Debuff Master

Chapter 258

Siegfried immediately used Discharge after noticing the allied forces’ victory.

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He made his debuff fields converge on him.

The Flames of Destruction spread across the battlefield and formed a whirlpool with Siegfried in the middle.

Fwaaah! Fshwoooooooosh!

The blazing flames burned more vigorously than ever as they shredded the Defense and Magic Resistance of Siegfried’s enemies. In fact, it even burned down the vegetation that it merely grazed.

The Flames of Destruction was made up of spiritual energy, so it shouldn’t have been able to burn the tangible objects around it. However, why was it burning the surrounding vegetation?

It could only mean that Blaze Field had become so powerful that it became palpable, and it was all thanks to Discharge.

“T-This…! What is this…?!” Menacia stuttered with a horrified look.

“Beats me… who knows? Wanna try taking a guess?” Siegfried jeered.

“What are you talking about, you crazy son of a bi—” Menacia couldn’t continue her sentence.


Siegfried swung his +15 Gaia’s Fist toward the crown of Menacia’s head.

‘Ha! I can easily block an attack of this level!’ Menacia confidently raised her magic sword to block the incoming mace, but…


A loud noise echoed as Menacia was flung several meters back. The Debuff Master’s buff skill, Discharge, enhanced Blaze Field to the point that even a high-level NPCs Defense wasn’t that strong for Siegfried anymore.

“Ack…!” Menacia screamed. ‘That bastard! How did he suddenly become so strong?!’ 

Menacia was worried, but she soon realized that Siegfried hadn’t really become stronger. ‘N-No… I’m weakened… these flames are making me weaker! I have to get out of here!’ 

Menacia realized that the flames were debuffing her, so she tried to get away from them. However, there was no way Siegfried was going to let her escape.

“You’ve come here as you please, but…”


“You can’t leave as you please!” Siegfried shouted and buried his +15 Gaia’s Fist into Menacia’s abdomen.

“K-Kuheok!” Menacia’s back curled like a shrimp after getting hit by the mace.

“Bleurgh…! Bleuuuuurgh…!”

She then fell to her knees and started vomiting. Siegfried’s basic attack was now technically a skill, and his basic attacks had become strong enough to rearrange her guts.

However, Menacia was truly a formidable enemy. as she managed to evade Siegfried’s follow-up attack even while she was throwing up. She rolled on the ground and got up before trying to slice Siegfried’s leg with her magic sword.

Unfortunately, her shadow copied her movement and injured her leg.


Both Blaze Field and Shadow Swamp had become extremely strong after their enhancement.

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‘This isn’t enough… Our stat difference is still too big. I can’t overpower her with my enhanced debuffs…’ Siegfried thought.

He could defeat her, but he couldn’t overpower her. A Level 299 NPC was too strong for Siegfried to overpower. However, Siegfried wanted to overpower Menacia, and he also wanted to step on her and humiliate her.

“Kekeke! Kill you? No~ No, I can’t do that~ I will make you experience absolute shame and horror first. I will make you beg for death before I kill you!”

Siegfried could still remember the atrocity that Menacia had committed against Brunhilde. He knew for a fact that Brunhilde would have either killed herself or she could have been subjected to unspeakable horrors if he had been a step late.

‘Let’s use it,’ Siegfried clenched his fist and decided to activate the second stage of Overclocking. This was the only way that Siegfried could overpower Menacia at his current level.


Mana abruptly surrounded him.

Bzzt! Bzzzzt!

Blue and red sparks flew around him as his mana went on overdrive.


‘A-Amazing…!’ Siegfried was surprised by the power flowing through his body after activating the second stage of Overclocking. Of course, his HP and Stamina diminished at astonishing speeds, but he obtained inexplicable power in exchange.

“I’m going to destroy you…” Siegfried muttered with a chilling smile. Then, he rushed toward Menacia while shouting, “I’ll cut you up into pieces!”

Menacia prepared all the skills at her disposal to face Siegfried head-on, but…


Siegfried’s power after activating the second stage of Overclocking was too much for her to handle. On top of that, Siegfried still had two available debuff skills.



He simultaneously activated the debuff that decreased the enemy’s Attack Power, Frost Wave, and the debuff that interfered with the enemy’s channeling, Wave of Oppression.

Blaze Field, Shadow Swamp, Frost Wave, and Wave of Oppression. Siegfried was armed with these four debuffs as well as the second stage of Overclocking.

Menacia couldn’t escape from the debuff fields and was forced to defend herself, but she soon reached her limit.

Menacia swung her sword, and it collided against Siegfried’s +15 Gaia’s Fist.


“Ack!” Menacia inadvertently dropped her magic sword.

Whoosh! Puuuk!

