Chapter 142: Heavenly Dao’s Joint Verification!

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For a moment, the crowd fell silent because Ye Qianli was right! He was going to the training ground to strip, not here.


The academy’s training ground was also where the students of the academy sparred! Private fights were held at the venue of grand competitions. It was a good place to accommodate the entire academy’s students!

Ye Qianli immediately set the location for the striptease! This was really…

All the spectating students expressed that they would not talk about anything else! Only this boldness, this spirit! Let them admit defeat and be convinced, alright?

The key problem was!

Ye Qianli was only a level one talent! She dared to challenge the Purple Spirit.

Who was the Purple Spirit?

Even if she had recently become a slut and the representative of a scumbag mistress! Many people scolded her for relying on men to get to where she was today, but what was the truth?

The Purple Spirit was a second rank talent!

Number one talent!

He had awakened a fifth-tier dream creation talent.

Second talent!

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He had awakened the tier 7 nine-tailed fox talent.

It could be called the current genius school.

The number one genius female student’s super talent!

The true strength of the Purple Spirit!

He was definitely above Ye Qianli.

“I agree to this battle. I accept this bet.” Thus, Violet Spirit didn’t hesitate at all. She naturally accepted the challenge, and she had no reason not to accept it.

Since she couldn’t humiliate Ye Qianli, she would naturally defeat her! As for losing? Violet SDirit had never thought about it. because she would definitelv not lose again.

” Very good. Then, let’s invite Senior Brother Cheng to preside over this bet for the two of us. What do you think? ” Ye Qianli called Cheng Haoran’s name.

“Senior Brother Cheng is famous for being upright in the academy. He’s also the chairman of the student council. It’s naturally best for him to preside over it.” Violet Spirit had naturally noticed Cheng Haoran and the masked Ye Shang.

“Excellent.” Ye Qianli then turned to Cheng Haoran and said shockingly, ‘ Senior Brother Cheng, what did you and Senior Sister Ye say just now? You’ve disturbed my cultivation. If you don’t want to be the host, I won’t agree. ‘ As soon as he said that!

Ye Shang, who was wearing a mask, tensed up. She felt that everyone’s gaze was on her! Her heart skipped a beat.

After all, even though she had been very careful to conceal her identity, she had seen the Purple Spirit in this very image, Rong MO’s spy! However, there were still a lot of them.

Then, Ye Qianli’s intention wasn’t as simple as asking Cheng Haoran to host the bet, right?

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Cheng Haoran, who had been embarrassed in front of everyone, felt a little uncomfortable. However, just as Ye Qianli said, since she was the one who requested it! He and Ye Shang were doing something inappropriate again, then…

“Are you sure you want to challenge the Purple Spirit?” Cheng Haoran had to ask seriously.

Moreover, he solemnly pointed out, “You have to know that the Purple Spirit is a second rank innate talent. No matter how strong your first rank innate talent is, the second rank innate talent of a Purple Spirit, if I didn’t hear wrongly, if I guessed wrongly! It should be a seventh-tier nine-tailed fox talent. She’s only stronger than you! Not weaker than you.”

“Yes.” Ye Qianli’s answer was very straightforward.

However, Cheng Haoran still wanted to say, ” Today’s matter, even if you don’t challenge the Purple Spirit, it doesn’t show that you’re weak! You’ve already broken through, so there’s actually no need to fight for your pride. No one dares to say anything about you, but if you lose the battle, the outcome won’t be good.”

Although he seemed a little wishy-washy, Cheng Haoran was actually doing this for Ye Qianli’s own good! After all, he admired Ye Qianli more in every aspect. He didn’t want her to suffer any losses.

“Tsk…Senior Brother Cheng, the two of us asked you to host the gambling game. Why are you acting as a peacemaker? Since both of us have reached an agreement, there is naturally no reason to cancel this battle.” Violet Spirit immediately expressed her displeasure.

This battle!

She had to fight and win! If she had known that Ye Qianli would be so ‘ straightforward “, she wouldn’t even have to resort to such petty tricks.

Ye Qianli had humiliated herself, and she was happy to see it happen. She would not allow anyone to ruin it!

Qian Li understands Senior Brother Cheng’s good intentions. ” Ye Qianli, who understood Cheng Haoran’s good intentions, also smiled and said, “”However, this battle is indeed going to be fought. Although Qian Li is not talented, she still wants to benefit the seniors of our academy and let everyone see the Fox Dance. Tsk tsk…

Look at Violet Spirit’s figure, aiyaya! I’m a woman. I feel thirsty just looking at her. Look at her big breasts! Look at her slender waist, then look at her perky buttocks, and her slender legs. This …”

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Seeing that Ye Qianli was getting more and more out of line, Violet Spirit immediately interrupted, “”Shut up!”

” What are you doing? We’re about to be watched anyway. We’ve already agreed that if we lose, we’ll jump immediately. ” While Ye Qianli was teasing him, she suddenly pointed at the sky and shouted, ” Otherwise, the heavens will punish you! ‘

“Bang! ”

As she pointed at the sky, the sky seemed to respond, and a bright bolt of lightning flashed! The explosion caused the scene to be in shock. They only felt that…

“F * ck! Could it be that the Heavenly Dao still controls gambling?”

“Ignorant, ignorant, you don’t understand. This only shows that Ye Qianli is very determined! We talented people are the favored ones of the heavens. As long as one’s will is strong enough, it will naturally trigger the Heavenly Dao to take an oath.”

“No way, this is the first time I’ve heard of it!”

Many of the spectators were dumbfounded, but Violet Spirit knew that this battle! Ye Qianli’s determination had attracted the attention of the Heavenly Axiom.

After all, Ye Qianli and she were both awakened and had third-tier talents. Their talents were related to the origin of heaven and earth or the divine beast of the beginning. Their bet was naturally verified by heaven and earth! It’s not too much.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll host it for you.” Seeing this, Cheng Haoran knew that he couldn’t say anything more. After all, this battle! Even the heavens were watching.

As a sixth-year student of the academy, what kind of big scenes and bizarre

things had he not seen in these wears? Naturally- he knew that the lightning just now was to prove the bet.

Today! In this battle, if the loser didn’t fulfill his promise, it would be difficult for him to awaken any talent in the future, and it would even be difficult for his cultivation to improve!

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Although the Heavenly Dao was profound!

However, all cultivators knew that it existed and was irreversible! Those who violated the Heavenly Dao and deceived the Heavenly Dao, who would the Heavenly Dao spare?

“Please be prepared.” In this way, Cheng Haoran was hosting this gambling battle! His tone became more solemn, and the sense of ceremony became more rigorous.

The onlookers at the scene also became serious and silent. Everyone knew! This battle would definitely be extraordinary, even if Ye Qianli was no match for him.

But since she was so determined! Furthermore, the fact that it could trigger the Heavenly Dao’s mutual verification was enough to prove that this gambling battle, at least in some aspects, was evenly matched.

Otherwise, why would the Heavenly Dao drop the Lightning of Proof?

”Please !

Because of this, Violet Spirit’s expression turned serious. She had never underestimated Ye Qianli again! She knew that Ye Qianli was indeed powerful.

Not to mention Ye Qianli! She was also a Divine Inscriptionist.


At this moment, Ye Qianli also bowed to Violet Spirit..