Apocalypse Forecast

Chapter 141: Thank you

To achieve world peace, to unite humanity, to create a better future, or to ensure that justice always prevails... Compared to these extravagant wishes, killing something is actually a very simple task.

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Because life itself is so fragile.

Before reaching the legendary fourth stage of Sublimator, everything is mortal.

No matter what kind of miraculous incarnation, what kind of Sublimator, once the throat is cut or the heart is pierced, death becomes an inevitable outcome.

In other words, if destroying something can lead to a result, it is much simpler than creating something worth longing for.

This is what killing is all about.

A shortcut, a universal solution, even if it is not the best choice, it can always solve urgent problems, calm down the chaos, and provide a decisive solution to tangled events.

If you want to be lazy and pursue cost-effectiveness, there is nothing more suitable than this method.

Therefore, the stake, the court, and even the judge came into being.

From the first day of their birth, they have been thinking about how to efficiently clean, eliminate, and slaughter heretics.

Through 99% sweat and 1% inspiration, tools like "Fan Haixin" were created.

Referring to the source scriptures in the holy scriptures, extracting the legend of vampires, and creating this "heretic belonging to us", allowing monsters to temporarily exist in the light.

Granting incredible killing skills and irresistible commandments, imposing unforgivable original sins and indelible piety, ultimately achieving remarkable achievements and an inexistent dark history.

"I know your deeds, your labor, your perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate wicked people. You have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false..."

In the pale mist, a hoarse whisper came.

Then, the color of blood burst forth, dyeing a trace of scarlet on the lingering white mist.

From the roar of the lycanthrope, a fleeting figure moved forward, swinging the knife and axe in his hand, whispering softly, "I know your deeds, you only have a reputation for being alive, but you are actually dead..."

Huai Shi stepped forward, feeling the madness and anger burning in his chest, raised his crimson eyes, swept his short knife, and beheaded the head in front of him.

"You must repent, remember the teachings you received and heard, and obey. If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come..."

Thus, he preached to the dead.

This is the final sacred sermon.

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Without deliberately seeking, it naturally flowed smoothly, as if breathing did not exist.

Although it is a cold-blooded creature, under the stimulation of silver, the surging blood seems to boil, igniting him, burning, and moving through this mist of death, creating more death.

With the howling of wolves, more and more lycanthropes gathered and rushed into the mist. However, Lei Feizhou staggered back, exerting all his strength to pull out the arrow lodged in his neck.

Whether it was intense pain or hatred, his broken face became more ferocious.

But even if the arrow was pulled out, the wound did not heal as expected, and he couldn't even feel the pain, only a cold numbness—a complete necrosis.

This is the destructive power that even a werewolf with divine bloodline cannot repair.

"What kind of poison is this!"

"It's chocolate."

Someone examined his vaguely lycanthropic face and whispered softly in his ear, "I smeared chocolate on the knife."

Lei Feizhou turned his head in horror, but saw the black figure hanging upside down on the ceiling, and the axe blade raised towards his face.

On the dark green axe blade, there was a refreshing sweet fragrance.

Lei Feizhou instinctively leaned back.

Then, iron clashed against bones, and sparks were ignited.

Cracks intertwined, and a reverse cross was carved on Lei Feizhou's face, and blood gushed out.

Before he could react, the black shadow swung a short knife from mid-air, piercing Lei Feizhou's chest, tearing apart the brewing roar with a twist of the wrist.

The pair of blood-stained eyes appeared again in front of Lei Feizhou, with burning flames.

The sound of the wind finally rose from Huai Shi's hand.

He swung the heavy axe blade above his head and struck Lei Feizhou's face again!

In the last moment, Lei Feizhou only had time to crush the talisman on his neck.


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The axe blade sparked between the pitch-black fingers.

It was blocked!

Sharp nails shot out from Lei Feizhou's fingers, turning into black blades in an instant, and the broken palm instantly grew new bones, flesh, and dark hair.

With a hoarse roar, Lei Feizhou's body rose, the bones in his head made a sound like twisted steel, the nasal bones extended, and the eye sockets sank.

In an instant, his true nature as a werewolf was revealed, no longer hidden under the disguise.

Between the entangled strands of hair, faint electric sparks suddenly burst out. With just a wave of his hand, a dazzling scar was left in the air, tearing apart the obstructing bulkhead like thin paper.

The narrow room instantly collapsed, even the silver mist was blown away by the violent wind caused by the thunder, revealing a blood-red and debris-filled scene.

