Don't Interrupt My Immortal Cultivation

Chapter 199: The Golden Heist

Since returning to work in Changshan County, Qi Mu has been in a very boring state.

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He works as a computer repairman in the county government hall, responsible for repairing the only computer in the entire county government hall.

It's really boring.

Apart from occasionally using Lin Wen's computer to download some study materials and play games, he just wanders around, satisfying his curiosity about the mysterious Dragon Group.

But gradually, everyone also realized that he was just an ordinary person, and they weren't so curious about him anymore. Various officials also thought that he was probably in charge of logistics.

Like repairing computers and such.

As for his actual job, no one here cares, and no one even knows what it is.

Although the days are boring, they are very stable. He has a decent income, free meals and accommodation, and he has made a few friends. He often goes out at night to have a late-night snack, brag and drink, and it's quite comfortable.

He even thought about bringing his parents, sisters, and brothers here. After all, the housing prices here are very affordable. A 120-square-meter house in the already skyrocketing Yaojing would probably not even be affordable for a toilet.

The first batch of commercial residential buildings will be completed next year. With some savings, he can definitely buy a set for his parents and siblings.

Although it's a bit poor here, a bit remote, and there are fewer commodities, it has a vibrant vitality and a stable order. As long as he doesn't yearn for that kind of extravagant life, he can live comfortably.

And it is developing. From Qi Mu's perspective, in this period of time, there are obviously more businesses around.

Especially near the county government hall, several streets are full of businesses that never turn off their lights until 1 am.

Qi Mu often drinks and eats barbecue nearby. He can see people coming out of the county government hall no matter what time it is. After becoming familiar with them, he can accurately recognize which department they belong to. Their busyness can be seen from their off-duty time.

The tea department and the newspaper department are the earliest, leaving at exactly 5 o'clock. Except for Qi Mu, who has nothing to do, no one is earlier than them.

Then there are the transportation, water conservancy, agriculture, and other departments. The personnel department always leaves at 9 o'clock, followed by the public security department and the supervisory office.

When the people from the propaganda department come out, it's definitely already past 11 o'clock.

And the latest are the finance department and the organization department. They almost work until after midnight every day and start work at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Sometimes Qi Mu feels sorry for them. The first person he recruited in Yaojing, Tian Jiajia, a girl from the mathematics department, is in the finance department.

Sometimes he waits for her at the door, sets up a late-night snack, and invites her to eat together.

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An invisible good feeling seems to be accumulating, and life is moving forward like this. Everything seems to be getting better and better.

It is said that in the future, mobile signal base stations will be established, and network construction will be promoted on a large scale.

It seems that the life of all dreams is coming unconsciously.

Just when Qi Mu thought that life would continue like this, one day, Sheriff Lin, who he hadn't seen for a long time, suddenly found him.

At that time, he was playing a game in his room. This was the second computer bought by the organization department, and he was responsible for assembling and debugging it.

Qi Mu pulled a network cable over for "debugging". Just as he was enjoying himself, the front door was suddenly kicked open.

Qi Mu was startled and turned his head to look, but he saw Sheriff Lin, who he hadn't seen for a long time, and his face was somewhat blurry.

He was dragging a huge burden and squeezed in from outside the door.

With a bang.

He threw the burden down and said, "Qi Mu, deliver this thing to the finance department later."

Qi Mu was completely confused and said, "Ah, okay, Sheriff Lin."

With a sneer.

Sheriff Lin pulled with both hands and tore his blood-stained clothes in half, revealing his strong body.

"Give me a piece of clothing."

Qi Mu hurriedly handed him his best piece of clothing.

After Sheriff Lin changed his clothes, he didn't leave. He approached and took a look, saying, "What game is this?"

Only then did Qi Mu notice that his character was being attacked. He quickly turned his head and frantically operated, but the screen went dark and he was killed, and items were scattered all over the ground.

Qi Mu cursed angrily, "Fuck." The keyboard clattered as he vented his anger at the person.

After a minute, he realized that Lin Wen was behind him and quickly backed out.

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"Sheriff Lin, I, I..."

But Lin Wen didn't seem angry at all. He looked at the character in the interface, wearing an exaggerated golden armor and wielding a big sword, and felt very familiar.

"What game is this?"

Qi Mu didn't expect Sheriff Lin to be interested in computer games too, and quickly said, "Blood Moon Legend, the most popular online game in the empire. It is said that there are more than 50,000 people online at the same time."

