God of Blackfield

Chapter 167: Something More Pre ious Than Life

Kang Chan closed the valve of the gas tank cover, then glared at the helicopter that was flying at a lower altitude. It had secured itself in one spot, which he took as evidence that snipers were aboard it.

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Aiming at the gas tank of the semi-truck, Kang Chan opened fire.

Whoosh! Bang!


Flames soared for the second time as he covered his nose and dropped down to his stomach.

Heat engulfed his back, but what he found truly scary during times like this was the vapors that filled one’s lungs through breathing.

That was the cause of death for many of the children that Kang Chan and his team saved from the wars between tribes back in Africa.

Those truly merciless even poured gasoline directly on their faces. Gas vapors would go straight through their nose and mouths, filling their lungs and throats.

A child going through that would eventually die from burnt lungs and throat if a fire was thrown at them. Sometimes, they even struggled in pain for fifteen days before succumbing to death.

As the heat swept past him, Kang Chan raised his gun and held his breath.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


The helicopter swayed and circled in the same spot a couple of times, then flew outside the airport.

These sons of bitches dare play an obvious trick?


Kang Chan sat up with his back leaning against the passenger seat of the semi-truck. His right leg was throbbing.

They had to endure this battle for as long as they could and keep the attention of their enemies on them at least until Seok Kang-Ho—who was escaping through an air vent—could take down their enemy.

Should I have gone there myself?

Kang Chan shook his head. They had to prolong the fight here to win.

“Haa. Haa.”

Yoon Sang-Ki[/ref]Previously Yoon Sung-Ki[/ref] put his head right against the semi-truck. He was breathing heavily, but he still looked beyond the semi-truck instead of taking a break because he might miss something.

There had been two jet fuel explosions so far.

“You did good, Yoon Sang-Ki. You’ve done really well.” Yoon Sang-Ki muttered to himself like a crazy person. He didn’t know that a helicopter was approaching them to shoot them, much less notice that it was slowly lowering its altitude as it steadily hovered in one area.

They had poured out jet fuel and had been getting ready to shoot when Kang Chan targeted the helicopter pilot as soon as an explosion occurred.

Yoon Sang-Ki was proud to be in the team of such a commander.

Right now, in Beijing, they were warning China and the entire world not to look down on South Korea.

“Phuhuhu.” Yoon Sang-Ki now slightly understood why Seok Kang-Ho laughed like that.

Five out of their team’s twelve members had already detached and left for another mission.

Now, they only had seven men to hold their ground against twenty helicopters, the White Wolves—China’s special forces team—a task force, and an armored car.

Yoon Sang-Ki thought of his wife. He remembered her crying as she ran into his arms and hugged him when he was promoted to second lieutenant. She told him that she was proud of him, that he did a good job, and that she was thankful that he was working so hard.

He also wanted to see Choi Seong-Geon, who clicked his tongue during the first birthday party of Yoon Sang-Ki’s daughter, saying that it was a pity that she looked like her father.

When his father bowed to Choi Seong-Geon, voicing his gratitude that a General came to his granddaughter’s birthday party, Choi Seong-Geon bowed even deeper in return.

What Yoon Sang-Ki was scared of the most was that he would look like a coward to those kinds of people in his last moments.

Right now, all he wanted was to show how strong and relentless South Korea’s special forces were to their enemies. He wanted to make sure people wouldn’t look down on South Korea ever again before he died.

“Honey, I’m going to do a good job.” Yoon Sang-Ki strengthened his resolve.

He would die a cool death—as a member of South Korea’s special forces team, a son, a husband, and a father.

Yoon Sang-Ki strangely got goosebumps when he looked at Kang Chan.

How is he going to win this time?

It was impossible to survive this, but they weren’t going to lose.

Vroom. Vroom.

The armored vehicle roared to life and retreated, which was ridiculous. The others followed suit.

Kang Chan quickly examined the sky and his surroundings.

Damn it!

Their behavior could only mean that they planned to blow up this place.

Being prepared to die and being unable to do anything despite their inevitable deaths were completely different things.

Screech. Screech. Screech.

Kang Chan opened the valve of the gas tank cover.


“It doesn’t matter now if the enemies shoot us from the helicopter or the armored car. They’re going to blow up this place either way,” Kang Chan said.

