999 Choice

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Liu Yan was taken aback when he heard Huang Yuan’s brief words. He had initially thought that Huang Yuan would say something to stir up the emotions of the team members and lead them to join the Origin Territory.

However, he didn’t expect it to be such a simple sentence that prompted the team members to express their stance.

The team members present looked on curiously, eager to see how Huang Yuan’s team members would choose.


The scene instantly became silent, but Huang Yuan’s team members looked at each other and without hesitation, one by one, they stepped forward and chose to follow Huang Yuan and join the Origin Territory.

“We have been following the captain for a long time. Wherever the captain goes, I will go.”

“Yes, the captain once saved my life. My life is indebted to the captain.”

“Without the captain, we wouldn’t be who we are today.”
“I may not know much about the Origin Territory, but since Captain Huang Yuan has chosen to join, I am also willing to join.”

“I won’t say anything more, count me in!”

In an instant, all the members of Huang Yuan’s squad chose to follow him and join the Origin Territory, not a single member hesitated or retreated.

The surprising unity and discipline were remarkable!

Sun Wen, who was beside Liu Yan, was astonished at this sight and whispered, “I didn’t expect this squad to have such great discipline. Their resolute decision to join is truly unexpected.”

Xu Han nodded and said, “I’ve heard that their squad often goes through training and combat missions outside and rarely returns to the Lighthouse Territory. This might be the reason why their squad is so united and trusting of each other.”

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Hans Wilson added, “With a squad like this, their unity and cooperation will be outstanding, and their combat strength will be even stronger.”

Ye Yifan chimed in, “With a squad like this joining us, the strength of our Origin Territory will greatly increase.”

He Yang agreed. “Yes, and Huang Yuan’s squad has set a great example. Lu Dajiang’s squad should also have a smoother integration.”

Jin Cheng exclaimed, “I never imagined that our Origin Territory’s strength would increase so quickly. We’re expanding rapidly, haha!”

However, Derek Dole expressed some concerns. “Although they joined the Origin Territory, their decision was primarily influenced by Huang Yuan. Will they develop second thoughts about our territory in the future? Also, I’ve heard that Huang Yuan’s squad has strict discipline, and no member dares to defy Huang Yuan’s orders. Is it possible that there are some members who joined the Origin Territory without sincere intentions?”

Upon hearing Derek Dole’s worries, the expressions of the others slightly changed.

Upon careful consideration, they realized that Derek Dole’s analysis might indeed have some validity. The actual situation may not be as positive as it appeared on the surface.

Liu Yan listened to everyone’s concerns and smiled. “There’s no need to worry. We have plenty of time ahead of us, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to immediately develop a strong sense of belonging to the Origin Territory. The fact that things are going so smoothly already is quite impressive. We can gradually change their perspectives and foster a sense of belonging to the Origin Territory. As for those who might have second thoughts, we will find ways to identify them and handle the situation.”

Liu Yan was well aware that while expanding the Origin Territory, they also needed to focus on the quality of the members. All the team members must genuinely identify with the Origin Territory, and they couldn’t afford to have anyone with divided loyalties or even potential traitors.

But in the beginning, things couldn’t possibly be so perfect. He would first let them obediently join the Origin Territory. There would be plenty of time for other things to be discussed later.

Upon hearing Liu Yan’s words, the others also agreed, understanding that these things could be dealt with gradually.

Meanwhile, the members of Team Origin were astonished to see that Huang Yuan’s squad had all joined without hesitation.

“This squad has such great discipline!”

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“I didn’t expect them to become our teammates in the future. It’s quite surprising.”

“Well, it’s not a big deal. After all, we are all from Blue Planet, and there isn’t much animosity between us.”

“That’s true. We used to be enemies due to our different positions and the issue of the Lakonians. But now that our interests align, we can come together as teammates.”

“With this squad joining us, the strength of our Origin Territory will increase significantly. That’s a good thing.”

“Yes, if Lu Dajiang’s squad can also join, the combat capabilities of our ordinary members in the Origin Territory will almost double.”

“Who would have thought that our new territory, still in the novice protection period, could grow so rapidly?”

The members of Team Origin were delighted by the sight of Huang Yuan’s squad wholeheartedly joining the Origin Territory.

On the other side, Lu Dajiang’s team members were probably the most surprised among everyone present.

Huang Yuan’s squad had been their teammates before, and they were all part of the Lighthouse Territory.

But to their surprise, Huang Yuan’s squad suddenly and unanimously joined the Origin Territory.

“What’s going on? How did they all join the Origin Territory?”

“Did they discuss it among themselves without notifying us?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. I have a friend in their squad, and I asked them just last night. They had no idea what was happening and didn’t know the specific cooperation plan between the squad leader and Liu Yan.”

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“Huang Yuan’s squad has always been this way, incredibly united.”

“Oh no, now it seems like our squad is the only outsider?”

Lu Dajiang felt the pressure when he witnessed this scene.

Lu Dajiang naturally knew that most of his team members were willing to join the Origin Territory after he convinced them.

However, it was not as smooth as Huang Yuan’s. With just a few words, all the members under him had joined.

Feeling the pressure, Lu Dajiang also felt somewhat helpless.

During their time in the Lighthouse Territory, he had been busy constructing it and hadn’t had the opportunity to focus on improving himself or leading his team members.

This led to slow progress in Lu Dajiang’s strength and a decline in the unity among his team members.

Despite feeling the pressure, Lu Dajiang still took the lead.

Lu Dajiang looked at his team members and said, “I think you can probably guess what I want to say. In fact, this was the plan we discussed with Liu Yan before, and it is currently the safest plan for us. Although we have invested a lot of effort into building the Lighthouse Territory, for our safety, we can only abandon it and join the Origin Territory. The Lakonian people cannot be relied upon, but the humans from Planet Blue are more trustworthy! Now, it’s up to you to make your choice. I welcome those who wish to join the Origin Territory, and I won’t force those who don’t.”

Upon hearing Lu Dajiang’s words, his team members fell silent for a moment and started discussing among themselves.

“It’s really hard to let go of the Lighthouse Territory. We have spent over two years building and developing it, but it seems like there’s no other option now.”

“That’s right. We used to consider those Lakonian people as our teammates, but who would have thought they had ulterior motives? People’s hearts are truly unpredictable.”

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“The captain makes a valid point. Humans from the Blue Planet, being our kind, are more deserving of trust.”

“Considering everything, joining the Origin Territory seems like a good choice.”

“Although the members of Team Origin may be weaker, Liu Yan is very strong. Joining the Origin Territory isn’t a bad decision.”

Soon enough, Lu Dajiang’s team members made their decisions one by one.

The majority of them chose to join Lu Dajiang and enter the Origin Territory.

After all, from both their self-interest and safety perspectives, joining the Origin Territory was the most sensible choice at the moment.

Moreover, the fact that all the members of Huang Yuan’s squad had already chosen to join the Origin Territory further attracted them to do the same.

With Huang Yuan’s squad leading the way, Lu Dajiang’s team smoothly joined the Origin Territory.

However, not all members of Lu Dajiang’s team decided to join.

There were still a few members, totaling around a dozen people, who did not join.

Coincidentally, the leader of the group who chose not to join was Wang Long, the same member who had recently wanted to leave without permission and had a conflict with Shi Hao.