God of Blackfield

Chapter 166.2: Something more pre ious than life

“Daye, you lead the assassination squad,” Kang Chan ordered.

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Seok Kang-Ho looked at Kang Chan with a glinting glare that was as sharp as a knife.

“Get it together, fucker! If it wasn’t for the bullet I took to the leg, I would’ve left you behind and gone myself. I’m not going to die here, you hear me? So go and kill that bastard using any means necessary. If Yang Bum takes control of the administration, we might just be able to get out of this alive!”

Another loud rumble of the engines came outside. It sounded like a monster’s growl.

Those assholes have got to be deranged.

Kang Chan could never have imagined that they would bring armored vehicles to the airport.


“Got it, Cap!” Seok Kang-Ho replied.

“Change out of those clothes,” Kang Chan ordered him.

Seok Kang-Ho gritted his teeth as he looked back at Kang Chan.

“I’m going to get out alive,” Kang Chan repeated.

“I’ll make sure to return with him dead,” Seok Kang-Ho furiously said, then spat as if he had just consumed poison. His emotions had become too intense.

“Hurry and get going! I can only get you one chance,” Kang Chan rushed him.

“Alright, alright! I got it,” Seok Kang-Ho responded. He had no idea how Kang Chan was going to give them an opening to get out of this place. All he could do was believe in his orders.

“Wait here! You better be waiting here! And tie off that injury on your leg,” Seok Kang-Ho grumbled as he turned around to steal someone’s clothes.


[The Beijing Capital International Airport in China is currently under terrorist attack. While a considerable number of casualties have been reported due to the engagement, the terrorist group responsible for the attack has not yet been identified, Once again, a terrorist attack has been launched on China's Beijing Capital International Airport, and at the time of this report, the situation is still ongoing. A significant number of casualties have been reported, and the responsible terrorist group has not been determined.]

Choi Seong-Geon buried his forehead in his palms from where they had been resting on his desk after listening to what the reporter hurriedly said

Active officers never cried. This was South Korea’s proud special forces team. Even if they failed, those soldiers would go down in history as legendary men.

“Argh!” Choi Seong-Geon grunted.

I should’ve hugged them at least once! They were like my sons… I can’t believe I didn’t just because it was awkward since they’re men!

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He sent them away far too easily.

“Hah! Haah!” Choi Seong-Geon groaned frustratedly.

If he cried now, he would be sinning to those punks.

“Heuuuh. Heuuh,” he grunted in an attempt not to cry.

Those punks! I hope they’re not lonely. I hope they’re not scared. 


Kim Hyung-Jung and Kim Tae-Jin weren’t any different from Choi Seong-Geon.

“Hooo,” Kim Tae-Jin exhaled, before raising his gaze.

[The most prevailing theory is that it is an action of the military, fueled by grievances from a purge of a certain political force. Currently, all runways at the airport have been closed, and a helicopter attempting to approach for coverage has come under threat of gunfire. To summarize, the situation is reminiscent of a battlefield,] the field reporter said, a shot of the airport from far away in the background.


Du du du du du du.

There were at least twenty helicopters in the air now, all of which were military.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The armored vehicles let out smoke as if they were threatening to come closer.

Swish. Swish. 

Searchlights Focused on the hangar that Kang Chan was in, illuminating the area enough to make the night seem like day. Task forces, the Chinese special forces team, also known as the White Wolves, and other agents wearing uniforms of apparent significance had formed an encirclement around the hangar.

The soldiers swallowed nervously.


“Two snipers have been designated to each person. Don’t lift your head,” Kang Chan calmly ordered, much to their surprise.


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“We’re going to survive this. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one or two of us. We will get out of this alive. Keep your heads intact, and protect the guy lucky enough to stay alive.”

The soldiers exchanged glances, only moving their eyes. How could Kang Chan say that and remain so composed despite the horrifying siege in front of them?


“Assassination squad, wait on standby,” Kang Chan directed.

Kang Chan was really going to have them leave the airport? How? By giving them wings? By flying through the dam helicopters like Superman?

They weren’t even in front of the semi-truck right now. The soldiers were stuck in the innermost section of the hangar right now.

Cha Dong-Gyun, who was looking around, frowned at the wretched smell of the aviation fuel—fuel that was more explosive than ordinary fuel![1]

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“Phuhuhuhu,” Seok Kang-Ho chuckled. His laughter seemed twisted because of the situation.

Kang Chan was holding the valve of the refueling hose, which was nothing like the ones used to fuel cars. This was a thick, rubber hose that was so massive it had to be carried with both arms. At the end of it was a lever similar to the one used to open the hatch of a submarine.

