Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao

Chapter 447: hanges

Looking at Lv Xiucai's increasingly intense foul language, Chun Xiaoman stood at the door and looked at Bai Lingmiao with confusion. "Miao Miao, did you already know he would be like this?"

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Watching Lv Xiucai's conflicted figure in the distance, Bai Lingmiao chuckled lightly. "Do you think I curse him for no reason? He can't be a good person, and he's even less deserving of being a villain. At best, he's just a rotten person."

Just then, a boy holding a bowl of food walked down the stairs.

When he saw Lv Xiucai's angry appearance, he was immediately shocked and quickly put the bowl on the ground to stop him. "Hey hey, Xiucai, what are you doing? It's not worth it."

Blocked by the boy, Lv Xiucai became even more agitated. He raised the short blade in his hand and was about to charge outside. The thin boy almost failed to stop him several times.

After the boy persuaded him, Lv Xiucai reluctantly calmed down. With the boy's help, he squatted down and started eating, while solemnly saying, "Boy, let me tell you, this isn't over! I remember everything that old bastard did to me! One day, I will definitely chop him up!"

"Hey, we haven't eaten all day, so eat quickly. You can chop your father whenever you want, but the food will get cold."

Lv Xiucai held the large bowl and wolfed down the food, suddenly realizing that today's meal was unusually good.

He picked up a greasy piece of fatty meat the size of an egg with his chopsticks, dipped it in the rice in the bowl, and chewed it with delight.

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Chewing the delicious fatty meat in his mouth, Lv Xiucai looked at the boy in surprise. "What's going on? Is it New Year's in the village?"

"No, Senior Li has returned! So the village held a feast to celebrate."

"Oh?! Senior Li, my master, has returned!?" Lv Xiucai suddenly became excited, ready to rush outside. But then he thought that maybe he should consult his master's wife, who taught him the new supernatural power.

However, when he looked at Bai Lingmiao, he found that the white-haired girl and the woman covered in black fur had disappeared. The side door next to them was open.

Bai Lingmiao stumbled in the dim corridor and almost fell. She complained while holding her knee. "This place is so dark."

Chun Xiaoman, who came over to support her, responded, "It's not that dark. I'll hang more oil lamps on the wall tomorrow. By the way, are you not going to tell Senior Li about the supernatural power left by the White Lotus Sect?"

A trace of impatience appeared in Bai Lingmiao's eyes. "What's the point of telling him? You may think this Wuji divination is powerful, but in his eyes, it's nothing. He's much more powerful than you think."

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"Really? Senior Li has become so powerful now? That's great!" Chun Xiaoman couldn't help but feel happy for Li Huowang.

"Is it great? Do you really think it's a good thing for a madman to become even more powerful? Think about what he did in the past." While speaking, Bai Lingmiao walked towards the inside, stopping only when she reached the innermost dark room.

"But didn't Senior Li say that he won't have seizures anymore?"

"You believe what he says? You're even crazier than him. Just now, when we were in bed, he changed the topic whenever he mentioned illusions, as if he was hiding something."

"Let's wait and see. He shouldn't be running around randomly in the past few hours. Let's see what his situation is like before making plans."

"Miao Miao, you're really good to him."

"What can I do? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. He didn't mind me being a burden back then, so how can I mind him being mad now?"

"Now that he's gone mad like that, we can only find a way to cure him."

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The stone door opened, and Bai Lingmiao walked in. The white jade lotus flower on the cabinet emitted a soft light, illuminating the surroundings.

Under this light, Bai Lingmiao looked up at the mural on the wall, at the intertwined lotus flower pulled by six white donkeys.

Since the strange chanting sound last time, this intertwined lotus flower had appeared and never disappeared again. It became clearer and clearer, but she didn't know what it represented.

"Could this be related to the White Lotus Sect's Unborn Mother?" Bai Lingmiao wondered, but she searched through all the books in the dark room and couldn't find any books related to the intertwined lotus flower.

Therefore, Bai Lingmiao couldn't know whether this matter was good or bad for herself.

Now that she was the only one left in the White Lotus Sect, its future changes, whether good or bad, would directly determine the development of her own power."If only I knew where that strange chanting sound was coming from, perhaps it could provide some insight," Bai Lingmiao murmured to herself.

However, this was obviously difficult. During this period, when she went out to perform exorcisms, she specifically inquired about the origin of this strange chanting. But she didn't get any answers.

The only thing she could learn from the immortals was that the sound was very mixed and chaotic. Although they didn't say it, Bai Lingmiao seemed to feel that the immortals were afraid of the chanting sound.

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Bai Lingmiao thought for a moment, picked up three incense sticks from the side, bowed to the lotus with conjoined petals, and inserted them into the small incense burner.

She didn't know if it would be useful, but she decided to give it a try. At least according to the records in the books, the Mother of No Birth didn't mind others' worship.

"Miao Miao, what should we do with the heavenly books of the sacrificial array in the corner?"

Chun Xiaoman's words brought Bai Lingmiao back to her senses. She looked at the books that had been selected over this period in the corner. "What else can we do, burn them."

"Really burn them?"

Bai Lingmiao's words were filled with disgust. "Burn them! Seeing disgusting things annoys me! When Bai Lingmiao says something, she means it."

A lamp oil tumbled in the air and fell on those books, immediately igniting a blazing fire.

Under this orange firelight, something upside-down and inside-out faintly appeared in the conjoined lotus on the wall.

However, neither Bai Lingmiao nor Chun Xiaoman noticed this horrifying and eerie scene.

(End of the chapter)