Hold His Hand

Chapter 161: 161


Lu Yanzhou has been preparing to leave since a year ago.

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He did this without hiding it from Xie Chengze, who also gave him a lot of help.

Under such circumstances, they naturally discussed what to do after Lu Yanzhou left.

In the past year and a half, relying on porcelain, oil and tofu, Xie Chengze made countless money, and also attracted the jealousy of many people. These people not only placed many people in Xie Chengze’s manor, but also kept making trouble for Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze planned to take this opportunity to catch all these people.

So, that night, Xie Chengze entered the palace crying, saying that the place where porcelain was fired was attacked by thieves, the cave dwelling was destroyed, and Lu Yanzhou was killed.

The emperor was furious. After all, porcelain was a good thing that made money for money. If Xie Chengze couldn’t make porcelain, when would his palace be built?

He gave Xie Chengze some military power and asked him to investigate carefully and start re-firing as soon as possible.

After this investigation, some people naturally suffered. Xie Chengze also took the opportunity to promote some poor children who had taken refuge with him.

The capital has been in chaos for a long time, so Xie Chengze’s reputation has also become worse, causing many people to denounce him.

Xie Chengze doesn’t care about this.

He has long been used to being attacked, so he only cares about power. Now that he has power, he can protest against the big families in the capital, so he is very satisfied.


At the end of the year, Wang Tingyun secretly met with Xie Chengze.

They met in a private room of a restaurant Xie Chengze’s owned. When Xie Chengze entered, his brows and eyes were filled with anger.

He just killed some people not long ago.

One can really find many crimes of these DaYan’s influential families at random!

“Chengze.” Wang Tingyun called.

Xie Chengze sat in front of Wang Tingyun and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Wang Tingyun sighed: “What do you want to do?”

Xie Chengze suddenly laughed: “Be a eunuch who will be infamous for thousands of years and ruin DaYan. When future generations write history books and write about DaYan, they will not be able to avoid me!”


Wang Tingyun was helpless: “Why do you bother…”

“Since I can’t go down in history, it’s better to be infamy for thousands of years. Isn’t that good?” Xie Chengze raised the corner of his lips.

Wang Tingyun knew what Xie Chengze wanted to do, so he changed the subject: “Your grandfather is dying…”

“I have nothing to do with the Wang family,” Xie Chengze said, “I will not meet you again in the future, I just want to advise you…Properly restrain your clan, okay.”

Wang Tingyun said: “I understand.”

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Xie Chengze stopped talking and slowly began to eat the food in front of him.

In fact, this restaurant is not opened by him, but rather by Lu Yanzhou. Lu Yanzhou had a flexible mind and came up with many dishes, but he felt that it was too wasteful to only deliver them to the palace, so he opened this restaurant.

This restaurant cooks many dishes that are not available elsewhere. It has been very popular since it opened, and the business is very good, making them a lot of money.

At this time, a plate of extremely thin slices of roast duck was placed in front of Xie Chengze. Xie Chengze picked up a piece, dipped it in the sauce and put it in his mouth, missing Lu Yanzhou a little.

“The food here tastes really good.” Wang Tingyun couldn’t help but sigh.


Xie Chengze said: “Lord Wang can come here often.”

“I will.” Wang Tingyun laughed. He stopped talking about important affairs in the court and only talked about the food in the restaurant, so Xie Chengze started talking more now.

After finishing the meal, Wang Tingyun said: “I’m leaving, you…take care of yourself.”

Xie Chengze came from the Wang family, but the Wang family could not recognize him. Xie Chengze himself also had no feelings for the Wang family and only had contact with him.

This year, Xie Chengze had made things a little easier for him, but at the same time, Xie Chengze also alienated him.

Xie Chengze will not see him again in the future, so the relationship between the Wang family and Xie Chengze will definitely be severed.

“Wait a minute,” Xie Chengze suddenly stopped Wang Tingyun, “Little sister is getting married?”

Wang Tingyun did not expect that Xie Chengze would suddenly ask about his daughter, so he then said: “Yes, your grandfather has been in poor health recently, so her marriage has been brought forward.”

Xie Chengze nodded, turned and left.

