Apocalypse Forecast

Chapter 142: Para elsus

Lei Feizhou heard Huai Shi's roar, but only sneered and remained unmoved. He shouted loudly, urging the werewolves to come forward and completely engulf him.

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But this time, Huai Shi didn't give him time to give orders.

Like a flying bird.

In an instant, gravity reversed.

The thin figure in the wolf pack leaped up, and the cracked marks spread from under his feet on the floor, and he was already soaring in the air, rushing above the perforated bulkhead.

In an instant, whether it was the chaotic werewolves, the shattered walls, or the collapsed ceiling, they all became his temporary foothold.

There wasn't even a hint of wind.

Lei Feizhou was stunned for a moment.

When the terrifying agility possessed by vampires was revealed in such a way, the wolf pack's attrition tactics had lost their meaning, and the shadow of blood in his body was already close at hand.

"Naive!" the werewolf sneered.

In the burst of lightning, the axe blade and the claws collided again.

Paralysis spread, and Huai Shi's movements momentarily stagnated, but immediately, he saw Lei Feizhou's arm swing, and the blade of his left hand swept past him.

Even if he raised his arm to block in front of him, he still felt a burst of pain as if his flesh and bones were being crushed.

He flew backward, and his left arm was already torn open with several brutal wounds. From the surging blood, pale blue bones could be seen.

Before landing, the wound forcibly healed under the stimulation of the alchemical blood plasma.

And in his right hand, the axe blade had already been thrown out and flew into the air. Before Lei Feizhou's gaze could return from the spinning blade, a dagger slipped out of his right hand's sleeve and was tightly gripped, stabbing backwards!

In an instant, it pierced through the bursting lightning and firmly nailed itself above his face!

It can be understood that when your nasal bone is too long, someone will always want to make something out of it.

But it's unacceptable!

The werewolf roared.

In the momentary burst of lightning, Huai Shi let go as he landed, staggered back, caught the falling axe handle from the air, and regardless of the wolf pack rushing towards him from behind, he once again rushed forward.

This time, the hunter and the werewolf collided.

The axe blade and the claws rubbed against each other, emitting the roar of steel collision.

The werewolf roared, and amidst the deafening roar, his transformed body swelled again, actually pushing Huai Shi back a step. Then, he grasped the axe blade and the knife edge, and his strength erupted once again.

Under the overwhelming force that was several times greater than his own, Huai Shi could no longer stand firm under his feet, and was violently pulled up by him, smashing into the wall once again.

He didn't even have time to slide down from the bulkhead before he saw the huge werewolf crouching on the ground, and his entire heavy body rushed towards him like a cannonball.

In the midst of the instant roar, the already distorted bulkhead behind Huai Shi shattered, and Huai Shi only felt darkness before him as he was pushed into the neighboring compartment by Lei Feizhou.

That overly powerful force didn't stop, and continued to rush forward.

Immediately after, another bulkhead shattered under the impact.

Huai Shi opened his mouth and spat out fragments of his internal organs and congealed blood, making a hissing sound as they fell to the ground.

The electric light entwined around Lei Feizhou almost pierced through his entire body.

But Lei Feizhou was not doing well either.

Even if he had no strength left, Huai Shi could at least move his little finger - especially when he aimed at his eye sockets...

The last blessed crossbow arrow shot out from the broken crossbow machine deeply pierced his left eye, leaving only a short piece of the tail.

Blood flowed profusely.

Lei Feizhou roared, reaching out his hand, and the sharp claws lifted Huai Shi from the ground, pinching his neck and lifting him up. But in that instant, he didn't know why, his hand went weak for a moment...

As if cramping, a momentary numbness came suddenly and disappeared suddenly.

It was so brief that it seemed as if it had never happened.

But it was so abnormal.

In the reflection of the broken porthole, he seemed to see a familiar shadow behind him - like a ghost.

Someone was standing behind him.

"Who's there!"

He instinctively turned his head.

But he didn't see anything.

Immediately after, he felt a sharp pain in his neck.

In his sluggish moment, Huai Shi broke free, and examined Lei Feizhou's fully exposed neck - under the enveloping lightning, it was like a duck neck placed under a spotlight.

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He grinned, revealing sharp canine teeth.

- Dinner is served!

