Hold His Hand

Chapter 160: 160


Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou intently.

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Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were full of sincerity with no trace of lies at all.

Does Lu Yanzhou really want to take him to Jiangnan and let him live a good life?

Xie Chengze couldn’t believe it.

He has been making waves in the capital for many years. How many people know him?

With the emperor around, no one dared to do anything to him, but if he left the capital, there would surely be many people who wanted to kill him, even the emperor would not let him go.

So what if he has some subordinates? What can he do with those few people?

He couldn’t even protect himself outside the capital, how could Lu Yanzhou protect him?

As for his relationship with Lu Yanzhou, feelings are never secure. The beauty who was once favored by the emperor was now living outside the palace; the eldest prince fell in love at first sight with the Zhou family daughter and married her as his imperial consort, and now he is also hitting on him.

Even his biological father…his mother was once the most beautiful woman in the capital, and his father tried every means to marry her. Now, his mother is no longer beautiful, and his father already has many young and beautiful women around him.

Lu Yanzhou’s feelings for him were inherently impure. Even if Lu Yanzhou liked his body, he wouldn’t be willing to pay much for him.

Besides…Lu Yanzhou had also talked about going to Jiangnan to live a good life with his cousin.


Back then, Lu Yanzhou wanted to take his cousin to Jiangnan.

After getting along with Lu Yanzhou during this time, Xie Chengze had already discovered that Lu Yanzhou was no ordinary person.

He doesn’t know whether it was because of his mother’s teachings when he was young that changed him, or whether he had some experience while growing up. Lu Yanzhou’s knowledge was extraordinary.

Lu Yanzhou still hid things from him at the beginning, but since the two of them became closer, he perhaps felt that he would not betray him, so Lu Yanzhou began to show him more and more things.

Only now did he know that Lu Yanzhou also had the ambition to vie for the land under heaven!

Jiangnan should be his chosen starting point.

Half a year ago, Lu Yanzhou wanted to take his cousin to Jiangnan, but now it’s him?

If he were the same age as his cousin and had never experienced family destruction, he would definitely be willing, but he was not.


He is older than Lu Yanzhou and has experienced more things.

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“I have never been to Jiangnan, and there are so many people who want me dead…” Xie Chengze put his arms around Lu Yanzhou’s neck and spoke pitifully.

It’s precisely because Lu Yanzhou knew that many people wanted Xie Chengze dead, that’s why he wanted Xie Chengze to leave with him. Once outside, the sea is wide enough for the fish to leap and mountains are high though for birds to fly, Xie Chengze would definitely feel more at ease!

As for the future…he has the original owner’s memory, so he also knows which places are more chaotic and which places are relatively safe, so he can always protect Xie Chengze.

“AZe, I will protect you.”

Xie Chengze said, “Lu Lang, let’s not talk about this anymore, okay?”

Lu Yanzhou thought for a moment and did not continue.

He wasn’t very strong now and could only make very few arrangements, he really couldn’t set Xie Chengze’s mind at ease.

While Lu Yanzhou was thinking about this, Xie Chengze had already hugged and kissed him…It was another spring scene in the room.

It truly wasn’t right for him to ask Xie Chengze to follow him to Jiangnan when he had nothing. Thinking things through, Lu Yanzhou finally asked Xie Chengze for a few people. He also gave these people some property, telling them to go to Jiangnan first to do some preliminary preparations..


On this side, he also specially wrote a plan to tell Xie Chengze what he planned to do.

“Lu Lang, no matter what you want to do, I will fully support you.” Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou tenderly and gave Lu Yanzhou all the manpower, money, and food Lu Yanzhou wanted.

According to Lu Yanzhou’s request, he also ordered some people to come back and gave them to Lu Yanzhou to teach.

In times of disaster, more and more people are selling their children and daughters. Times like this are undoubtedly the best for ambitious people like Lu Yanzhou.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year has passed.

Nowadays, when making porcelain, Lu Yanzhou no longer needs to draw the patterns himself. He has already trained relevant talents.

They can now make a lot of porcelain every day, but the supply is still short, who knows how much money they make back.

As for oil extraction…they have been short of soybeans and peanuts, but fortunately this year the first crop of soybeans in the south has grown. They negotiated with people last year to let people grow these. It was a huge number, they can extract oil and also make a lot of tofu.

Today, Lu Yanzhou talked about going to the south again: “AZe, I have made a lot of arrangements in the south. In half a year, we can find a way to escape and live in the south.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Chengze suddenly said: “Lu Lang, I won’t go to the south.”

Lu Yanzhou was stunned.

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Xie Chengze didn’t seem like he wanted to stick to Lu Yanzhou like before. He sat up straight and said expressionlessly: “I have a grudge against the emperor, so I want to stay in the capital to take revenge.”

“If you want revenge, we can find a way to kill him before leaving.” Said Lu Yanzhou. This emperor has done too many ridiculous things.

For example, the matter of constructing a palace…Xie Chengze was originally the one handling this matter.

This year is indeed another disaster year for DaYan. Many people have been displaced with no food to eat. Some refugees have even come to the vicinity of the capital.


Xie Chengze simply recruited the refugees to work and gave them a bite to eat, which was killing two birds with one stone. However, the emperor recently fell in love with a beauty, and then directly gave the work of building the palace to the beauty’s family.

That beauty was in an ordinary family, so her family could not even recognize her writing. She could not do anything but ask for money. She kept depriving the refugees of food and starved many of them to death…

Xie Chengze even encouraged the emperor to go on for an inspection and also brought the matter to the emperor. However, what the emperor cared about was that there were fewer workers so the construction may be delayed.