The soldiers felt strangely tense.


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“ Lee Doo-Hee. The moment I open fire, I need you to move the semi-truck up front,” Kang Chan continued.

After a moment of hesitation…




“Yoon Sang-Ki, shoot the tank with the machine gun,” Kang Chan added.




“I am the God of Blackfield, the god who brings death to my enemies. Do not give up,” Kang Chan finished.


Kang Chan checked his magazine as he leaned against the steps of the semi-truck’s passenger seat.

There was a helicopter in the sky and an armored car on the ground.


Kang Chan pulled the breechblock, then glanced at the sky.

He remembered the promise that he made some time ago about smiling even if he was torn to death for as long as the issue with Gong Te Automobile was taken care of.

Words weren’t enough to express how grateful he was to Kang Dae-Kyung and Yoo Hye-Sook for teaching him about what motherly and fatherly love felt like and what it truly meant to be part of a family.

At the same time, he felt apologetic to Seok Kang-Ho.

He also wanted to see someone…

Kang Chan smirked.


The sound of the helicopter changed based on how it moved, the direction it was taking, and its altitude.

It wasn’t time yet. Those fuckers were clearly also contemplating when they should launch their final attack.

Stupid motherfuckers. Do you really think you can burn us all to death by blowing this place up?


Lanok, who was sitting behind his desk, fiercely glared at the TV mounted on the wall.

[After the second explosion, we seem to have entered a state of momentary lull. The experts are judging that the Chinese government will soon make a decision. Considering China normally makes sacrifices for great causes, we’re expecting them to blow up the hangar that the terrorists are occupying right now even though that means having to destroy terminal one.]

Ring. Ring.

Lanok quickly picked up the receiver.

“This is Lanok.”

Lanok, who had been silent, smiled. “Mobilize all satellites.”

After another brief silence, Lanok continued, “I’ll finalize the operation.”


Lanok put down the receiver, then glared at the clock and held up his phone.


[It’s not being shown on the screen right now, but we just received news that China has moved its forces to the end of the runway. This is in line with our prediction that they will carry out an attack that will require giving up terminal one. Considering how significant this issue is and the fact that the world has its eyes on this situation, it seems it’s taking longer for them to reach a decision.]

[Will China really do such a thing?]

[As you can see, they’re sending even the reporters two kilometers away from the airport. However, if they sacrifice the airport in this situation, the Chinese army will lose a lot of prestige. That seems to be one of the things the Chinese government is contemplating about. Either way, all we can say is that this situation will have devastating results.]

Kim Hyung-Jung picked up a cigarette.

“I’d like one as well,” Kim Tae-Jin said.

Kim Hyung-Jung stopped for a moment before offering his cigarette pack to Kim Tae-Jin, who took a cigarette from it.

Chk chk. Chk chk.

Kim Tae-Jin took a puff of his cigarette as he watched TV. After a while, he awkwardly exhaled the smoke out.

Be-be-beep. Be-be-beep. Be-be-beep. 

Kim Hyung-Jung’s phone rang sharply.

“It’s Kim Hyung-Jung. That’s right! Pardon? Yes! We have seven agents standing by right now.”

Kim Tae-Jin looked at Kim Hyung-Jung, finding him looking both surprised and nervous.

“I’m on my way.”

Kim Hyung-Jung hung up, quickly went to his desk, and took out a pistol.

“I can’t talk about it right now because it’s a closely guarded secret,” Kim Hyung-Jung explained.

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“Don’t worry about it and go.”

Kim Hyung-Jung attached the pistol to his waist, then grabbed his jacket and left the room.


A car made its way between the buildings and entered the parking lot at the back.


As soon as it stopped, Yang Bum, Seok Kang-Ho, and Cha Dong-Gyun opened the doors and got out of the car almost at the same time.


They then opened the trunk, which was full of silenced submachine guns and balaclavas.

“Please use this,” Yang Bum said.

Putting the balaclavas on made them look like bank thieves, but that was not important.

“Got any other intel for us?” Seok Kang-Ho asked Yang Bum.

“They just keep saying that they’re at a standoff. Please hurry—over ten intelligence satellites are monitoring the area around the airport.”

Click! Click!

Seok Kang-Ho looked at Choi Jong-Il while pulling the breechblock.