The magic sword stabbed itself into the ground, leaving an unarmed Menacia.

Puk! Puk! Pukeok!

Siegfried didn’t miss the opportunity. He unleashed a barrage of merciless attacks all over her head, shoulders, knees, arms, knees, and finally, arms.

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“Ah… Aaaaargh!” Menacia screamed in agony, but no one would save her.


The surrounding Niflheim Forces had already been annihilated.

“P-Please… Spare me…!”

Puk! Pukeok!


Puk! Puk! Puk!


Puk! Puk! Pukeok!

Menacia had already died from the relentless attacks, but Siegfried didn’t stop beating her up with his mace. He continued for a whole minute until his anger was assuaged.

The Princess of the Dark Elves—Menacia—met a horrible and tragic end.

She was reduced to nothing but a pile of unrecognizable meat.


[Alert: You have killed Menacia!]

[Alert: You have obtained Experience Points!]

[Alert: You leveled up!]

[Alert: You have reached Level 219!]

A string of messages popped up in front of Siegfried’s eyes. Perhaps it was because Menacia was a Level 299 NPC, but Siegfried obtained an immense amount of Experience Points.

‘Excellent,’ Siegfried smiled.

However, a sudden rush of lethargy took over his body, ‘Huh…?’

Shiver… Shiver… 

His legs started shivering.

Badump! Badump! 

His muscles started twitching.

Badump! Badump! 

Search for the original.

His veins felt like they were going to burst.

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[Siegfried van Proa]

[HP: ⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜]

[Mana: ⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜]

[Stamina: ⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜]

His HP, Mana, and Stamina dropped under ten percent.

‘It hasn’t even been that long since I activated it, but the penalty is actually this crazy?’ Siegfried couldn’t believe his eyes. It turned out that Overclocking was a double-edged sword that granted him immense power in exchange for putting his life on the line.

‘I should pick that up first before anything else…’ Siegfried staggered over the unrecognizable pile of mush and picked up the magic sword Menacia dropped.

[Alert: You have obtained Magic Sword: Venom!]

Siegfried was thinking of selling Venom.

“Siegfried-nim!” Brunhilde shouted and ran toward him.

‘Siegfried-nim saved me! Ah!’ she thought while running. No, it was more appropriate to say that she was limping toward him, but she still dragged herself toward him in hopes of falling into his embrace.

However, she was forced to stop in her tracks after a few steps away from him. She hadn’t noticed it because adrenaline was coursing through her veins while she was fighting Menacia, but she finally noticed it.

‘Euk…! W-What is this…? What is that disgusting smell?’ Brunhilde grimaced.

She couldn’t withstand the repulsive smell that Siegfried was emitting right now. She couldn’t really put a finger on what the smell was, but Siegfried smelled like a mountain of rotting corpses.

However, that wasn’t the end of it…

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

There were around twenty flies buzzing around Siegfried.



“Why… Why are there flies buzzing around you?”

“Ah, that’s…” Siegfried’s face darkened as a single tear fell from the corner of his eye.


It was a real tear that he had squeezed out his eyelid from sheer sadness.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Tears started streaming down his cheeks.

“Siegfried-nim! Why are you crying?!”

“I just feel… sad today for some reason… Hahaha…”

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He wept—he wept because of the debuff on him.

[Alert: Skunk has 29 days, 21 hours, 12 minutes, and 31 seconds remaining!]

The debuff was truly a unique debuff, but it wasn’t unprecedented.


[A debuff placed on those who have consumed the item Terramorg’s Core.]

[This debuff will make the user emit a rotten stench comparable to a mountain of decomposing corpses. A swarm of flies will buzz around them.]

[Type: Debuff]

[Duration: 30 days]

[Note: This debuff cannot be expunged.]

Siegfried was emitting a foul stench after consuming the Terramorg’s Core, just like Gringore when the latter consumed a large number of the Siren’s Core. Unfortunately, Siegfried’s debuff not only made him emit a foul stench, but he also attracted flies.

‘They give me shitty titles, and now this? Those damned developers… Do they hate me or something?’ Siegfried grumbled inwardly and cursed the developers of the game while crying.

“Siegfried-nim…” Brunhilde muttered. She tried to approach him, but she recoiled upon being struck by a splitting migraine. ‘Ugh… He stinks…!’

Still, she remained steadfast and got closer to him.

The swarm of flies started buzzing around her as well.



“Thank you… Thank you very much… You saved me once again, and you are truly my savior…”

“Don’t mention it, I just did what had to be done…”

It was then.


Brunhilde hugged him.



“I love you.”

Siegfried couldn’t even respond to those words as Brunhilde’s lips collided against his.

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

However, the romantic scene was ruined by the swarm of flies that indifferently buzzed around the pair.