As for the fact that many people died…the emperor didn’t care at all.

Xie Chengze said: “Kill him, and the next emperor will not be much better. As you said, this DaYan is rotten from the root. I wanted revenge at first, but now, I want to cut down all those dead branches and leaves!”

Xie Chengze’s voice in this world is different from ordinary men. When he speaks, his tone is also different from others. He is usually a bit sinister in front of outsiders, but when facing Lu Yanzhou, he is a bit too gentle.

However, he was speaking in a normal tone at this moment. Lu Yanzhou could hear the sincerity in his words.

However, what Xie Chengze wanted to do was not simple. In the original historical trajectory, Xie Chengze killed so many people that the first thing the new emperor did when he invaded the capital was to sacrifice Xie Chengze to heaven.

If the new emperor were him, he would never do such a thing, but he was afraid that Xie Chengze would be harmed in the process of cleaning up the court.

Xie Chengze added: “I won’t go to Jiangnan. I have my own things to do. Only by completing them can I live with peace of mind.”

Lu Yanzhou sighed silently.

In fact, he already knew what Xie Chengze wanted to do.

The fact that DaYan is like this has something to do with the imperial family and the big family.

Those people hold all kinds of resources and knowledge. If they cannot be uprooted, even if a new dynasty is established…When the time comes to choose officials, they will definitely have to choose from those families. In the end, the imperial court will be full of them again!

There is even a saying that the iron-clad influential family is the emperor’s flowing water.

Xie Chengze has to deal with not only the imperial family, but also various families.

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In the original owner’s memory, Xie Chengze destroyed many families who were rich and unkind that had committed many crimes.

This was very dangerous. He didn’t want Xie Chengze to do it, but…he had no reason to stop Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze is no worse than him, there is no reason to become his vassal.

If Xie Chengze wants to do something, he should support Xie Chengze instead of blocking him.

Lu Yanzhou said: “AZe, if you don’t want to leave, then you can stay. However, train more people, and protect yourself…I will definitely come back to you as soon as possible.”

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou hugged him and kissed him.

Whatever Xie Chengze wants to do, he will definitely support him!

However, if Xie Chengze wanted to stay in the capital…

He originally wanted to take his time, even if he won’t win the world…As long as he managed an area like an iron barrel, he could protect Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze, who followed him out of the capital, would attract a lot of attention at first, but as time goes by, he would no longer attract attention.

But now…he must take over this land under heaven.

Otherwise, if others take it and attack the capital, how will Xie Chengze still survive then?

Xie Chengze’s current reputation is already very very bad due to what those big families publicize. It will definitely be even worse in a few years.

If he wants to protect Xie Chengze, he must have enough power.

It has been a year since he came to this world. Lu Yanzhou has accumulated some merit, but not much. He has not spent all his energy on accumulating merit…This is all because of Xie Chengze’s identity.

With Xie Chengze’s status now, having a good body will only cause trouble for him. Only by having enough power can keep him safe and sound.

Lu Yanzhou stayed in the capital for several more months until the end of the year.

DaYan has been hit by disasters for several years. In some places, there is even no harvest, so people are very miserable.

However, the tax revenue was not reduced at all. This winter, people in some places finally couldn’t bear it anymore, so they rose up and shouted the slogan ‘Anti-Yan’.

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The world was in chaos.

Lu Yanzhou knew he had to leave…He left the capital with Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding and some people he had carefully trained this year.

Xie Chengze didn’t go to see him off. In fact, from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want Lu Yanzhou to leave.

If it were more than a year ago, he would definitely have stopped Lu Yanzhou. He would never allow Lu Yanzhou to leave, or he may even lock Lu Yanzhou up altogether.

However, not now.

Over the past year or so, Lu Yanzhou has helped him a lot. His growing power now has something to do with Lu Yanzhou.

He couldn’t get so many benefits from Lu Yanzhou and still lock him up.

What’s more, he was reluctant to hurt Lu Yanzhou.

Thinking about it carefully, Lu Yanzhou leaving was actually the best choice for him.

Now that Lu Yanzhou is gone, he can free his hands and feet to do something big.

For more than a year, heaven has already taken great pity on him by giving him a sweet dream that lasted for a year.

Lu Yanzhou said a lot before leaving and promised to come back to him as soon as possible, but Xie Chengze knew very well that there was no future between them.

It doesn’t matter whether Lu Yanzhou succeeds or not, it depends on whether he can survive.

If Lu Yanzhou really succeeded in conquering the world and he was still alive at the time…Will Lu Yanzhou really be with a notorious eunuch from the previous dynasty?

At that time, only death awaited him!

Besides…Lu Yanzhou has been by his side for more than a year, and he has to rely on him in everything. He is very proactive, so Lu Yanzhou has never gone to find anyone else, but now that Lu Yanzhou has left the capital…

With Lu Yanzhou’s abundant energy, when they meet again in the future, Lu Yanzhou may already have a long list of children!

He loved Lu Yanzhou and was willing to do many things for Lu Yanzhou, but this did not include sharing Lu Yanzhou with others. One day, even if Lu Yanzhou let him go, he would not live to seek that little favor.

Today, Xie Chengze sat alone in the room where he and Lu Yanzhou had lived for more than a year for a long time.

At night, he came out of the room and asked someone to prepare another place for him. He also found his godson Sheng Yuan: “Sheng Yuan…do as planned.”