Don't Interrupt My Immortal Cultivation

Chapter 197: The mer y of the goddess of love

The two women glanced at each other, Qin Luoshuang looked helpless, while Xia Xiaoxiang looked disgusted.

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Qin Luoshuang stood up.

"I'll go open the door."

After all, he was her childhood follower, and Qin Luoshuang didn't want to ignore him.

But Xia Xiaoxiang stopped her.

"Let him kneel outside. One day, he will understand that kneeling won't get him anything other than leftovers."

Qin Luoshuang sighed. "Fine."

Xia Xiaoxiang picked up the documents and carefully studied each page, constantly asking Qin Luoshuang questions.

"Is this Old Xie from the Finance Department Sheriff Lin's confidant?"

"This person named Zhao Minggong is amazing. He handles administrative work single-handedly and can organize nearly 500,000 workers efficiently. Why didn't we encounter such talent during the Tiankong Song era?"

"And this Propaganda Department, did Sheriff Lin intentionally give it such high power? Does he want to establish his absolute authority through a propaganda offensive? Hey, Qin, answer me."

"Wow, look at your power. Your Security Bureau is already exploding. Once you eliminate the Dragon Group, you can completely overshadow him. Tell me, is he your puppet or did he fall for your tricks?"

"Why are there so many vacant official positions, including the Deputy Director of the County Government Office?"

"Oh, rebellion and purging. This guy is ruthless. Do you have any recordings for me to see?"

"Damn, he used a hammer to suppress the rebellion during the meeting. So barbaric."

"I like it."


"Okay, I was wrong, Sister Qin. I don't like it anymore. How could I dare to snatch your man? Ouch!"

"But this Fang Weiwei is worth paying attention to. She is the only secretary of the Sheriff and might be our competitor."

"And this newly built town, why is it under the jurisdiction of the Civil Affairs Department?"

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

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"Hahaha, your salary is only 1 yuan. Are you trying to make me laugh? You're only worth 1 yuan. Hahaha... Ouch!"

"Who is this Li Xiaoli? Her resume is so mediocre. Why is she the Deputy Director of the County Government Office?"

"And this woman, Bai Xiuyu, the Sheriff's personal secretary. In my understanding, anyone with a position is usually the official's mistress."

"Damn, she has 5,000 personal assistants, all of them thirteen or fourteen-year-old girls. Are you sure this Sheriff Lin is the hero you mentioned? He looks more like a perverted silver demon to me."

"And what are these Neighborhood Committees and Women's Federations? I don't understand what he wants to do with them."

It wasn't until it got dark that she stretched lazily, perfectly displaying her exquisite figure.

"Let's go, take me to meet the officials."

Qin Luoshuang glanced at her. She was only wearing a coat, with her snow-white thighs exposed.

"If you don't give Yun Zhixing some benefits, he will kneel for hours."

"No." Xia Xiaoxiang smirked. "I only give them to my Sister Qin."

She took off her coat, revealing her flawless body.

"Well, what should I wear? Wow, are these clothes prepared by Sister Qin?"

"Wow, this is so tight. Did you forget my size, Sister Qin? I'm so sad."

After picking and choosing for a while, Xia Xiaoxiang finally put on a very conservative female hunter's long coat. She wore carved gloves, a triangular hat with blue flowers, and women's high-heeled leather boots. She turned around in front of Qin Luoshuang.

"How do I look, Sister Qin?"

Qin Luoshuang impatiently said, "You're so slow in dressing. Let's go."

"Hey, don't be in a hurry."

Xia Xiaoxiang took two steps forward and held Qin Luoshuang's arm, blinking her eyes at her.

"Do I look handsome? Am I qualified to be Sister Qin's boyfriend?"

Qin Luoshuang impatiently tried to pull her hand away, but Xia Xiaoxiang stopped her with a pleading look.

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Qin Luoshuang sighed and let her be.

As they pushed open the door, Yun Zhixing, who had been kneeling for three hours, had a delighted expression on his face. "Mas..."

He only said one word before he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

He saw the two goddesses holding hands, stepping out together. Xia Xiaoxiang on the left looked heroic with her long hunter's coat, giving her a dignified and cool appearance. Qin Luoshuang on the right wore a white dress, her cold expression and beautiful face making her look like a fairy untouched by the mortal world.

The two women had completely different styles, like ice and fire, but they held hands intimately, creating an incredible harmony.

The impact of this scene was too strong. Yun Zhixing, who was kneeling at the door, was dumbfounded. The bunch of white roses he was holding fell to the ground with a thud.

He suddenly woke up and saw the flowers covered in dust on the ground, his face filled with panic.

"Master, I'm sorry, I... I..."

Qin Luoshuang couldn't bear to watch him and turned her head away.

Xia Xiaoxiang smiled and said, "Isn't this Zhixing? Long time no see, how have you been?"

Yun Zhixing looked so moved that he was about to cry. "Master, I'm fine, I'm really fine..."

Xia Xiaoxiang waved at him. "Qin and I are going out. You work hard."

Even long after the two had left, he was still immersed in the image of his master talking to him, waving at him, and smiling at him. Tears of excitement kept flowing from his eyes.


