God of Blackfield

Chapter 166.1: Something more pre ious than life


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The plane’s loud engines boomed as they revved up, and Kang Chan shook up and down at the jerky vibrations of the plane landing on the airstrip.

Du du du du du. 

Kang Chan hung his gun on his right shoulder and locked its breechblock with a click. Now, all he had to do was pull the trigger to get the ammunition going.

The plane rolled to a complete stop, rumbling on the runway.

Even at that moment, Kang Chan still didn’t take his eyes off the guide for even a single second. Just as the plane began to turn its huge fuselage around, Kang Chan’s heart began to race increasingly faster. He was already expecting this to happen, though. For quite some time now, his guts had been telling him that some unforeseen danger would be lying in wait for them.

Seok Kang-Ho, Choi Jong-Il, and the other agents were just sitting ducks right now, waiting for their bodies to be riddled with bullet holes.

He thought about what he would do if his suspicions proved to be a mistake. Either way, however, he couldn’t just let them die inside the container because of the chance that he could be wrong, could he?

The guide began to turn around, feeling Kang Chan’s sharp gaze on him.

“Open the doors,” Kang Chan firmly commanded.

“I beg your pardon?” the guide asked, flustered.

“I said open the doors now,” Kang Chan repeated with conviction.


The plane stopped to a halt.

Son of a bitch!


Right before Kang Chan was about to pull the trigger, the guide opened the container doors for him.

Click. Click. 

Seok Kang-Ho and Choi Jong-Il came dashing out ready for combat, their guns already aimed and at the ready.

“This seems like a trap!” Kang Chan shouted at them.

Seok Kang-Ho pressed himself close to the doors as Choi Jong-Il opened the doors to the other container with a clunk.

Kang Chan glanced at the guide, who was now lifting his left arm, seemingly about to wipe his sweat off.


Kang Chan grabbed the guide and tightly covered his mouth. He then stabbed him in the neck with a dagger.



The moment Kang Chan twisted the knife, the man jerked and slumped over. Kang Chan had to confirm his suspicions.

He slid his dagger down the man’s left shoulder with a shing, finding a line that was connected to a radio.

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The agents all knew what it was.

Was this bastard communicating with the enemy? It doesn’t seem like he has yet, at least. Damn it!

Unlike military aircraft, normal planes only had enough gas to reach their destination, not make a round trip. That meant Kang Chan and the rest of the team could no longer turn around using the same aircraft now that they had landed.

“Daye!” Kang Chan shouted.

Seok Kang-Ho looked at Kang Chan with glinting eyes. This man normally ate nervousness for breakfast, but right now, his anxiety was evident on his face.

“The moment the doors open, you and Cha Dong-Gyun are to kill everyone on sight,” Kang Chan commanded, the tension evident in his voice.

The doors were beginning to slide open.

“Men, put your masks on! Lee Doo-Hee! Can you drive a semi-truck?” Kang Chan asked.

“Yes, I can, sir!” Lee Doo-Hee replied.

The doors were now about halfway open, revealing the dark sky.

“You take the driver’s seat then! The rest of you, stay in your positions.”


They could now see the upper part of the semi-truck’s side rails that were intended to carry cargo out of the aircraft.

“Eliminate the enemies as fast as possible. Recover their bodies,” Kang Chan ordered.

Clunk. Clunk. 

Kang Chan’s highest priority for now was to safely leave the airport. He had no idea how many enemies would be waiting for them or whether or not they were armed.


However, he would find out as soon as the doors fully opened.

Pew! Pew! Thud! Pew! Pew!

There were six enemies in total.

If there was a silver lining, it was that the doors opened to the opposite side of the airport building.

What about the guard posts?

Unless Yang Bum had already made arrangements for that as well, Kang Chan could only leave it to luck.

The rails were about a meter away from the door.


Kang Chan quickly made his way down the side and got off the plane.

Rattle. Rattle. Rattle. 

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Seok Kang-Ho and the others quickly followed after him.

As they were about to lift the bodies on the ground, sirens began to ring and lights flashed about seven hundred meters away.

Weeoo! Weeoo! Weeoo! Weeoo!

A military jeep and three more trucks followed them.

Seok Kang-Ho, who had hunched over to pick up a body, turned to Kang Chan.

“Daye! Make sure to kill them all!” Kang Chan commanded.

“Got it!” Seok Kang-Ho shouted back.

“Dong-Gyun! Head to the semi-truck!” Kang Chan quickly ordered afterward.


“Woo Hee-Seung! Aim for the one manning the machine gun on the jeep!”

The vehicles had already covered over three hundred meters.


Kang Chan leaned on the semi-truck and cocked his head.

“Woo Hee-Seung!” Kang Chan shouted.


The moment sparks flew from Woo Hee-Seung’s gun, Kang Chan made two consecutive shots as well.

Pew! Pew!

The driver of the jeep was shot in the forehead nearly at the same time as the one stationed on the machine gun fell out of the vehicle.

