Apocalypse Forecast

Chapter 140: Wolf and Hunter


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Huai Shi held a knife in his left hand and an axe in his right hand. With a roar, he turned around and ran.

What else could he do?


The dozen or so dark creatures transformed into uncontrollable werewolves, which were second and third stage Sublimators who were fearless of death. Even if Huai Shi had exquisite techniques, he wouldn't be able to handle them alone.

He couldn't communicate with them, so he had to run away.

He probably didn't expect Huai Shi to be so spineless. He actually turned around and ran. The waiting werewolves were stunned for a moment. When they finally reacted, Huai Shi had already run 39 meters away. Since he couldn't take out his 40-meter long knife, he could only desperately chase after him.

But when they chased him to the end of the corridor, Huai Shi's figure had disappeared.

They couldn't find any trace, not even in the ventilation ducts where they had set up an ambush.

Only the cold sea breeze blew in through the broken porthole.

When Huai Shi climbed onto the deck from the stern, he was already panting.

Running on water was too demanding on explosive power, even he didn't dare to try it often.

The speed of the ship was surprisingly fast now.

Although there were no reference points, Huai Shi could tell that he had almost been left behind by the cruise ship. Fortunately, he grabbed the ladder, otherwise he would have quietly sunk into the sea.

Recalling the situation just now, he finally concluded that Lei Feizhou and Yin Yan had colluded with each other.

"Ah, maybe their performance in the kitchen was just to gain our trust. But it's meaningless to be entangled in this. After all, the result cannot be changed. Now they are our enemies."


Ai Qing paused for a moment and sighed, "Yin Yan will come to find you, which means they have already been to your room."

Huai Shi was stunned for a moment before finally reacting.

"You mean Lily..."

"Yes." Ai Qing nodded sympathetically. "I'm afraid the chances of her survival are slim."

Huai Shi cursed under his breath and his expression became ferocious.

Gripping the axe tightly, he slowly stood up, took off the last tube of blood plasma and poured it into his mouth, feeling the nausea and relief surging in his chest, his eyes turning bloodshot.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm really fed up with these bastards."

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Huai Shi sighed and revealed his sharp canine teeth. "Forget about Paracelsus, let's kill these bastards first!"

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Since everyone had already shown their true colors, there was no need to hold back.

Let's see who is the darkest.


When Huai Shi returned to his room along the rope, he couldn't help but feel a chill in his heart.

The sense of relief deep inside him had completely disappeared.

In the mess, he saw blood on the ground, carrying a familiar scent. The broken limbs were scattered on the ground. Huai Shi saw a severed arm lying beside his feet.

The slender and delicate palm still held the thick dictionary, but unfortunately, the pages had been soaked in blood and were about to dissolve.

Huai Shi bent down and carefully picked up the dictionary, closed it, and put it in his arms.

Looking up, he looked expressionlessly ahead.

He saw the person sitting next to the corpse.

"What a surprise." He stared at Lei Feizhou's face. "I thought you would hide in a place I couldn't find."

"Before you came back, I was actually thinking..."

From the pool of blood, the bearded man raised his eyes and glanced at him, kicked the broken corpse under his feet, and said, "I hope I won't be fooled by any tricks like the doppelganger this time. Scholars are not good at judging whether she is really dead or not."

He paused for a moment, slowly raised his head, and raised an eyebrow. "But judging from your appearance, she should be really dead."

Huai Shi remained silent and did not speak. He simply drew out his dagger and axe, moved his neck slightly, and made a creaking sound.

"Have you eaten?" he suddenly asked.

"Ah, I've been enduring it since I got on the ship. I just had a satisfying meal." Lei Feizhou laughed. "What about you?"

"I just drank some water, so I'm only half full."

Huai Shi sighed softly. "Seeing you all enjoy your meal... I'm hungry too."

From between his open lips, the vampire's fangs suddenly appeared.

In that instant, Huai Shi disappeared from his original position.


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Lei Feizhou's pupils dilated as he took a step back, surprised by Huai Shi's terrifying speed. The finger tiger in his hand cracked under the axe's strike.

But before he could react, another flash of blade shot out from Huai Shi's left hand.

The axe was just an auxiliary.

The real killer move came from the Assassination Blade Art of the Judicature!

Without any warning, Huai Shi's arm disappeared as if it had no bones. It disappeared behind his sleeve and then popped out from his collar, turning into a venomous snake with steel teeth, roaring out with a touch of poison!

In the sharp sound of metal friction, Lei Feizhou's entire mouth was split open, as if it had doubled in size. A forked tongue flew out of his open mouth.

In an instant, his head was almost cut in half by Huai Shi's blade.

But immediately, he grabbed Huai Shi's arm that held the knife, and with his split open mouth, he smiled.

From between his open teeth, he let out a wolf-like roar.

In an instant, the cabin walls on both sides and even the ceiling shattered. The werewolves hidden within tore through the steel, and with the command of the wolf's howl, they launched an attack on Huai Shi, who had nowhere to hide.

"Can't move, can you?"

