There were countless intents in this world, such as sword intent, saber intent, and so on.

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However, not every intent was worthy of being ranked in the top ten. The Heavenly Lightning was called a supreme intent, so how could it be so easily comprehended?

And once a cultivator comprehended the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning, their strength would be greatly enhanced.

Ye Xuan’s dantian already contained the power of lightning. In addition, due to the Buddha Spirit fruit,his comprehension value had already surpassed 500 points.

Even so, he was not very confident in his ability to comprehend something that was called a supreme intent.

The reason he came this time was to see just how terrifying Heavenly Lightning was.

It had been four days since the mystic realm opened.

Apart from the two monks who had reached the unity realm, he had not encountered any other unity realm cultivators.

Of course, it was not to the lack of such cultivators, but rather that most of these unity realm cultivators had gone to places like this Heavenly Lightning Pool.

The Heavenly Lightning was extremely alluring to unity realm experts.

Even if one could only comprehend the embryonic form of Heavenly Lightning intent, one’s own strength would increase by severalfold.

Moreover, any cultivator who could step into the unity realm was a monster with outstanding talent. They naturally believed that they could comprehend the embryonic form of the concept of Heavenly Lightning intent.

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Therefore, upon entering, many unity realm cultivators went straight to the Heavenly Lightning Pool!

Ye Xuan naturally would not let go of such an opportunity. Moreover, there were only three days until the mystic realm closed. He had to give it a try no matter what.

The most crucial thing was that the War God’s Hall would open on the last day. At that time, countless cultivators would rush in and fight for the heavenly treasures inside.

After deeply recognizing his luck, or lack thereof, Ye Xuan decisively chose to head to the Heavenly Lightning Pool.


Ye Xuan flew through the sky with Huang Ling at an extremely fast speed.

Of course, his spiritual sense was constantly scanning the surroundings, examining the innate bone values and comprehension values of other cultivators to see if there was a chance to take in a disciple.

As time slowly passed, Ye Xuan got closer and closer to the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

Not far away, there were countless towering mountains, which were full of giant trees. This place was filled with dense spiritual energy.

Fortunately, there were no demon beasts in the secret realm. Otherwise, nourished by such dense spiritual energy, these demon beasts would have grown terrifyingly strong.


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Ye Xuan, who was flying through the sky, suddenly raised his eyebrows. His spiritual sense had detected an extremely interesting person!

“What bad luck! This mystic realm is incomparably vast. Everyone will be randomly teleported to different places, but we didn’t expect to meet you!”

“You are a jinx! Why didn’t you stay in the White Moon Tower?”

“Isn’t it bad enough to jinx yourself? Do you really want to kill us all?”

Eight female cultivators were gathered under a huge tree, but they were divided into two groups!

Seven versus one!

Compared to the seven outstanding-looking women, the lonely little girl was in a sorry state, and her clothes were ragged.

The other women looked at the little girl with undisguised disdain.

Although the little girl’s clothes were a little tattered, and her entire body was covered in dirt, her eyes concealed a starry brilliance.

It was a pity that after being bullied by these women, those starry eyes turned red as she began to sob.

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“I’m… I’m Sorry!”

The little girl’s little hands clutched the corner of her clothes tightly, and she lowered her head with a downcast expression.

“Hehe, do you think it’s still useful for you to say this at this point? I told you to stay in the White Moon Tower obediently, but you actually came to the mystic realm. What if you were killed by other cultivators?”

“Exactly. If you die, maybe your mother will go crazy again?”

“As a jinx, you should stay by your mother’s side. Why do you want to harm others?”

“Was killing your father not enough? Do you want to kill all of the cultivators in the mystic realm?”

“You’re just a trashy refinement realm cultivator. What gave you the courage to enter the mystic realm?”

“Even though I just obtained a heavenly treasure, my good mood has been ruined by you!”

The little girl was being scolded harshly by those female cultivators. Their tone was filled with dissatisfaction and ridicule.

“I… I didn’t mean to… I’m… I’m sorry…”

The little girl originally wanted to say that she was not a jinx, but when she thought of what those female cultivators had said, her eyes trembled as she lowered her head and repeatedly apologized.

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Although she was already used to the ridicule and scolding of her senior sisters, every time she heard these words, her heart would throb endlessly.

This was especially true when she heard others say that she had caused the death of her father. Her heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife.

The little girl standing alone under the big tree, her small hands tightly clutching the corner of her clothes, and teardrops fell from her eyes.

“I… I came here… to find some medicinal herbs for mother… I just want to help my mother…”

As the little girl choked those words out amidst her sobs, she slowly raised her small hands to wipe away the tears from her eyes.

“Alright, stop making excuses. You are just a useless refinement realm cultivator. What herbs can you find in the mystic realm? Did you find a coffin to bury yourself in?”

“Find medicinal herbs? Do you think that will be useful in your mother’s situation? Hurry up and gather some money to buy a coffin!”

“What bad luck! You only know how to cry in front of us every day! You are clearly the one who harmed others, yet you still pretend to be wronged. Is this a joke?”

“A jinx like you should never have come into this world. It would have been best if you had died in the womb. Just look at you now. Not only are you useless, you’ve even caused the death of one parent, and soon the other!”

The female cultivators began to mock her again. They looked at the little girl as if she was a god of plague.

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