Xie Chengze has always been concerned about Lu Yanzhou’s feelings for his cousin. For the past year and a half, he has been keeping an eye on Lu Yanzhou, fearing that Lu Yanzhou would find his cousin.

As a result, Lu Yanzhou didn’t look for her at all, and he had never asked too.

Lu Yanzhou left very cleanly this time.

Whether it was his cousin or him, they were probably just passers-by in Lu Yanzhou’s life.

What Lu Yanzhou really cares about is power.

For the sake of power, Lu Yanzhou is willing to do anything!


This year, Xie Chengze has been very busy and hectic.

However, fortunately, he had a lot of things to do so that he didn’t miss Lu Yanzhou all day long.

He should forget about Lu Yanzhou.

The original Lu Yanzhou had no people and money, so it was difficult for him to develop when he went to Jiangnan. However, he stayed by his side for a year and a half, and vigorously developed with the emperor’s support…Before Lu Yanzhou left the capital, he took a lot of gold and silver, as well as a lot of subordinates.

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Going to the south now, it won’t be difficult for Lu Yanzhou to raise a group of people.

In this way, Lu Yanzhou no longer needs him and will probably not contact him again.

On New Year’s Eve, Xie Chengze stayed in the palace until late at night before going home.

On this day last year, he came back very late, but Lu Yanzhou, who had been waiting for him, prepared dough and fillings and made dumplings with him.

They set up a small pot on the stove and used it to cook dumplings, tofu, and beef. The dipping sauce Lu Yanzhou prepared at that time was quite delicious…

But today, his home was very deserted.

Xie Chengze was sitting in the carriage that Lu Yanzhou had modified for him, with a stove installed under the seat.

It was warm in the carriage, but he felt strangely cold.

When the carriage stopped, Xie Chengze got out of the carriage and walked into the house. Within a few steps, Sheng Yuan came out: “Godfather, something came from the south.”

“What?” Xie Chengze was stunned.

Sheng Yuan said: “Some people came from the south this morning and brought several carts of things. They said they were prepared by young master Yan…Godfather, young master Yan prepared gifts for you as soon as he arrived there.”

When Lu Yanzhou was in the capital, although not many people have met him, but many people know him, so they all know his name is Lu Yanzhou.

This time Lu Yanzhou went to Jiangnan. In order not to be discovered, he gave himself the pseudonym Yan Hang.

When he left, he did tell Xie Chengze that he would send a message to Xie Chengze as soon as he reached there, but Xie Chengze didn’t take it seriously at all.

As a result…Lu Yanzhou really send something?

Lu Yanzhou really sent something, and he sent a lot too. There were various gadgets he bought along the way, as well as specialties from their stronghold in Jiangnan. There were several cartloads of them.

They even included a lot of sun-dried sea fish, which gave off a strong fishy smell…

Xie Chengze: “…” Lu Yanzhou shouldn’t be trying to smoke him to death, right?

However, although he felt that the sea fish smell was strong, Xie Chengze’s mood, which had been gloomy for many days, still cleared up.

He looked at these things with a smile and asked people to put them into the warehouse.

“Godfather, there are many letters here.” Sheng Yuan handed over another box.

In addition to sending things, Lu Yanzhou actually wrote him a letter?

Xie Chengze was in a better mood and took the wooden box cherishingly.

Although he told himself that he should forget about Lu Yanzhou, he couldn’t help but think about this person…If Lu Yanzhou was willing to write to him, he would think more of him.

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Even if there were only a few words in the letter, he could still lie to himself that Lu Yanzhou had him in his heart.

The wooden box was a bit heavy. Xie Chengze felt that the quality of the wooden box should be good, but when he opened the box…

Well, it wasn’t that the wooden box was a bit heavy, but that the box was too full.

Just a few words or what not, it doesn’t exist at all.

The box was filled with dated letters, each with the words ‘My beloved person only.’

Xie Chengze took a look, coughed slightly, then returned to the room holding the box.

He didn’t have any dumplings to eat that night, but he read the letters all night.

Lu Yanzhou would write a paragraph to him every day. After a few days, he wrote a lot of words, and then he compiled it into a letter.

Xie Chengze has read other people’s letters home, which contain only a few sentences describing their current situation, but Lu Yanzhou’s letter is different.

