Debuff Master

Chapter 257

Siegfried didn’t just summon the armada.

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“Big Brother!”

“We are here, Big Brother!”

“I greet the big brother!”

The Weapon Maestros appeared and stood in front of Siegfried. They were the instructors of the Proatine Kingdom’s Weapon Academy as well as the disciples of Weapon Master Shakiro.

“I have arrived, Your Majesty!” Carell shouted in glee.

He was the commander of this operation.

“Don’t get hurt or die. And take care of our soldiers. Every single one of them is precious, Carell,” Siegfried said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The Officers of the Proatine Forces quickly moved out to command the troops against the dark elves.

‘Haha… Who could have known that I would get to lead an army of paratroopers in this game? Lieutenant General Mahidon… I made the right decision hiring you. Who could have known that such a skilled officer like you would come to me?’ Siegfried smiled while glancing at Mahidon on one of the airships.

Siegfried knew that the veteran commander’s vast experience would be a huge boost to the Proatine Kingdom’s military, but he could have never imagined that his military would receive such an extensive upgrade.

‘Oh, this isn’t the time for me to be standing around.’

The battle was still ongoing, so this wasn’t the right time to admire someone else.

“Scribe Gringore,” he said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Pop their eardrums.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Gringore shouted and started singing to pop the dark elves’ eardrums.

“Hey, Hamchi!”


“Sweep them away.”

“Hamchi grows big! KYUUU!”

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The giant hamster grew even bigger and wreaked havoc in the dark elves' lines.

“Go and crush their bones!” Siegfried commanded the muscle brain.

“Yes, hyung-nim!” Cesc enthusiastically replied before charging toward the dark elves.

“And Seung-Gu…”



“I’m out of ammo…” Seung-Gu awkwardly scratched the back of his head. The ammo he was referring to was the special artillery shells developed by the Proatine Kingdom for the cannons mounted on his Iron Golems.

“Is that so?” Siegfried replied. He smirked and said, “We just have to reload them, no?”

He snapped his fingers, and something amazing happened.


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The shrill noise of something falling to the ground echoed above them.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Crates of ammunition crashed in front of them. Fortunately, the crates were enchanted with magic, so they didn’t explode upon impact.

“These should keep you going, right?” Siegfried asked.

“Y-Yes, hyung-nim!”

“What are you doing? Hurry up and reload!”


Seung-Gu summoned his Iron Golems and reloaded their cannons.

Siegfried was done commanding his army, but he still had things to do.

‘Let’s test it out,’ he thought as he gathered his mana.


A large amount of mana was expelled from his body before pervading the surroundings.

Discharge allowed him to spread his mana on the battlefield, and it also improved the effects of his debuff fields.

Fwaaa! Fshwooooosh!

The flames of Blaze Field raged hotter and stronger than ever before, and the area it covered was so vast that it felt like it could burn down a huge chunk of the forest.

‘Wow! Awesome! Look at that range!’ Siegfried rejoiced. He was extremely satisfied with Discharge’s effects. Blaze Field covered the entire battlefield with room to spare after being enhanced by Discharged.

It went without saying that Siegfried’s mana consumption went up as well. The debuff skill’s effectiveness had also decreased, but Siegfried wasn’t troubled at all.

‘This is more than enough.’ Siegfried knew that this was more than enough for his allies to defeat their enemies. In fact, the allied forces were currently one-sidedly overwhelming the dark elves and the Adventurers thanks to Blaze Field.

Siegfried followed up with Shadow Swamp combined with Discharge to further support his allies.

‘All right.’ Siegfried nodded in satisfaction. He walked over to Brunhilde and asked, “Are you okay? Cover yourself with this.”

He took off his Blood Butterfly’s Wings and gave it to her so that she could cover her half-naked body.


“Just wait a bit. It will all be over soon.”


Siegfried gently patted Brunhilde’s shoulder once before turning toward the root of all this.

“Oh? It's a one-on-one?” he jeered.

“You bastard…!”

“Let’s have a go at it, shall we?” he said before charging at the dark elf princess.


Actually, Siegfried couldn’t really defeat Menacia under normal circumstances. Menacia was Level 299, and she was on the brink of becoming a Master, after all.

Yes, it was basically impossible. There could have been some hope if he were to fight alongside Brunhilde, but the truth was that he couldn’t possibly beat her by herself.

Of course, that was only true if Menacia was at her optimal condition.

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[HP: ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜]

However, Menacia’s HP still hadn’t recovered after suffering a near-fatal wound from Brunhilde’s attacks, and her movements were still quite sluggish as well.

She also had a large wound on her chest, which made it difficult for her to use her chest muscles, which affected her movements.

If it hadn’t been for Menacia’s condition, Siegfried wouldn’t have dared to fight a Level 299 NPC one-on-one.

‘Keep my guard up, and speed is of the essence! I need to finish this as soon as possible!’ Siegfried thought while charging toward the dark elf princess. He buffed himself before anything else.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

He activated Overclocking, and a powerful electrical current enveloped him.

[Alert: Super Armor! You will not be staggered!]

[Alert: You will deal more damage to stronger enemies!]

[Alert: +1,000% additional damage for successful counterattacks!]

[Alert: Attack Power increased!]

[Alert: Defense increased!]

[Alert: You deal additional damage to debuffed enemies!]

The skill that combined Proof of Existence, Adamant Body, and Contempt for the Strong gave Siegfried the boost he needed to raid Menacia.

Puk! Puk! Pukeok!

Siegfried’s relentless attacks pushed Menacia into a corner.

“Y-You…!” Menacia growled in anger.

“…” Siegfried didn’t even bother to respond to her anger.