Creak! Crash. 

The jeep collided with a truck, then skidded on the ground like a jetski cutting through water.

They had effectively taken out the M60 machine gun.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Seok Kang-Ho wasn’t an idiot—he knew what he had to do as well. When Kang Chan opened fire, Seok Kang-Ho made his own consecutive shots, targeting the driver of the truck.

Pow! Creak!

The tire on one of the trucks blew up, and the vehicle began to tilt to one side.

These motherfuckers are in for a treat if they think they can take me down with three trucks!

“Cover me!” Kang Chan commanded as he rushed forward with his gun aimed in front of him.

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Pew! Pew! Thud! Thud!

The two sedans blindingly flashing their lights quickly turned direction and speeded down the runway.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

The bullets that flew underneath the dark sky looked as if they were emitting streaks of neon or red lights. Although beautiful, anyone could get killed if they came into contact with them.

Kang Chan gritted his teeth and tenaciously ran toward the jeep.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Based on the enemy’s pathetic shooting skills, they couldn’t be part of the special forces. They were probably just airport security at best.

Two minutes had already flown by. They had about five minutes before they absolutely had to leave, and it would take another five minutes for them to get to their destination.

In three minutes, the enemy’s task force would be mobilized, and they would only take five minutes to reach this landing strip. The moment they arrived, it would be the end for Kang Chan and his team.


The strength suddenly left Kang Chan’s right shin. As it did, an image of Yoo Hye-Sook crying flashed through his mind.

Damn it! This is why I shouldn’t love or get close to anyone! That’s why I keep making so many excuses even though I already have a girl I really like! 

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Dayeru, the unhinged bastard, suddenly ran toward Kang Chan from where he had been covering him. He probably saw Kang Chan lurch to the side.


Kang Chan locked the breechblock of the M60.

Du du du du du du du du! Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!

Streaks of light shot toward the trucks.

Parts of the vehicles flew in the air as the enemies Kang Chan hit got covered in blood and holes.

You motherfuckers aren’t the only ones who can attack someone in their own territory! You think we can’t do what you did with our conference hall? You’re going to be embarrassed as hell with this Beijing Airport incident!


The gas tank of a truck exploded, causing fiery sparks to soar high up in the sky.

Du du du du du du du du!

“Daye!” Kang Chan shouted through clenched teeth.

Seok Kang-Ho took hold of the machine gun and mercilessly rained down bullets on the remaining truck.


“The hangar to the left of the semi-truck!” Kang Chan commanded.

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Vroom, vroom! Clunk! Vrooooom!

The semi-truck began to move as it let out heavy noises. They only had about five minutes now.


Seok Kang-Ho lifted the machine gun as if he was picking up a large dog, then headed for the semi-truck.

Kang Chan ran in front of the semi-truck even though his right shin was throbbing in so much pain that he felt as if someone was stabbing him with a skewer with each step he took.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Right now, he still couldn’t trust any of his subordinates to open fire while running, not even Choi Jong-Il.

If people saw him right now, some would probably wonder why he didn’t just ride the semi-truck. That’s because people didn’t know how high a semi-truck was if it didn’t have any containers.

Vroooom! Vrooom! Vroom!

Son of a bitch! Why did he have to land the plane so far away?

Pew! Pew! Creak. 

The semi-truck came to a stop.

“Choi Jong-Il, Woo Hee-Seung, Cha Dong-Gyun, Kwak Cheol-Ho,” Kang Chan called. “Change into their clothes!”

Kang Chan pointed at the dead security guards on the ground, then lifted both his arms in the air to direct the semi-truck.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroooom! Creak!

The semi-truck stopped again, and the machine gun was safely put inside it.

There! At least we won’t be killed like fish in a barrel with this. 

Kang Chan gathered the soldiers inside.

“The tanker is over there, so the aviation fuel tanks are probably kept underground here. We’re blocking this area off, so get yourselves into position,” Kang Chan instructed.

Kang Chan motioned with his arm, drawing a large circle on the floor of the hangar.

If this area exploded, half of the airport would be blown away. That should make the enemies think twice before using heavy weaponry against them now.

“We got neatly stabbed in the back this time. It’ll be sad if we just die in vain, so let’s take revenge for what they did at the conference hall before we go down,” Kang Chan said with a grin.

Seok Kang-Ho chuckled, his head bobbing up and down with laughter. At that moment, the four men ordered to change into the security guards’ clothes walked over to Kang Chan, having completed his command.

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Kang Chan pulled out a map from his pocket for them.

“The moment we engage in combat again, bring your guns and head to this location immediately. Make sure you kill our target. There is a chance that the bastard won’t be in this location, but I have a feeling that he will be. Considering he set this trap, he’ll probably waiting there to get updates on the situation,” Kang Chan directed.

They could now hear heavy engines rumbling outside. It was likely the task force arriving now. As Kang Chan estimated, they took around ten minutes to get here.

Those motherfuckers were in for a big surprise.