This letter was written wherever he thought of him with miscellaneous and bold words. He often wrote that he missed him very much.

How is this a letter to home, it’s just an amorous song!

There is also a crooked poem written by Lu Yanzhou, the meaning is that he misses him very much…well, the writing is not bad.

Xie Chengze read all the letters carefully.

After reading it, he found a letter from Xie Jia underneath.

Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding were originally his people, but Lu Yanzhou was very kind to these four people, teaching them how to read and practice martial arts.

As time went by, Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding became a little biased towards Lu Yanzhou.

After realizing this, Xie Chengze stopped asking Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding about Lu Yanzhou’s news and arranged for someone else to keep an eye on Lu Yanzhou.

This time when Lu Yanzhou went to Jiangnan, he also took Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding with him, which was also within his expectation. Before Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding left, he talked to these four people and told them that their future master would be Lu Yanzhou and they no longer had to report to him anymore.

In this case, why did Xie Jia write back?

Xie Chengze opened Xie Jia’s letter and saw that it contained a brief description of their journey together. At the end, he said: “Young master has kept a clean life and never looked at others too much.”

Xie Chengze: “…” How could Xie Jia write this? Does Lu Yanzhou know the content of the letter he wrote?

Was this Lu Yanzhou’s instruction, or was Xie Jia making his own decision?

Did Xie Jia not understand what he meant? He asked Xie Jia and the others to treat Lu Yanzhou as their master, he was basically telling them not to contact him again!

Now this…this…

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Xie Chengze knew that Lu Yanzhou contacted him because he was probably still useful. Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to completely sever ties with him

Besides, he was also willing to take these letters seriously.

Xie Chengze turned out the letter and started reading it again. He didn’t even miss the ink spots on it.

Xie Jia and the others actually figured out what Xie Chengze meant and had no intention of writing to Xie Chengze.

That letter was written because of Lu Yanzhou.

At that time, Lu Yanzhou planned to send something and send a letter, so he asked them if they had written a letter. He heard that they had not written. Lu Yanzhou accused them of neglecting their duties on the spot, and then forced them to write a letter, and asked them to write clearly in the letter, saying that Lu Yanzhou was a clean man.

Xie Jia and others: “…”

They didn’t know anything about Lu Yanzhou and young lady Wang. They only knew that Lu Yanzhou was taken home by Xie Chengze.

Although they thought Xie Chengze was very kind, they also felt that Lu Yanzhou, a grown man, would be a little unwilling to be forced to ‘serve’ a eunuch.

They were very unhappy when they left the capital. Although they liked Lu Yanzhou, who was very kind to them, Xie Chengze was the one who actually saved them, so they had planned to be loyal to him for the rest of their lives.

From now on, Xie Chengze will no longer be their master, and they will probably never see Xie Chengze again…They feel very sad.

They even agreed privately that they would never do anything to harm Xie Chengze in the future no matter what!

As a result…things were different from what they thought.

They thought there may be resentment, Lu Yanzhou may show them his dissatisfaction with Xie Chengze after leaving the capital. However, Lu Yanzhou’s words have always been missing Xie Chengze. As long as the meal they ate tasted a little delicious, he would begin to think of wanting to give it to ‘AZe’.

They were in a hurry and tired on their way, but Lu Yanzhou still didn’t forget to buy a gift for Xie Chengze.

When delivering things and letters, Lu Yanzhou took out a pile of letters, which shocked them even more.

Apart from this…Lu Yanzhou actually asked them to write such a letter…Is this Lu Yanzhou using their letters to express his loyalty?

So they thought wrong before. Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze were actually in love? Their love is also quite deep too?

After Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding were stunned, they were in a good mood.

At this time, Lu Yanzhou did not forget to tell them: “You are Xie Chengze’s subordinates. You must not forget what Xie Chengze told you…In the future, if someone approaches me, you must stand up in time and say that I have a family and help me refuse. When you see that there are people with intentions around me, you should also remind me in time…”

This is what Xie Chengze used to do to everyone he arranged around him.

Lu Yanzhou felt that Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding were a bit slow and unreliable, so he could only teach them in person.

Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding: “…” Xie Chengze actually didn’t say anything to them…but since Lu Yanzhou said so, let’s do it then!

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