Their target was the square run-down building across from them.

They were only wearing an Artemisia green military uniform and balaclava, not even having a helmet or a bulletproof vest.

“Our brothers at the airport are enduring as much as they can. We should hurry,” Seok Kang-Ho said.


“Everyone ready?”


Seok Kang-Ho quickly went out between the buildings and examined the road.

He didn’t see any cars, perhaps because of the incident at the airport. They wouldn’t have been able to come here if it wasn’t for Yang Bum.

“Let’s go!” Seok Kang-Ho yelled, then quickly ran forward.


Who had time to open doors gently?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Thud! Thud! Crash!

The sound of their footsteps rang throughout the building.

They took the stairs to the second floor and saw a head beside the handrail at the top.

Whoosh! Bam!

Seok Kang-Ho ran, Choi Jong-Il and Cha Dong-Gyun covered him, and Woo Hee-Seung and Kwak Cheol-Ho covered their backs.

They didn’t even plan to do that—they were just acting the same way they did in France.

After a while, they heard people shouting.

Bang! Whoosh! Bam! Whoosh! Bam!

When the door opened, they immediately shot the two men inside in the head.

Kwak Cheol-Ho ran as he brought up the rear. Meanwhile, Woo Hee-Seung kept an eye on the enemy leaning their head out at the top of the stairs.

They arrived at the stairs leading to the third floor.

Whoosh! Pow-pow! Bam! Whoosh! Bam! Whoosh!

Two enemies jumped out from the floor below them, but Woo Hee-Seung quickly eliminated them.

They were now on the third floor.

Woo Hee-Seung and Kwak Cheol-Ho stood against the wall next to the stairs that went up to the fourth floor. While aiming at the floor below them…


Tang! Whoosh! Whoosh! Ta-da-dang! Ta-da-da-dang! Whoosh!

When the door opened, they opened fire. Choi Jong-Il was pushed against the railing as he shot the forehead of the enemies in sight. They slammed into the wall and sank to the floor.

Click! Click! Click!

Before heading further into the fourth floor, Seok Kang-Ho changed magazines.

Choi Jong-Il leaned against the railing, blood seeping out from his mouth.

“Please…” Despite his mouth filling up with blood, he still seemed to be telling them to hurry.


They ran through the hallway as fast as they could.

Rishiquan was on this floor.

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If Seok Kang-Ho was Kang Chan, he already would have known where their enemy was.

Seok Kang-Ho nodded at Cha Dong-Gyun to tell him to take charge.

One, two!


Whoosh! Ta-da-dang! Whoosh! Ta-da-da-dang! Bam! Pow-pow-pow! 


Whoosh! Whoosh! Thud!

As Seok Kang-Ho shot the enemy to their left, Cha Dong-Gyun, who brought up their rear, collapsed to the ground.

There was only one door left down the hallway.

Their mission wasn’t over yet, though.

“Kwak Cheol-Ho,” Seok Kang-Ho called.

Kwak Cheol-Ho walked to the front. The two stood close to both sides of the door.

Rishiquan had to be inside this room.

Seok Kang-Ho had to hurry.

Even if Kang Chan was commanding the operation, they were still stuck at the airport. Seven people couldn’t possibly hold their ground against their enemies for long.

Seok Kang-Ho looked at Kwak Cheol-Ho.

“Haah. Haah.”

Seok Kang-Ho turned the doorknob a little…

One, two!

… then kicked the door open.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Ta-da-da-dang! Ta-da-dang! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Their enemies’ foreheads looked as big as a full moon to them.


With his gun at the ready, Seok Kang-Ho went toward the man sitting with his hands raised in the air.


Seok Kang-Ho clearly remembered the face he saw in the photos.

The man spoke Chinese.

They didn’t have time. Kang Chan could be dying.



This son of a bitch keeps talking! We can’t even understand him!

Kwak Cheol-Ho urgently went to the window when Seok Kang-Ho nodded to him.


Kwak Cheol-Ho broke the window and then waved his hand.

‘Endure it for just a little longer! It really won’t take long!’

Woo Hee-Seung came into the room with Cha Dong-Gyun, whom he was helping walk.

Kwak Cheol-Ho then ran out and dragged Choi Jong-Il inside.

“Huff. Huff.” After a while, Yang Bum also entered while breathing heavily.

