Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao

Chapter 448: Gao Zhijian

Li Huowang suddenly opened his eyes. When he sat up from the messy bed and looked to the right, he found that the sunlight was already shining into the window at an angle, indicating that it had been bright for a long time.

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"I overslept again?" Li Huowang ignored his bloody wounds and hurriedly put on his clothes before walking down the wooden stairs.

"Good morning, Brother Li." Zhuge Yuan greeted him with a fan in his hand.

"Good morning, Brother Zhuge."

Seeing Zhuge Yuan, Li Huowang immediately regretted and slapped his forehead. He had just returned to the village and already became lax. Zhuge Yuan, who had saved his life, was still waiting for him to return the favor. Practicing cultivation was much more important than anything else.

He picked up a steamed bun and some pickles from the table, took a few bites, and washed it down with white porridge. Then, Li Huowang found a quiet ear chamber in the Bai family's courtyard and began to meditate with his legs crossed and eyes closed, practicing his cultivation technique.

Following the obscure words in the cultivation technique, Li Huowang enveloped the innate Qi from his eyes with his divine fire. The next step was to push this innate Qi through the chakras in his body, including the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, and crown chakra.

He let all his ten emotions and eight sufferings pass through this invisible and colorless innate Qi.

This process was very difficult. Li Huowang felt like he was pushing a huge elephant while riding a unicycle, but he didn't rush. Cultivation was not something to be rushed; it required perseverance.

Since Beifeng could deceive the Heart Essence, Li Huowang believed that he could do it too.

He didn't know how long had passed, but when Li Huowang opened his exhausted eyes, he noticed that the sky outside the window was already darkening.

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At this moment, the ear chamber had become distorted, with the floor and walls protruding and sinking.

Seeing this scene, Li Huowang furrowed his brows. The cultivation of this technique caused strange changes in the surrounding environment. It seemed that he couldn't practice it in Niuxin Village anymore and needed to find a place where he wouldn't accidentally harm others.

Li Huowang stood up and walked towards the door. However, when he opened it, he was surprised to find a young man standing on the ceiling above his head.

When the young man saw Li Huowang's appearance, he immediately panicked and crawled backward along the ceiling, clearly terrified.

As Li Huowang looked at the person and speculated about his origins, the tall figure of Gao Zhijian also appeared on the ceiling and walked towards him.

When Li Huowang saw the silly appearance of Gao Zhijian, he immediately realized that it wasn't them who were hanging upside down, but himself!

As this thought came to his mind, Li Huowang felt his feet loosen and fell towards the position of the young man.

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Swiftly adjusting his position, Li Huowang landed steadily in the air. After recovering from the shock, he stood up and looked back at the wooden door of the ear chamber.

The place where he had been cultivating had already turned upside down, with the floor becoming the ceiling and the beams below. He had been standing on the ceiling for so long, but he hadn't noticed it.

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Li Huowang became even more determined to find a new place to practice. Cultivating this cultivation technique was indeed very strange.

"Li... Li..."

Li Huowang raised his head and looked at Gao Zhijian in front of him. He patted his forearm and asked, "How old are you? Do you have something to tell me after not seeing each other for a few months?"

"Um." Gao Zhijian said and pointed outside with his hand.

Seeing his serious expression, Li Huowang thought for a moment and then took a step forward, taking Gao Zhijian with him.

"Aunt and Uncle asked me to bring you back for dinner." The young man who had been scared on the ground just now quickly stood up and said.

"I'll go back in a while. Let her eat first."

When Li Huowang arrived at Gao Zhijian's house, he saw Gao Zhijian holding a pile of stone debris and felt guilty for bringing it to him.

"What is this?" Li Huowang examined it for a while before realizing that it was the stone tablet scripture he had given to Gao Zhijian, the one that Danyang Zi had treasured.

Through Gao Zhijian's stuttering explanation, Li Huowang learned that the scripture had unexpectedly shattered one afternoon, followed by some inexplicable words coming out of it, seemingly mocking the delusion of becoming an immortal.

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"It's okay, you don't have to feel guilty. This has nothing to do with you. This thing itself is a tool used by the Taoist sects to deceive people." Li Huowang explained to Gao Zhijian.

Although he didn't know when Danyang Zi obtained this so-called scripture, judging from the effort he had put into collecting so many incomplete scriptures for alchemy, it should have been a long time, at least three to five years.

The so-called "Old Lord" he mentioned was naturally the disguise of the Taoist sects.

Not only Danyang Zi was deceived, but also the previous people in the cave and many more victims throughout the world.

Such a large-scale and long-spanning scam that almost encompassed the entire world couldn't be achieved overnight. It would take decades or even hundreds of years to set up.

Such a grand scam could only be the work of the dice.

The dice had gone through great efforts to collect the lies from the deceived people, just to find the opportunity to summon the incarnation of Dou Lao and let it steal the Divine Mountain Ghost Eye that the Great Liang Emperor had worked so hard to obtain.

The heavenly path on the deceased Dou Lao's body seemed to be chaotic and disorderly.

"It's just a bit strange. Based on my understanding of them, the dice have always been thinking about how to deceive Dou Lao's heavenly path and directly replace him as a saint. Why would they help Dou Lao? Could it be that they were deceived by Dou Lao?"

Li Huowang was lost in thought, but Gao Zhijian pulled him back to reality with his hand. "Sorry, I was thinking too much. Gao Zhijian, do you have something else to do?""Yes." Gao Zhijian said succinctly, then turned and walked into the house.

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Soon, Gao Zhijian returned, holding a book of military tactics in his hand. Li Huowang remembered it, it was the one he had taken from Peng Longteng's corpse.

" military...practice."

Li Huowang took it with surprise, flipping through it carefully, and was somewhat astonished to find that it really contained a book of military cultivation methods, teaching others how to increase their evil spirits and control the body refining methods of evil spirits.

"Have you practiced it?"

"Mm." Gao Zhijian nodded, looked around, walked to the giant halberd in the distance, clenched his cheeks, and with a roar, he lifted the heavy weapon.

As a strong evil spirit spread from Gao Zhijian to the surroundings, the headless Peng Longteng began to get excited, his huge palm sometimes clenched and sometimes relaxed.

"Ha~!" With a roar, a strong gust of wind blew Li Huowang's hem and hair violently backward, and the huge halberd, with the force of a thousand pounds, smashed heavily into the ground.

In an instant, the earth shook and the mountains swayed, not to mention the stone bricks on the ground breaking inch by inch, Li Huowang even felt a sense of earthquake.

Li Huowang was shocked in his heart. Gao Zhijian had quietly practiced so powerfully. If his height grew a little more, he might be as strong as Peng Longteng was.

Should it be said that Gao Zhijian is a natural talent, or that the military cultivation method is easy to practice?

(End of this chapter)