Lin Wen glanced at this game that was even more trashy and exaggerated than Legend, and at the familiar promotional poster. Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind and he said, "Get me the source code of this game."

Qi Mu was taken aback. He didn't expect his first job to be such a difficult task.

He stammered for a long time without saying any excuses, gritted his teeth and said, "Yes! Sheriff Lin."Lin Wen said, "If you're short of people, recruit. If you're short of money, ask for it. In two weeks at the latest, I want to see the complete source code of this game."

Qi Mu was about to respond when Sheriff Lin stepped out of the room and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

It took Qi Mu a while to remember his task. As he stood up, he noticed a mask on the ground. Picking it up, he saw the words "Heaven's Way" written boldly on the front.

"Is this something that was sent together?"

"It must be. Sheriff Lin personally instructed it. It must be very important. I should hurry and deliver these things."

"Ouch, why is this thing so heavy?"

As Qi Mu was pondering how to move it, Lin Wen had already embarked on his journey to the gold mine.

The emerging gold mine was located at the border of Xuzhou and Luozhou, in the southwest of Changshan County. It was over 800 kilometers away, but for Lin Wen, who had activated the "Divine Movement Technique", it was just over four hours.

According to the documents of the unfortunate tycoon, Lin Wen quickly found the gold mine.

It was a desert with a large pit in the middle, 800 meters in diameter. The construction scaffolding and ladders had been removed, and it seemed impossible to mine again.

Next to the pit was a huge warehouse-like building, brightly lit inside, and surrounded by guards outside.

Lin Wen glanced around, it was pitch black.

Since the duration of the "Paper Moon Suspension" spell, which allowed optical camouflage, had ended, Lin Wen didn't want to start a new spell, so he used another one.

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"The Ear of Heaven"

A green Qi Refining spell, consuming 10% of the soul, could hear the sound of a designated distant place. The distance was related to the caster's cultivation. At this time, it lasted for 16 hours and could be interrupted.

This spell could be stored. Lin Wen had used it in Longzhou. It was very useful and cheap.

It was thanks to this spell that Lin Wen easily avoided many searches and saved a lot of soul energy.

Now this spell still had more than an hour of duration, which was enough.

As soon as the spell was activated, Lin Wen felt as if his ears had a mind of their own. As long as he focused his mind on a certain place, he could naturally hear all the sounds there, clear and distinct.

Lin Wen focused his mind on the distant warehouse and immediately heard the voices inside.

"You guys are being a bit unreasonable, this is Marshal Qin's opinion!"

"So what? The agreement says we each get a quarter. What do you mean by backing out now?"

"Backing out? What do you mean by backing out? At the beginning of the mining, you said there were three layers of gold veins, and we could mine three times! But what happened? We mined it all in one go, expecting 100 tons, but we didn't even get 10 tons. After refining, it's questionable whether we even have 3 tons."

"Is that our fault? Geological surveys always have errors!"

"I don't care. Marshal Qin said, we get half, and the rest is divided between you and the investors from Longzhou!"

"Don't push us too far! General Yu is not afraid of your Qin Group!"

The rest was all verbal sparring. After listening for a while, Lin Wen finally confirmed one thing: the gold mine was in the warehouse, right next to them.

That made things easier.

Lin Wen glanced at his soul and directly used a spell.

"Black Stone Dustfall"

Tons of coal dust fell from the sky. Lin Wen used the "Thousand Miles Voice Transmission" to whisper in a guard's ear, "Brother, can I borrow a light?"

The guard casually said, "Don't you have one?" Without suspecting anything, he took out a lighter and lit it, immediately causing a dust explosion.

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A spectacular fireball appeared before their eyes.

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Eliminating evil and promoting good, Good Karma +216.

After the fireball, the guards and the warehouse had turned into ashes.

Lin Wen walked over and saw nothing but a huge iron box that was half melted.

Inside the iron box were gold ores. Part of it had melted, and the liquid gold was flowing on the ore.

Lin Wen's "Strength of Nine Oxen and Two Tigers" had not ended yet, and he easily lifted the large iron box.

"It's too light."

Lin Wen was disappointed.

Including this iron box, it was at most 15 tons. He could even do it with half a hand.

"I need you to be heavier."

Lin Wen lifted the iron box with both hands, put it on his head, and ran back like that.

It was already dark.

Lin Wen activated "Sight Without Eyes", and he could see in the dark instantly.

However, in the next instant, a huge golden light suddenly spread out before his eyes.

"Good Karma: 20213"

The fourth divine power had arrived!