“Is it this fucker?” Seok Kang-Ho asked.

Yang Bum approached them, then quickly nodded.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Seok Kang-Ho asked again.

“I have to make a call! I can give orders with the intelligence bureau’s phone!”

Yang Bum immediately held up his phone when he saw Seok Kang-Ho’s glinting eyes.


The runway that was soaked in the gushing jet fuel glimmered as if light was hitting it on a rainy day.

“Haah. Haah.”

Kang Chan could hear his own breathing, which meant his senses were on edge. Based on his past experiences, that also meant that the enemy was about to launch an attack.

The only heavy weapon they had was the machine gun that they had taken from the jeep.

Kang Chan looked at his team.

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It was time. The moment they pulled the trigger, they would start a fight where all that mattered was how many people they could kill and take with them to their grave.

The members did a good job. They did better than Kang Chan expected.

But they still had more things to do.


The helicopter noises changed.

‘Come at me!’


Just as Kang Chan aimed his gun toward the helicopter…

Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

An armored car drove into the runway.

Fuck! What’s that?

Kang Chan turned his gaze, then smirked.

Sons of bitches! Sure enough, their battles reflect their mentality—they call themselves a continent and fight just as large. 

Surprised, Yoon Sang-Ki instinctively looked at Kang Chan, immediately noticing his peculiar smile. He felt as if he was looking at a tiger that was surrounded by wolves on top of a mountain.

A terrifying and thrilling shiver ran down his spine.


“Don’t lose our target!” Kang Chan yelled.

The armored car closed in on Kang Chan, who tightly gritted his teeth.

Bzzz! Bzzz!

As it did, its 30mm Vulcan automatic cannon aimed at the helicopter in the sky.

What’s happening?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Not long after, the armored car unleashed a terrifying amount of bullets.

That wasn’t all. The enemies Kang Chan’s team had been fighting, including the armored car, were all under fire as well.

Seok Kang-Ho, you son of a bitch! You should’ve told me!

Kang Chan yelled at the members, “Run!”


Hwang Ki-Hyun came into the room that Moon Jae-Hyun was in. He was clearly tired, but his eyes were still sharp—befitting the head of the National Intelligence Service.

Moon Jae-Hyun and Jeon Dae-Geuk greeted Hwang Ki-Hyun without saying anything.

“We arrested all five of the traitors inside the National Intelligence Service, including the vice director,” Hwang Ki-Hyun said.

“Did anyone get hurt?”

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“Two agents were killed, and five agents were seriously injured.”

Moon Jae-Hyun sighed softly.

“Mr. President, we’ll arrest the Chairman of the National Assembly,” Hwang Ki-Hyun continued.

“Do we have enough evidence to prove the allegations?”

“We have confirmed that assemblyman Huh Sang-Soo went to China with the circuit design of the semiconductor and the floor plan of the Incheon International Airport.”

“Nonetheless, we can’t prove the chairman’s crimes, can we?”

Hwang Ki-Hyun couldn’t answer.

The room grew silent for a moment.

[We have breaking news. The Chinese government has officially announced that they have killed all the terrorists in the Beijing Capital International Airport.]

Moon Jae-Hyun and Jeon Dae-Geuk looked like they had just been stabbed with a knife.

[They also claim to have suppressed the situation. Moreover, it has been confirmed that a part of Terminal One of the Beijing Capital International Airport has been destroyed. Here is the Chinese government’s announcement.]

The screen showed a Chinese man reading a script in front of cameras. His eyes alternated between the camera and the script.

[We’ll bring you the Chinese spokesperson’s words through simultaneous interpretation.]

The news screen transitioned to an upper body shot of the spokesperson.

[The Chinese forces that are against the reform conspired with military authorities to launch a terrorist attack at the airport. For that reason, we have killed Rishiquan, the main culprit, and all of the criminals on the scene.]

Moon Jae-Hyun suddenly raised his head. Jeon Dae-Geuk sat up as well.

[The Chinese government will also do whatever it takes to find the people involved in this terrorist attack. They dared ruin the country’s public order, so we are planning to punish them accordingly. We will also do our best to repair the airport as fast as possible. That will be all for now.]

The screen now showed the spokesperson, who had been subjected to a flurry of camera flashes, folding the script that they had been reading.