In the following days, Qin Luoshuang often took Xia Xiaoxiang to visit the main officials in Changshan County.

Xia Xiaoxiang's position in Changshan County was also determined. She officially became the Minister of the Organization and Construction Department of the County Government Office, responsible for the selection, appointment, promotion, and secondment of government personnel.

The total number of government personnel in Changshan County has exceeded 30,000, with nearly 20,000 in the County Government Office alone.The organization of so many people had always been left hanging. The former minister was put away by Lin Wen at the very beginning of the rebuilding of their homeland.

During the subsequent purge of officials, this department was also a disaster area, with almost all members being captured by Qin Luoshuang's crows.

Wolong was in charge for a while, but his tasks were too heavy, and he soon couldn't spare the energy to take care of it.

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The department was then left idle, becoming an empty shell.

The reason why there hasn't been any chaos yet is because it hasn't been long.

After Xia Xiaoxiang took over, she immediately began to restore the order of the organization, establish cadre files, implement official evaluation mechanisms, and carry out political construction work.

Xia Xiaoxiang first recalled a group of old departments, then found some senior managers in the market through special channels, and finally selected a large number of potential talents from the "Anchor Faction" to enter the organization department as grassroots workers.

The Anchor Faction is a group of government workers recruited from Yaojing, most of whom are graduates.

Because the Yaojing office would issue a silver anchor badge to each person who passed the assessment, they were called the "Anchor Faction".

The characteristic of the Anchor Faction is purity, with a strong academic atmosphere. Since it is a developed area, the order of the empire is quite good, so their bottom line is quite high, and they speak and act very civilized.

In order not to pollute this atmosphere, Lin Wen specifically ordered not to disperse them too much, and to use them as much as possible in the form of a dormitory class (60 people).

This measure was very effective, ensuring their atmosphere and effectively resisting the invasion of unhealthy trends.

Xia Xiaoxiang liked them very much as soon as she came into contact with them, and specially recruited ten classes from them, a total of 600 people, as grassroots workers for the organization department.

Unlike Qin Luoshuang, Xia Xiaoxiang has a particular preference for women, and all her subordinates are young women, while Qin Luoshuang's subordinates are mostly men.

The organization department quickly returned to normal operation, and the first thing that all kinds of officials and workers felt was:

In addition to the superior officials, someone else started to manage them. Their work performance was checked and questioned, and the things they did were reviewed.

Suddenly someone came to talk about political discipline, reminding them what they could do and what they couldn't do.

This made a large group of officials cry with gratitude. Neither Lin Wen before nor Qin Luoshuang later had the habit of reasoning with them.

They always suddenly popped out, caught them, sent those who should be imprisoned to prison, and executed those who should be executed, without any buffer at all.

And the essence of political construction is salvation.

Human nature cannot stand the test, so it needs institutional constraints.

With constraints, cadres will have concerns, and many times they can rein in at the edge of the cliff, avoiding losses and saving themselves.

Therefore, its essence is salvation, and its character is gentle.

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Unlike Lin Wen and Qin Luoshuang, who start with fighting and killing, they are so cold that they don't even have a word, only threatening them with death and prison.

This is the superiority of the system.

After a while, Xia Xiaoxiang will gradually fill the vacancies in various departments of Changshan County, adjust the unreasonable positions in various places, and improve the reward and punishment system.

The reward and punishment system is a must for the normal operation of an organization. Throughout history, any rising or about to succeed organization will have the four words "fair reward and punishment" written in the book.

Reward and punishment are secondary, the core is fairness.

Otherwise, those who work hard and those who muddle along will have the same treatment. There won't be much change in the short term, but in the long run, it will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the organization.

For the appointment and removal of higher-level officials, she will write a reference recommendation after the inspection and submit it to Lin Wen for the sheriff himself to decide.

So, the work is still very heavy, but it's not a problem for Xia Xiaoxiang. After all, the Song of the Sky once had 800,000 people.

These 800,000 people were all members of the organization.

The final collapse of the organization was an economic problem, not her fault.

After all, no matter how good the slogan is, it can't be eaten as a meal.

But Xia Xiaoxiang was a little depressed. She couldn't find the mysterious Sheriff Lin during this period, and she didn't know where he had gone.

She was too embarrassed to ask Qin Luoshuang, which would make her seem useless.

Even the man was lost, what was she trying to seduce?

Although she said so, the days during this period had a long-lost sense of comfort. Whenever they discussed work, systems, and dreams together, they felt like they were back in the passionate years.

Seeing that Changshan County has found hope for so many people in difficult living conditions, provided shelter and warmth for so many people, the despair and scars in their hearts caused by the collapse of the organization and the disqualification of justice will melt a little.

And seeing Changshan County increasingly on the right track, becoming stronger and more capable of accommodating more people, they all have an indescribable feeling in their hearts.

Xia Xiaoxiang even thought to herself: "Next time I go to him to submit the reference recommendation for important cadres, I must let him taste the sweet taste."

"I can lower the scale a little bit, give him a little more benefits, as a reward for his hard work."

She thought again: "If Changshan County continues to improve like this, as long as he doesn't become like Yun Zhixing, I will keep giving him benefits."

"Humph, thank me, this is the mercy of the goddess of love in the empire."