And then, the werewolf howled in pain!

When the sharp fangs of the vampire pierced his neck, a moment of dizziness followed. It was the toxin from the vampire's teeth, but immediately after, the canine teeth seemed to turn into red-hot iron nails, bringing waves of burning pain.The pure silver holy words embedded in the canine teeth are purifying everything frantically.

Both him and Huai Shi.

But what makes him fearful is that the lightning, which was as easy as an arm, is starting to dissipate rapidly.

Along with his atavistic lycanthropic state...

The blessings bestowed by the gods are being consumed at a speed that is dozens of times faster than expected, no, it should be said, being taken away... With the absorption of blood, this power flows into Huai Shi's body and is digested into pure life essence.

Isn't the essence of the vampire holy mark to take away the life, power, and everything of the victim through blood as a medium?

Even though the blood with intense lightning burned his face, after the charred surface peeled off, pale flesh and skin would regenerate.

"Get away from me!"

Lei Feizhou struggled with all his strength and finally pulled Huai Shi off him. But a huge wound was torn open on his neck.

Even the major artery was torn, and fresh blood kept pouring out.

He staggered back, but before he could stabilize himself, he saw Huai Shi, who had fallen to the ground, getting up again, dragging the axe on the ground, and walking towards him step by step.

Lei Feizhou let out a hoarse scream, and the lycanthropes gathered around him, giving him a brief respite.

After half a minute, the werewolf used the last trace of lightning to remove the silver curse on the wound and closed the fatal wound on the artery.

But the blessed divine state has already ended, much earlier than expected.

However, compared to him, Huai Shi's condition is even more miserable. Even though he received a blood plasma supplement, there are still many wounds on his body.

The blue-purple spiderweb pattern on his face became more severe, and the toxin penetrated into his bone marrow.

He struggled to breathe.

"You are too naive, kid, too naive."

Lei Feizhou looked at the vampires surrounding him and laughed hoarsely, "Even if you kill me, can that NPC girl come back? What you are doing is meaningless, just seeking a dead end!"


Huai Shi raised his head expressionlessly, threw a flying knife from the melee, and left a gap in his smile. "But someone has to pay the price for this, right?"

Lei Feizhou's smile gradually darkened.

He let out a long howl.

But Huai Shi was faster. After tearing off the empty blood plasma bag, he exerted his last strength as a vampire. The axe in his hand swept across the air, beheading the lycanthrope in front of him. Stepping on the body that had not yet fallen to the ground, he once again leaped into the air and silently approached Lei Feizhou!

This time, Lei Feizhou did not try to resist head-on, but took a few steps back to avoid the sharpness. After losing the ancestral state blessed by the gods, he dared not confront the terrifying vampire with his killing power, but roared and ordered the uncontrollable ones wandering on the cruise ship to gather.

But this time, there were not many responses.

Loud rumblings resounded before and after the cruise ship, and thick smoke spread continuously, forming a poisonous cloud, no... it should be said, an antidote.

Under the cover of the smoke, those crazy uncontrollable ones stiffened for a moment, and then everything was engulfed by the powerful sedative and the freezing mist created specifically for the lycanthropy poison.

It was not a gentle healing, but a cruel killing—the ultra-low temperature environment and the highly toxic gas created specifically for the lycanthropy poison gradually corroded all infected tissues into a mass of rotten flesh.

Even the lycanthropes outside the coverage of the cold mist gradually stiffened, their movements became slow and weak, as if they had degenerated into ordinary versions of zombies.

Within just an hour, the terrifying plague that had once ravaged the entire ship began to rapidly recede under the exquisite and vast alchemy.


After hiding until now, he finally made a move.

But Huai Shi just glanced at him, then withdrew his gaze uninterestedly, and focused on the stunned Lei Feizhou in front of him, smiling and reminding him:

"Now, it's your turn."

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Lei Feizhou's face changed drastically, and he quickly retreated, "Yin Yan! Even if I die, you won't be better!"

"Hmph, a bunch of fools."

In the distance, in the shadows, Yin Yan couldn't help but sneer when he heard his ally's call.

One is a brute who becomes arrogant as soon as he gains power, and the other is a fool who can't distinguish between priorities. A little manipulation in the middle will make them start fighting each other... But no matter what, once Lei Feizhou dies, Huai Shi will become too powerful to control, and with a demon hunter who is proficient in tracking on the ship, he doesn't have the confidence to hide until the end.