‘A toothless tiger is still a tiger. I can’t let my guard down.’ Siegfried could feel from the way she was defending herself that she was indeed a professional fighter.

Clang! Clang! Clang! 

She was pushed into a corner, but she was still deftly defending Siegfried’s attacks while looking for opportunities to counterattack. Furthermore, her Defense was already quite high, so Siegfried couldn’t deal that much damage to her despite his relentless attacks.

‘It would be great if I could ramp up my debuff…!’

It was a shame that he couldn’t overpower her with his debuffs, as he also had to use them to support his allies. Siegfried could tell that he would have won this duel long ago if he could concentrate his Blaze Field on her instead of on the whole battlefield.

‘Let’s just keep her at bay for now. I need to help my troops fight and survive!’ He wanted nothing more than to recall his debuff field and focus it on Menacia, but the survival and safety of his troops were his utmost priority.

‘Five minutes… I just need to last for five minutes!’ Siegfried clenched his fists.


Menacia swung her magic sword and made a three-centimeter wound on Siegfried’s neck.


Siegfried’s eyes shot wide open from shock at the lightning-quick attack.

However, Menacia did not give him any time or space as she followed it up with a kick to his abdomen.


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The Super Armor effect helped him stay on his feet, but he lost a huge chunk of his HP.

‘How the hell is she so strong…?!’ 

The dark elf princess’ Attack Power was strong enough to make Siegfried gasp, even with Overclocking.

“You bastard… Did you really think that you could defeat me?” Menacia growled. It was her turn to attack. She could still fight quite well, even though her Stamina had already reached rock bottom.

“Die! You bastard!”


“I’ll chop you into pieces!”

Menacia swung her Magic Sword of Darkness: Venom and started gnawing away at Siegfried’s HP.


The Proatine Forces were overpowering—no, slaughtering the dark elves thanks to Siegfried’s Blaze Field and Shadow Swamp.

The combined effects of Overclocking and the skills’ enhancement increased the effectiveness of the debuff fields by at least five times, making them far more powerful than buffs.

Most buffs were usually cast on a specific target or group of targets and had to be recast once in a while, but the Debuff Master’s debuffs were fields that constantly inflicted debuffs on those standing on top of them.

The debuff would persist until the Debuff Master ran out of Mana. Thus, the debuff fields gave a huge boost to the power of the Proatine Forces, and they were able to quickly secure a path of retreat for the Elondel Forces.

The final nail in the coffin for the dark elves trying to stop them from securing the path of retreat was none other than Seung-Gu and his Iron Golems.

“All right, guys! Siege Mode time!” Seung-Gu swung his Mechanic Force and commanded his Iron Golems.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The Iron Golems ran into position.

Ziiing… Thud… Click… Clack!

They buried their arms and legs into the ground and transformed into large canons. The Siege Mode ability of the Iron Golems transformed them into gigantic artilleries.

[Alert: Locked and Loaded!]

[Alert: Iron Golems are now in Siege Mode!]

[Alert: Choose your firing method!]

A string of messages popped up in front of Seung-Gu’s eyes.

“Hmm… I should go with the normal method for now…” he muttered before making his choice.

Whiiiing… Clack!

The artillery cannons aimed at where most of the dark elves were located.

“Three! Two! One! Fire!” Seung-Gu shouted.


The Iron Golems unleashed their artillery shells.


“Sir Seung-Gu has secured the point!”

“Gather around the artillery!”

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“Go and reinforce the point!”

The Proatine Forces rushed to reinforce the main point of the retreat path after Seung-Gu annihilated the dark elves standing on top of it.



“A-Artillery! They have artillery with them! Retreat!”

The dark elves ran with their tails tucked between their legs after witnessing the destructiveness of the new canons that the Proatine Kingdom had developed.

Point secured!

The Proatine Forces successfully secured the entire path of retreat for the Elondel Forces.


‘I can’t win without my debuffs…’ Siegfried could tell that it was impossible to beat Menacia without the full power of his Blaze Field. She was a wounded beast, but she was still a Level 299 NPC.

He knew that the Blaze Field was his only hope of winning, as Irradiate was ineffective against her. The magic sword she was wielding, Venom, seemed to be providing her with absurd Poison Resistance, which rendered her immune to Siegfried’s Irradiate.

‘I have to be smart about it. I’m dead the moment I make a rash move. I just have to hold on until they win,’ Siegfried thought and clenched his fist. Siegfried decided not to fight Menacia head-on. He continued avoiding her attacks while keeping her at bay.

“You fucking rat! Fight me! Fight me like a man, coward!” Menacia screamed while chasing after Siegfried and swinging her magic sword like a maniac.

“Siegfried-nim! Be careful! You will be in grave danger if you receive a wound with that sword!” Brunhilde shouted.


It seemed that Menacia’s magic sword was a poisoned weapon.

“Come and face me! You fucking rat!”

“Not now!”

Menacia chased after him with bloodlust oozing out of her while Siegfried made full use of his Pesky Brat title to run as fast as possible. It was all thanks to his title that Menacia couldn’t hit him at all.

‘Hurry up… I can’t hold on for much longer…’ Siegfried gnashed his teeth.


The sound of artillery suddenly pervaded the air.

‘Now!’ Siegfried instinctively knew that it was time.

The start of Seung-Gu’s artillery barrage meant that the main point of the retreat path had already been secured, which meant that the Proatine Forces had emerged victorious against the dark elves.

In other words, Siegfried no longer had to spread his debuff fields so far and wide for his soldiers.

“Die! Bastard!” Menacia screamed while swinging her magic sword at Siegfried’s head.


However, a powerful burst of mana shot out of him and sent Menacia staggering backward.

Fwaaaa! Fshwoooosh!

The flames on the battlefield gathered and slowly converged toward Siegfried.