[Hint: Player is currently exposed to a high concentration of mutated virus gas…]

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[Hint: Player is affected by the virus. Player’s infection rate is increasing.]

[Hint: Player’s HP is slowly decreasing.]

In the darkness, Fang Heng’s eyes flashed with a hint of scarlet.

With the help of his vampire bloodline’s night vision ability, he could see his surroundings clearly.

He saw the ruins of the destroyed research institute.

The mutated zombies that lived here had evolved such that they had night vision abilities.


A hiss came from a corner in the darkness. Countless zombies attacked from the shadows and rushed toward Fang Heng.


Fang Heng waved his hand.

The eight fusion Tyrant form warriors behind him raised their iron twists and rushed forward, blocking in front.

A group of red Lickers followed suit.

A game hint appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: Your zombie clone (fusion Tyrant form) has killed a Tier 2 mutated zombie. You have obtained complete evolution crystals*1.]

[Hint: Your HP has recovered by + 55.]

[Hint: Your infection index is increasing.]

[Hint: Your Zombie clone (Licker) has killed a Tier 2 mutated zombie. You have obtained a complete purification crystal*1.]

[Hint: Through the skill effect of the undying body, your infection index has been emptied.]

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“It seems to be quite stable…”

The undying body skill was immune to the infection effect and only received an additional blood-draining effect.

At the current negative level, this damage reduction effect was not fatal at all, and it did not even have the effect of physical lethal immunity.

Fang Heng muttered to himself, silently stuffing a piece of Oreo into his mouth.

In theory, this damage reduction was a physical attack, right?

Wouldn’t that make him invincible?

He would go one step at a time. He did not know how many levels were there in this quarantine zone.

The deeper he went, the higher the damage he received from the virus body.

He cleared the levels one by one, starting from the first level.

Thinking of this, Fang Heng silently stretched and threw a sleeping bag onto the ground.

There was no point in staying here.

He would go offline and sleep again, so he will just hang up for a while!

After all, he hadn’t hung up for a long time…


Necromancer Association.

Opening the game cabin, Fang Heng tossed himself onto the bed like a sandbag.

“Rumble rumble…”

He was hungry.

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The last time he went offline, he was too tired, so he directly lay on the bed and turned over to sleep. When he woke up, he was quite excited and immediately returned to the game to check on the harvest of District 7.

Now, after everything had come to an end, Fang Heng finally realized that he was hungry.

Very hungry, and very unbearable.

But thanks to the skill effect of the undying body, this kind of hunger was not life-threatening at all.

Fang Heng decided to have lunch.

District 7 was not at a loss this time, and there was even a small profit.

He had to reward himself.

After asking the attendant outside the door, Fang Heng followed the smell of the food to the cafeteria on the third floor.

He could not help but be in awe at the hospitality of the Necromancer Association once again.

Judging from the quality, it was probably 150 yuan per person outside.

But in this place, it was actually free!

Fang Heng randomly picked some squid sashimi and grilled lamb chops that he liked to eat. He was ready to find a seat and sit down.

“Fang Heng!”

Fang Heng looked toward the source of the voice and saw Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo greeting him while they were eating.

“Are you eating? Come over to our side. Let’s eat together.”

Fang Heng carried the tray and walked toward the two of them.

“You’re here too? What a coincidence!”

The matter in District 7 had come to an end. Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo had finally completed the mission assigned by their superiors and received a wave of rewards from their superiors.

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To them, the biggest reward was not the rewards. On the contrary, due to their acquaintance with Fang Heng, they formed a relationship with the Great Instructor Dickey and increased their favorability rating!

That was something that could not be bought with money.

Therefore, these two days, both of them diligently helped the Great Instructor Dickey clean up and worked hard to earn a favorable rating.

“Hahaha, thanks to you, we also received a lot of rewards. Come, let’s toast to you.”

Li Shaoqiang was in a good mood. After receiving the bonus, he pulled Tan Shuo, who was not in a good mood, over to celebrate.

Fang Heng slowly relished the food. He said with satisfaction, “The dishes here are pretty good. Speaking of which, the treatment of the association is excellent. I really want to stay here forever.”

The two of them looked at each other and suddenly felt that the roasted prawns on the plate did not smell good.

That’s only for you!

The disciple of Great instructor Dickey who owned a platinum membership card of the Necromancy Association. He could eat and live freely. There was also a monthly living allowance that was transferred into the card. It was only limited to the user.

Otherwise, a buffet meal here would cost 1,888 yuan!

It was very expensive.

The two of them only spent public funds once in a while.

Tan Shuo, whose ‘Dao’ heart was already shattered, sighed silently. He looked at Fang Heng who was eating without a care in the world. He thought about his uncertain future and his mood became even gloomier.

“Oh right, there’s something I need to consult you guys about.”

Fang Heng threw down the bone of the roasted lamb chop that he had just finished eating and wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue. He then picked up another piece and said very casually, “How do I get my hands on an elementary soul?”

The aftereffects of using the remnant page to control Hila made it impossible for him to continue training to level up his necromancy skills.

He needed to absorb 1,000 elementary souls in order to completely remove the negative effects.

Then, trouble came.

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At first, Fang Heng mistakenly thought that a normal soul could be considered an elementary soul.

Unexpectedly, when he ran back to the wailing room to hack, he saw that this was not the case!

The plan for the zombie clone hack was also disrupted.

Fortunately, the normal zombie clones were used for the Tyrant form transformation experiment, so there was no time to hack.

Taking advantage of the free time he had in the game to hack and farm evolution crystals, Fang Heng planned to take care of this problem before he left the Necromancer Association.

“It’s because of the negative effects of using the page, I need to absorb 1,000 elementary souls as the price.”

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo were there when he asked for help from Instructor Dickey, so they understood immediately.

“Yes, that’s it.” Fang Heng raised his head and said, “Do I have to go to the high-level wailing room?”

The two of them looked at each other.

Even though his level of necromancy was so high, he didn’t even know the basic knowledge of necromancy…

It was no wonder. How long had he been in contact with necromancy?

“Fang Heng, you might not know this, but elementary souls are different from normal souls. Those things are more dangerous, and they are strictly controlled.”

Dangerous? Controlled?

“Yes, elementary souls have already awakened a part of their self-awareness. How should I put it…” Tan Shuo thought for a moment and gave an example. “Yes, the most obvious difference compared to normal souls is that they will take the initiative to attack.”

When he heard this, Fang Heng felt even more strange.

Previously, when he was collecting high-tier souls in the game, he did not see them resist.

It was only a tough fight when he was vying for souls with Angetas.