Lei Feizhou laughed hoarsely.

This was the death trap he had prepared for his teammate.

"Who said that?"

Huai Shi asked in response, just inches away from him.The left elbow held by him suddenly made a crisp sound, dislocated!

In the moment his elbow dislocated, Huai Shi leaped up, breaking free from the constraints of his bones. He defied common sense and threw himself into the air, falling behind Lei Feizhou.

From mid-air, he aimed his arm at Lei Feizhou's head and pulled the trigger with his little finger. Under his sleeve, three arrows from a triple crossbow shot out. With Lei Feizhou's hasty evasion, one arrow instantly pierced through his neck, while the other two arrows completely destroyed his rotten face.

The blessed pure silver was helpless against the werewolf with a thin bloodline inheritance, but the poison smeared on it corroded the wounds with a sizzling sound.

In the midst of excruciating pain, Lei Feizhou roared and his five fingers, sharp as blades, grabbed at Huai Shi in the air, but he grabbed nothing.

Just like a gymnast participating in the Olympics, he completely treated Lei Feizhou as a horizontal bar and began to show off his skills.

Huai Shi spun in the air, floating and swaying with his arm turned into a rope. He searched for support on Lei Feizhou's body, moving at an unbelievable speed.

The werewolves pouncing towards him seemed to have never seen such a tricky move before, and for a moment, they couldn't catch him. Meanwhile, the axe in his hand swung down towards Lei Feizhou's skull!


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"Dream on!"

Lei Feizhou roared and raised his right hand, grabbing the axe blade that Huai Shi swung down.

The collision of iron and bone erupted with a loud cry.

Blood splattered.

Even though he was a werewolf, he couldn't compare his flesh and bones to an axe in terms of hardness. With one strike, Lei Feizhou's thumb was chopped off. But the remaining four fingers suddenly closed together and clamped the axe blade, like a pair of iron pliers.

Immediately, Lei Feizhou roared, "Get down!"

He grabbed Huai Shi's arm and the axe, pulling him fiercely and smashing him towards the ground!

The wind howled.

But in mid-air, Huai Shi had already released his grip on the axe handle. His whole body floated to the left side and suddenly kicked a werewolf's face.

With Lei Feizhou's strength combined with Huai Shi's reduced weight after removing the Holy Mark.


The sound of bones breaking instantly resounded.

A head flew backward from the neck and hung on the back of a werewolf. The werewolf hadn't even reacted to what had happened when he was thrown away by the sudden burst of force. In the end, his whole body got stuck in the shattered porthole created by Huai Shi, and he struggled with his legs but couldn't climb out.

Meanwhile, Huai Shi took advantage of this brief gap and pulled out a test tube from his waist pouch, fiercely smashing it towards the ground.

In an instant, a silver mist suddenly spewed out, expanding and enveloping everything!

The last nitric acid!

The billowing mist not only obscured everyone's vision but also corroded Lei Feizhou's exposed skin, causing a sharp stinging pain.

Immediately after, he felt his hand empty.

Huai Shi had already freed himself from his restraints.

Disappeared into the mist.

In that instant, he heard a cold laughter in his ear.

And a chilling chant:


In the next moment, a burst of steel whistling erupted!

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It was as if the infectious and terrifying werewolf poison of Lei Feizhou, the terrifying stealth of Yin Yan, and the two lives of Yue Jun, each chosen as investigators, had their own unique expertise and characteristics.

For example... Fan Haixin, 31 years old, a vampire.

A professional demon hunter.

Or to put it more seriously: the most accomplished judge among all the holy spirit vampires, the most outstanding expendable hunter nurtured by the church for decades.

A vampire killer who feeds on vampires, a dark creature among dark creatures, a fallen creature allowed to fall, a cleaner of the fallen...

An executioner who feeds on his own kind.

"In other words..."

In the disturbed silver mist, Huai Shi grinned and silently smiled, "He's just a two-five who specializes in killing his own kind!"


As he pulled the trigger with his little finger, an arrow from the crossbow flew out and pierced through the head of a werewolf who had lost control, pinning him to the wall.

Huai Shi moved forward and swung down the axe in his hand.

The crisp sound of limbs tearing came from the silver mist.

Sometimes darkness is the sanctuary of dark creatures. Countless types of Holy Marks have the ability of dark vision, just like Yin Yan.

But only this mist, which combines a large amount of alchemical potions and pure silver, is a 'mystery' that cannot be seen through by any talent.

Including Huai Shi.

Even the pure silver here is poisonous to him. He can't even breathe in it.

But he seems to have long been accustomed to it.

In Fan Haixin's memory, he has undergone countless training sessions.

So, he became silent and ghost-like, patiently and cautiously searching for his prey in this disturbed silver mist, relying on the faint sounds of heartbeats, whispers, and the rustling of clothes.

Just like he has done countless times before.

If Lei Feizhou thought he had an overwhelming number of werewolves and was invincible, then he would now know how wrong he was.

When the wolf and the hunter are in the same room...

—The hunt has already begun.