What would happen if that section was ignited?

Cha Dong-Gyun felt an electrifying buzz that sent shivers down his spine and all over his body.

Their Chinese opponents had no idea that they were facing this kind of man. They would never be able to imagine he would pour out aviation fuel even with a fuel tank below them.

This is the kind of man who’s commanding us! If we can just kill the man from the picture, we might just survive this! I’m going to kill him! I’ll do whatever it takes to kill him and save our brothers!


“Defense team, await command to cover fire,” Kang Chan said.

Although they had masks on, it was still hard to breathe because of the gas. The moment Kang Chan lit up the end of the hose, this hangar would turn into an ocean of fire.

Kang Chan could see the enemies’ surprised looks. They had discovered the aviation fuel flowing toward them and smelled the gas.

Creak. Creak. Creak. 

Kang Chan shut the lever of the oil pipe.

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“When I light it up, keep your noses on the ground and count to five. The gas will only burn from above. Sorry to ask you of this, but the assassination squad will have to run after just counting to four,” Kang Chan instructed.

“Phuhuhu,” Seok Kang-Ho laughed. He had been laughing like a madman since a few moments ago.


“Kwak Cheol-Ho, what is our motto?” Kang Chan asked.

Kwak Cheol-Ho paused briefly.


“If I can protect—”

Pew! Pew! Pew! Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Bang!

Without warning, Kang Chan shot the searchlights, causing them to explode.

Sparks suddenly began to fly all over as if the whole world was on fire.


A scorching heat swept past the hangar—an aftershock of the explosion.

“Let’s go,” Seok Kang-Ho declared. The heat made him sound like a monster.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Enemies who caught fire fell to the ground, dead, and the bullets of the ones who survived bounced off the ground and the semi-truck.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!


[A massive explosion has just occurred at the airport. Given the relatively subdued noise, it likely isn’t dynamite but aviation fuel or other combustible substances. Sporadic gunshots were heard following the explosion, suggesting the beginning of combat. As of the moment, the Chinese government has refrained from making an official statement.]

The reporter flinched every time sparks shot up into the sky.

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“Those fuckers!” Choi Seong-Geon exclaimed with clenched teeth, then inhaled deeply.

The soldiers were stubbornly holding out.

That’s what a special forces team is supposed to be like! They don’t give up! They come up with the best solution possible in the worst situations!

The South Korean special forces were finally showcasing their capacities and rising from the shadows.


Moon Jae-Hyun had a stiff expression.

“Section Chief Jeon,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. President,” Jeon Dae-Geuk replied.

“There haven’t been any other updates, have there?” Moon Jae-Hyun asked tensely.

“I apologize,” Jeon Dae-Geuk responded with difficulty. He hadn’t heard anything from the National Intelligence Service either.

“The operation has gone astray. At this rate, China will use any method to impeach me,” Moon Jae-Hyun stated.

Jeon Dae-Geuk stayed silent, unable to bring himself to speak.

“Please connect me to the chairman of the National Assembly,” Moon Jae-Hyun requested.

“It’s too late at night, sir,” Jeon Dae-Geuk said with concern.

“I’m sure he isn’t sleeping right now. Call him and tell him I will resign without him having to impeach me if he sends those soldiers back safely. Chairperson Huh will certainly accept the proposition,” Moon Jae-Hyun concluded.

“Mr. President!” Jeon Dae-Geuk exclaimed.

“The soldiers who are fighting in there, in those flames, knowing they’re going to die… They are my people, my sons, and the children of the citizens of South Korea that I love. If I can save them by stepping down, then I’m going to rescue them!” Moon Jae-Hyun said, raising his voice.

“Please don’t step on the pride of the special forces team, Mr. President!” Jeon Dae-Geuk pleaded with clenched teeth. “Why do you think the soldiers are going so far? They are protecting South Korea, which is more precious to them than their lives! They refuse to let our nation and our president surrender to China, Japan, or any powerful country! They are fighting so you will not utter defeat to anyone! That’s why, Mr. President, even if your heart is so frustrated to the point of exploding, please continue to watch them until the end, and don’t you ever give up! That is what those children sincerely wish for from the bottom of their hearts.”

[We have just received another update on the situation. A second explosion has occurred, and gunshots continue to echo through the night sky. The severity of the situation is underscored by the fact that a helicopter has made an emergency landing amid the intense combat.]

When Moon Jae-Hyun turned to look at the TV, he witnessed one helicopter precariously swinging in the air.

1. Jet fuel is actually less volatile than gas, but we've translated it as it was written in the raws. ☜