And the other hand, which had grown several times larger, smashed towards Huai Shi's face amidst the roar!

With the lightning swirling around his fist, Huai Shi was knocked away, hitting the wall, almost smashing through the cabin and being thrown into the sea.

Feeling the numbness spreading from his arm, Huai Shi gasped heavily, raised his head, and stared at the completely changed Lei Feizhou, "This disguise is good, you should have shown it earlier."

The distorted face of the lycanthrope became even more twisted.

Obviously, this state is not something he can use casually.

The limited gift from the gods does not allow servants to squander it at will.Once taken out, it would be enough to influence the outcome of the battle.

Now, with his roar, the wolfified beings in the corridor tore through the walls and rushed into the cabin, completely surrounding this place. The mist that they used to hide had disappeared without a trace.

Lei Feizhou sneered, "I have to say, you missed your last chance to escape."

"You got one thing wrong."

Huai Shi re-applied the poisonous oil to his axe and calmly replied, "I never intended to escape."

Lei Feizhou was taken aback for a moment, then couldn't help but mockingly smile.

"Just for an NPC?"

Just an NPC?

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Is it really just an NPC?

Huai Shi lowered his head and looked at the blood-stained dictionary in his arms without answering.

He actually had a lot to say, to tell the supervisor behind Lei Feizhou: many people like you, after becoming Sublimators, treat everything as a luxurious game... even though we don't live in a game.

They would recklessly and disrespectfully make a mess of everything, leaving behind a mess and then smiling at you, saying, "Relax, it's just a game, I didn't intend to harm you, you're just an NPC."

But for those who died because of this, it's not a game.

Death is real, cruel, and sad, and it disgusts people. It won't change no matter how many times you experience it.

It shouldn't be something that can be easily wiped away with a light excuse or reason.

But in the end, saying all this is meaningless.

With weak words alone, you can never convince anyone - otherwise, why would there be a court, and why would things like Van Helsing be created?

For some reason, Huai Shi suddenly thought of the village mentioned in the records.

And those dead old people, women, and children - their lifeless bodies lying in a pool of blood, their empty eyes reflecting a desolate world.

They died silently in a trivial struggle sixty years ago, like weeds.

No one knew, no one remembered.

Except Huai Shi himself.

So, he tightened his grip on the axe and calmly replied, "Yes, just for an NPC."

"Now I believe what Yin Yan said, you really aren't Ai Qing..." The supervisor behind Lei Feizhou laughed coldly. "At least she wouldn't be as foolish as you."

"Is that so? Maybe you haven't seen her when she's angry?"

Huai Shi calmly stared at the werewolf, telling him through the many out-of-control wolfified beings, "But no matter what, I have to thank you."

Thank you for reminding me once again how powerless I am, someone who can't even save an NPC.

In that instant, the knife and axe collided in Huai Shi's hands, and the Hunter raised his blood-red eyes, baring his fangs just like the beasts.

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He took a step forward.

Sparks burst forth, accompanied by the sound of clashing steel, as the axe swung!

The taut bowstring snapped in that instant.

The brief calm was shattered, like the cracking of ice, erupting into a deafening roar.

In the howls of the wolfified beings, blood spurted from under the axe, staining that pale face red. He took a second step forward, moving forward from the surging out-of-control beings!

Ignoring the wound on his back that had been torn open, Huai Shi raised his axe and struck again!

Flesh and bones shattered, broken heads and limbs flew into the air. Then, the short knife stabbed forward, piercing the throat, slashing horizontally, splattering blood everywhere.

Countless purple veins appeared on the neck, extending upwards, covering Huai Shi's face like layers of spider silk.

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The blood plasma, mixed with silver and various alchemical potions, had long been injected into his veins through the needles under his sleeves, bringing him a constant stream of pain and power.

Like drinking poison to quench thirst.

But his consciousness became extremely calm, like iron in the deep sea.

The knife and axe danced in his hands, tracing intricate arcs, leaving behind bloody marks that quickly disappeared.

Huai Shi raised his hand and shot out the last crossbow arrow behind him, ignoring the person pinned to the wall. Instead, he opened his mouth, biting open the throat of a wolfified being, sucking in the lifeblood that represented life, and then tore open his throat, delivering a fatal blow with the axe.

The wolf poison mixed in the blood flowed through his body, but was killed by the toxins in his own blood.

He moved forward.

Amidst the siege of blood and death, he roared loudly.