Although he hoped that both sides would perish together, it seems that he must lend a hand now.He pressed his chest wound that had just healed with great difficulty, a hint of fierceness flashing in his eyes. Silently sneaking, he carefully avoided the bloodstains on the ground that would reveal his tracks, quietly blending in with the weakened group of uncontrollable beings, and stealthily approached Huai Shi from behind.

In legends, these half-blood dwarves and goblins wandering in the Scottish Highlands became cruel and violent due to their discriminated origins. They enjoyed running in the dark night with their invisible iron boots, using their cruel iron claws or spears to kill passersby from behind, staining their soft hats red with their blood.

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Therefore, they were called the Red Hat.

Now, Yin Yan had finally completely assimilated the stealth memories from the Red Hat's memories. It was ten thousand times more skilled than when he first started, without leaving any traces.

But just as he raised the venomous spear, preparing to retaliate, he saw Huai Shi suddenly turn around in the midst of the chaos, revealing a gentle smile towards him.

Was he discovered?

In the next moment, the axe swung through the air!

Yin Yan retreated in a sorry state, then saw a bright blade flash across his face, narrowly missing his neck.

Yin Yan, in disbelief, emerged from his stealth, his expression grim.

Then, he heard Huai Shi's cold voice, "Next time you want to play stealth, get rid of the scent of your old lover's perfume first!"

Yin Yan's expression twisted, gripping his spear with his one arm, preparing to turn around and call the werewolf to deal with Huai Shi. However, he saw that Lei Feizhou had already retreated to the end of the corridor at some point, taking advantage of Huai Shi's diverted attention, and ran away.

He escaped!

Yin Yan was dumbfounded. He didn't expect Lei Feizhou to be so ruthless. But as he looked at Huai Shi, who was covered in blood and slowly approaching him, his expression began to twitch, and he quickly retreated, "I was deceived! It was all Lei Feizhou's doing..."

"Then get out of my way!"

Before Yin Yan could finish speaking, Huai Shi kicked him away, then swung his axe, knocking down the werewolf blocking his path, and followed the bloodstains on the ground, chasing after him relentlessly. If Yin Yan was determined to escape in stealth, Huai Shi might not be able to stop him. But no matter what, Lei Feizhou had to die.

He spat a mouthful of black blood onto the ground, pressing the blood-stained dictionary in his chest.

In the hissing sound, he dragged his axe and walked step by step towards the direction Lei Feizhou was escaping to.

"Since you're here, why are you running so fast?"

He murmured softly.

In the midst of chaos, Lei Feizhou heard the footsteps chasing him from behind, his expression becoming more ferocious.

Taking action against Huai Shi immediately under Yin Yan's instigation was a completely wrong move. He should have joined forces with more people... No, if someone hadn't intervened, Huai Shi should have been doomed today.

That was his mission. Before boarding the ship, when the old beggar handed the coin to Huai Shi, he knew who his target was.

But now, he was powerless to fight against Huai Shi. Depending on Yin Yan, that scoundrel, would only lead to a worse fate. He had to save himself first...

But no matter how fast he ran, the stumbling footsteps continued to chase after him like a shadow.

In the hoarse sound of his panting, the sound of the axe blade scraping against the floor rang out.

A straight mark was drawn on the ground.

Until the end, he was trapped in an empty room.

Lei Feizhou looked at the messy room, but found no other traces. His expression twitched, and after a long time, he finally understood—he had been abandoned.

Just like how he had abandoned Yin Yan.

He turned around and looked at Huai Shi at the door.

Huai Shi was also looking at him.


Lei Feizhou's expression changed, and he spoke with a hopeful tone, "We're all on the same side... There's no reason for us to kill each other, right? If you kill me, the Holy Spirit Spectrum won't let you off!"

"You're right."

Huai Shi nodded, wiping the blood off his dagger, sighing, "Actually, at first, I didn't intend to kill my teammate."

In his pocket, the blood-stained wanderer's coin was burning fiercely, emitting a lava-like light. The furious gaze of the archangel penetrated into his marrow, causing continuous pain and burning in his blood.

