about an hour, the coach finally instructed: “Okay, now you try to see if you can park the car between the two white lines.”

After going fully left and fully right for a few laps to get a feel of the steering wheel and angle of the car back and forth for about an hour, the coach finally said: “Okay, now try it and see if you can park the car in the middle of the two white lines.”

Jiang Dao recalled the feeling of reversing the car over the past hour. Reaching out and turning the steering wheel, he turned his head to look at the rearview mirrors on both sides, and started reversing.

A minute later, the truck stopped steadily in the parking space, the distance from the white lines on both sides was very even, and there was almost no deviation.

Coach: …

Silently putting his thermos in the cup holder between the front seats, the coach pointed to another parking space diagonally opposite: “Go, try to park there.”

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Jiang Dao: “Okay.”

Another minute passed.

The coach got out of the car and looked at the truck that was parked in the center of the parking spot, and suddenly had some doubts.

He looked at Jiang Dao inquiringly: “It’s your first time learning to drive?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Dao shrugged. “It’s okay, it’s easier than I thought.”

The coach coughed lightly, excused himself to get some water, turned around, and left the training ground temporarily.

As he walked, he pulled out his cellphone and called someone: “Hey, Xiao Chu, I lost big on the business you introduced to me this time!”

Putting down the club in his hand, Chu Yinlong sat on a nearby rattan chair, and frowned. “What’s the situation?”

The coach smiled and pretended to be depressed: “This kid has a good feel for driving, and can definitely learn how to drive within the basic number of hours… No, I’m sure he can drive a big car within this time, and won’t need to buy extra hours for drag racing. I finally got a VIP, but I didn’t earn any hourly fees, don’t you think it’s a loss?”

Chu Yinlong couldn’t help laughing.

“It is a loss,” he joked. “Then why don’t you join the group and act as a stunt driver for me again? It’ll be quick money.”

“Oh, no, no!” The coach’s face showed lingering fear. “My wife and children are my main priorities now, and can’t stand the shock. It’s better to play it safe… Don’t understand? Oh, you’ll understand when you get married… If you have someone you care about, you won’t dare play around with your life anymore.”


Hehe, the foreshadowing.

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1i.e., how far out to turn to park2aka the master gives basic instructions, but talent depends on the person