Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao

Chapter 446: Ora le hild

Twin Soul looked down at the golden bracelet on her ankle, her voice trembling. "Senior Li."

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Tears soaked the red veil, leaving five different-sized tear marks on the fabric, seemingly a mix of excitement and sadness.

Bai Lingmiao couldn't see through her. Twin Soul seemed to be enveloped in a mist, making it impossible for him to use the abilities of the Taoist sects that deceive beings to see her Ten Emotions and Eight Sufferings clearly.

Li Huowang looked at her with a complicated expression. After hesitating for a moment, he reached out and grabbed a corner of the red veil, lifting it.

He had seen Twin Soul's appearance many times before, so he wasn't scared. However, her current appearance was slightly different from before.

On most of her beastly face, there were fewer traces of other animals, and the silver-white fur of a fox clearly dominated.

The short thorns between the white fur were as close as possible, as if she wanted to make herself look better.

Li Huowang stared at her half-human face and the resentful gaze in her eyes. This gaze was so similar to the past Bai Lingmiao that he felt like the Bai Lingmiao who had always accompanied him from Qingfeng Temple had appeared before him once again.

When Li Huowang couldn't help but reach out and touch her cheek, the scales beneath the fur made his fingers feel a slight sting, bringing him back to his senses.

No, Twin Soul wasn't her. The past Miao Miao would never forgive him.

Just as Li Huowang, with a desolate expression, was about to lower his hand, Twin Soul, with her sharp-nailed hand, firmly held his hand with interlocking fingers.

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But when Twin Soul opened her large mouth filled with sharp teeth, revealing her forked tongue inside, she gave up first and covered her face with the red veil, choking as she left.

Li Huowang didn't chase after her. He silently watched Twin Soul gradually disappear into the darkness and let out a sigh.

Although he knew that Twin Soul was also a part of Bai Lingmiao, with a different distribution of the Ten Emotions and Eight Sufferings, he didn't know how to face her with what kind of attitude, apart from giving her a bracelet.

Should he treat her the same as Bai Lingmiao? Two Bai Lingmiaos? Li Huowang always felt a special discomfort in his heart.

When Li Huowang, feeling somewhat dejected, returned to the lively banquet, his mind was still thinking about the tear at the corner of Twin Soul's huge beast eye.

When he came back to his senses, he saw that his bowl in front of him was already piled high with various chicken meat pieces.

Bai Lingmiao picked up a chopstick of leeks and placed it on top of his bowl. "Are you done talking? Eat quickly. This banquet is for you."

Li Huowang reached out his right hand towards the table, not for the chopsticks, but for the wine jug next to it.

He poured himself a full cup and drank it in one gulp.

The drowsy feeling of being drunk and then sober returned to his mind, and this tingling sensation on his scalp made him feel a little better at the moment.

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To be honest, he had no experience in dealing with these emotional troubles. In the past, he was just a high school student.

"Why can't these troublesome things just stop? Can't they leave me alone?" Li Huowang muttered to himself as he held the wine cup. He poured himself another cup.

Before he drank himself unconscious, Li Huowang figured out the answer to this question. In fact, these emotional troubles existed in the past as well, but the past him was always preoccupied with life and death, the major events between reality and illusion, and had no time to think about these trivial matters.

The banquet dispersed, and Li Huowang, who was half-asleep and half-awake with a body full of alcohol, felt light and as if he was lying on a cloud.

After a while, the smooth silk bedsheet beneath him and the familiar fragrance made Li Huowang realize that he had returned to Bai Lingmiao's chamber.

Subconsciously, he reached out and pulled, embracing a soft body and caressing the hairpin between the strands of hair. He lowered his head and kissed it.

Bai Lingmiao walked through the winding dirt roads of Niu Xin Village, candlelight flickering in the windows around her. Every family was discussing joyfully, planning to divide the meat and vegetables they had brought back to eat over several days.

"Miao Miao, everyone's lives are much better now. After the banquet, there's even leftovers." Chun Xiaoman smiled at Bai Lingmiao.

"If you want the horse to run, you have to let it eat grass." Bai Lingmiao didn't care, walking towards the White Family Ancestral Hall in the distance.

"Besides, it doesn't cost much money. The Lv Family Troupe earns enough for them to eat. Speaking of which, I didn't expect Lv Xiucai's opera to earn more and more money in Daliang."

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"Yeah, last time, an old man held a wedding and funeral. It was said that before the old man died, he specifically designated Lv Xiucai's troupe to perform a three-day opera in front of the mourning hall. I don't know what he was thinking."

As they spoke, Bai Lingmiao and Chun Xiaoman had already entered the White Family Ancestral Hall. They skillfully turned the Three Monkey Door with their hands and walked through the secret door.

The underground hall was lit by oil lamps, and the rapid chanting of mantras echoed up the spacious stairs.

"The sky is round and the earth is square, please let the gods descend and support the oracle child. The sky urges and the earth urges, the ancestral master soars on clouds, the ancestral master soars on horses, coming to the front of the altar to support the oracle child..."

When they entered the main hall, they saw Lv Xiucai wearing a paper bellyband covered in scriptures, holding a triangular white lotus flag in one hand and two thorny short swords in the other, constantly hitting his own head with the spikes on both sides.

". The left eye turns into the sun, the right eye turns into the moon, turning into the sun and moon, illuminating the way, step by step to guide, inch by inch to support the child, supporting the oracle child to emit divine light, opening the golden mouth to report clearly!!"

As he shouted the last words, he raised his right foot and stomped heavily on the ground three times, and everything returned to calm.

Looking at Lv Xiucai, who was now standing there like a statue with angry eyes, Bai Lingmiao frowned and thought for a moment. With a "clang" sound, she directly drew the long sword from Chun Xiaoman's waist and slashed towards Lv Xiucai's waist.When the blade collided with Lv Xiucai's body, it unexpectedly emitted a crisp sound of metal clashing.

Bai Lingmiao, not reassured, tried a few more times, but could only leave a shallow scratch on Lv Xiucai's body.

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It should be known that Chun Xiaoman's sword was a gift from Li Huowang. Although it couldn't exorcise demons, it was capable of cutting through iron as if it were mud.

Yet, this sharp sword could only inflict such minor damage on Lv Xiucai. It had to be said that at this moment, Lv Xiucai was impervious to blades and spears.

Lv Xiucai, in his excitement, looked down at his own body, his heart filled with indescribable elation.

For the sake of mastering this divine skill, he had suffered so much and endured countless beatings! But when this moment arrived, he felt that it was all worth it.

Suddenly, his expression turned fierce, his short sword and triangular white lotus flag trembling uncontrollably in his hands.

"Damn it! That old bastard! He dared to hang me up and beat me! Don't stop me! I must take my revenge today! I'm going to tear that old bastard apart!"

"How can you——" Chun Xiaoman was about to step forward, but was directly stopped by Bai Lingmiao. "We won't stop you, go ahead. Your father drank quite a bit tonight, he should be sound asleep."

Lv Xiucai growled lowly, waving his short sword in his hand, and charged towards the secret door.

But as he was about to leave, his steps slowed down, and the cursing in his mouth suddenly escalated. "Don't stop me!! I'm going to slaughter that old turtle today!!"

(End of Chapter)