"But unfortunately," Huai Shi said indifferently, "I was forced to."

"I still have value! I have important information to tell you! About Yue Jun's secret, and another person... Spare me, and I'll tell you everything! And, don't you want to kill the Pharaoh? I can help you! I still have several uncontrollable beings, I can..."

"Do you remember what I said?"Huai Shi raised his little finger and touched his bloody ear. He lifted his blood-stained face and looked at him, repeating word by word:

"Someone has to pay the price for this."

He raised the axe handle, gripping it tightly. The veins on his purple-blue skin throbbed in pain, appearing on his pale and ferocious face.

"I think now is the time."

Lei Feizhou staggered back.

But in that instant, Huai Shi moved forward.

Like traversing through darkness, he crossed several meters in one step and appeared in front of Lei Feizhou like a nightmare. The axe blade in his hand was raised high and swung down towards the werewolf's neck!

The time of judgment had come!

A ferocious expression appeared on the werewolf's panicked face. He raised one arm to block the descending axe blade, but his hidden left hand drew out a dagger and stabbed towards Huai Shi's chest.

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It was unimaginable that he possessed such skill.

After waiting for a long time, the werewolf finally seized the only opportunity.

In an instant, the piercing was faster than lightning!

As if the process in between was omitted, when he tightly gripped the dagger, it had already pierced Huai Shi's chest... pinning him to the dictionary left by Lily.

Then, he got lost in the countless annotations between the lines.

Meanwhile, Lei Feizhou's arm flew up amidst Huai Shi's roar.

Blood splattered.

Immediately after, the descending axe blade swung up again with the pull of his arm, severing Lei Feizhou's other arm.

In excruciating pain, Lei Feizhou screamed and staggered back.

Huai Shi moved forward and swung the axe blade one last time amidst the rain of blood.

A flash of iron light.

The sound of tearing thin paper echoed.

A head with remnants of werewolf features flew up from the splattered blood and fell into the pool of blood on the ground along with his body.

Silence ensued.

Huai Shi staggered, bending down wearily, trying to support his body with the axe handle.

But the intense pain bursting from his body had taken away all his strength. He slipped and fell to the ground, seeing the silver circuit appearing on the back of his hand.

The punishment of the oath...

The silver implanted in his bone marrow burned with anger, cruelly tormenting every nerve in his body. It turned countless fragmented pains into an unbearable torrent of agony, slowly drowning him in the abyss of darkness.

From his drowsiness, Huai Shi reached out his hand and crawled on the ground, miserably drinking the blood flowing on the ground. But the once life-filled blood brought him no comfort in this hellish torment.

"At any cost, Fan Haixin, at any cost!"

In the pain of thirst for blood and punishment, the old voice of the Archbishop resounded in his ears again: "Kill Paracelsus! Shatter the works of that blasphemer, that deformed child who only defiles the great achievements of the gods!"

Kill him!


Countless voices roared in Huai Shi's soul, almost tearing him apart. He struggled to open his eyes, wanting to get up, but his utmost effort only turned his body over.

He saw the ghostly figure that stumbled into the room.

It was hard to describe.

Like a roll of broken bandages wrapped around a mutilated corpse, it crawled on the ground with its broken limbs, following the scent of blood.

"Source material... Source material... Give me source material..."

Like a mad dog, he pounced on the head of Lei Feizhou that had fallen to the ground, greedily chewing on the flesh and blood.

In the contamination of blood, his broken face seemed to be moisturized, becoming radiant. He could vaguely discern the outline of the once dark-skinned youth and the noble patterns dyed with pale gold...

But soon, he disappointedly abandoned the completely disfigured head.

"Not enough... Too little... Give me more!"

The former Pharaoh slowly turned his head and looked at the vampire on the ground. His eyes burned like molten lava as he approached slowly: "Give me more!"

Huai Shi reached out his hand, searching for the position of the axe.

But in the excruciating agony, he found that he could barely hold the handle anymore. He could only smile bitterly: "I'm closed now. Can you go somewhere else?"

"Source material! Peasant, give me source material!"

The Pharaoh roared, opening his mouth to bite his neck.

Then, amidst a thunderous explosion.

His head exploded into pieces.

Dried fragments and broken bandages splattered, and dust filled Huai Shi's mouth, causing him to cough violently.Even if his head exploded, the Pharaoh did not die. His broken body convulsed crazily, crawling on the ground wrapped in bandages, as if trying to escape.

But then, his broken body was stepped on.

Under the halo above his head, the girl raised the cup filled with holy water in her hand and whispered, "The living know they must die. The dead know nothing. They no longer receive rewards, and their names are forgotten. Their love, their hatred, their jealousy, all have been extinguished. In all that is done under the sun, they have no share anymore..."

The pure holy water was sprinkled.

It fell on the broken body, like seawater washing over the beach, causing the mummy to collapse instantly and dissipate into a handful of dust.

Then, Huai Shi saw the exquisite carvings on the barrel of the old flintlock gun.

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And the girl who should have been dead in front of him.

Ai Qing.

She was still alive.


Huai Shi was stunned for a moment, unable to help but laugh and mock himself, "Then, have I avenged this grudge for nothing?"

In that instant, Huai Shi heard Ai Qing sigh.

"So, he didn't die after all?"

She muttered unhappily, and the worst guess finally came true.

"Congratulations, Huai Shi - you have finally found your mission target."

No, on the first day, Huai Shi had already found the true identity of the mission target with his own ghostly luck and intuition. It was just that he was misled by his own presumptuous experience and fell into a blind spot.

At this point, besides her... who else on this ship had the qualifications to be called Paracelsus?

"Is it with you? I've been looking for it for a long time."

Lily bent down and took out the dictionary from the vampire's arms, looking at the cracks on it and the parts stained with blood, shaking her head helplessly.

"You are Paracelsus, right?" Huai Shi asked softly, "When the Thunder Flying Ship was about to kill me, it was you who helped me, right?"

"My father passed away half a year ago."

Lily squatted down, opened her waist bag, took out a glass syringe and needle, skillfully assembled them, and then pierced them into the blood vessels on Huai Shi's wrist.

"Unfortunately, if it were him, this level of wolf poison would only take a few minutes to make an antidote, right? I still have too little knowledge..."

With the girl's words, blood was slowly drawn out and flowed into the syringe.

But what was puzzling was that the blood quickly lost its color in the syringe, and countless dust-sized crystals kept appearing and then melting in the colorless blood.

Leaving only a gray sediment that slowly fell to the bottom.

Lily pulled out the needle from the glass syringe, replaced it with a new one, and then skillfully pierced the blood vessel on the inside of her own wrist, drawing out a portion of flowing blood.

Then, Lily quickly flipped through the pages of the book, looking for its contents and recipes. More invisible and complex changes emerged from the syringe due to her actions.

At this moment, the ordinary glass syringe seemed to have turned into a huge biological laboratory, completing a series of complex processes such as centrifugal extraction, sterilization, cell cultivation, and fusion of cytoplasm in an instant.

The so-called scholar is such a strange and mysterious profession - those without talent cannot even enter the door in their entire lives. It is a playground only for geniuses.

As long as the laws are mastered and the relevant instruments and materials are carried, the results that can only be obtained through long time and precise operations in the laboratory can be completed in an instant.

All unnecessary intermediate steps are completely omitted.

Soon, the blood in the syringe turned into a bluish-green color. With Lily's movements, it was reinjected into Huai Shi's blood vessels.

A sense of drowsiness and fatigue emerged from Huai Shi's consciousness.

He gradually lost the perception and control of his limbs, and it became difficult to maintain consciousness. "What is this? Poison?"

"Hmm? Are you talking about recombinant fusion protein of cytokines?"

Lily calmly replied, "You have too much poison in you. Those inferior alchemical potions are simply slow killers. Except for specially made targeted drugs, simple antidotes are useless.

Although the side effects are sleeping for a long time, but..."

Huai Shi couldn't hear the rest of her words.

He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

After patiently explaining, Lily heard his snoring, frowned unhappily, but in the end, she didn't wake him up again.

She lowered her head and looked at the universal dictionary left by her father in her hand.After a long time, she flipped to the last page and saw the final words left by Paracelsus.

Another completely different annotation.

[Friend - someone worthy of trust, someone who will not betray you]

"Can I trust you?"

She looked down at Huai Shi for a long time and smiled softly, "Then sleep well, my friend."

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