I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1845: 1845

1845 A Bizarre Gossip Chat! (2)

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“Furthermore, Bazhun’an must have played a role in this, right?”

Xu Xiaoshou’s face contorted in abhorrence.

He knew that lying in front of this Divine Oracle was pointless. The opponent’s analytical prowess could deduce the most accurate answer from his lies.
Xu Xiaoshou decided to express his strong aversion towards the Saint Servant and Bazhun’an.


“Bazhun’an is the puppet master. I’m merely being manipulated by him.”

“Killing me or capturing me wouldn’t make much of a difference. I’m just a slightly more powerful chess piece… It’s not self-conceit. I’m quite capable.”

“Unfortunately, a chess piece remains a chess piece. I don’t know what Bazhun’an truly intends to do.”

“I’m not afraid to tell you…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused and lowered his voice.

Even though they were at such a distance, he placed his hand near his mouth as if whispering to Number Two.

“The Bazhun’an told me that I can wreak havoc freely, and they will back me up!”

“Do you believe that? I have to go all out and cause trouble! It’s nerve-wracking!”

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“But until now, I still don’t know what move the Eighth has up his sleeve. It’s just me facing you, facing the Divine Oracle… To be honest, I’m extremely anxious!”

Number Two remained silent.

He could not discern whether these were truly Xu Xiaoshou’s heartfelt words or a deception.

What was supposed to be a comical conversation, with both parties aware of each other’s stalling tactics, turned into an intense discussion for Xu Xiaoshou.

Number Two held off from taking action.

His tone carried a hint of curiosity, leaving it uncertain whether he was pretending or genuinely gossiping.

“You’re so clever. What do you think Bazhun’an wants to achieve?”

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had been struck by lightning, leaving him completely dumbfounded.


Number Two, the esteemed Divine Oracle, the artificial creation of Dao Qiongcang, a member of the Holy Divine Palace’s ten-person council, and possessing unmatched astuteness…

Was asking a lowly Saint Servant junior about their leader’s intentions?

“Something is definitely not right with you!”

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“Maybe something is wrong with me.”

“How did the situation turn out like this?

“How should I answer you?”

“You are my enemy. Should I pour my heart out to you?”

Xu Xiaoshou’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. His lips pressed together as if he was grappling with his words, and with a forced smile, he softly uttered, “Let’s change the topic.”

At that moment, he even suspected that Number Two had something similar to a Passive System, which could analyze his words and find the correct answers amid all the nonsense.

Or perhaps, he would inadvertently reveal some key information that would be shrewdly captured by Number Two.

Although Xu Xiaoshou himself had no idea what plan the Saint Servant had in mind.

But what if some of the things he was doing were part of Bazhun’an’s plan, and he did not know the reason behind it?

If he spoke, could Number Two deduce Bazhun’an’s true plan by bypassing him through his vast knowledge and information database?

He had to be cautious!

Therefore, he could not speak!

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This topic should not be discussed at all!

However, Number Two calmly shook his head and refused, “Either we fight, or we address this matter. I’ll keep you company until the others arrive.”

“How kind of you!”

Xu Xiaoshou was bitterly amused.

But when he saw signs that Number Two was poised for an attack, he panicked again and hastily waved his hand, and said, “A gentleman settles matters with words, not fists. Let’s just talk, have a conversation.”

He really did not dare to fight Number Two anymore!

Although it appeared that Xu Xiaoshou had the upper hand when Number Two’s combat mode was activated and his first attack ended in failure, it was actually a correct analysis on Number Two’s part.

Xu Xiaoshou simply could not withstand the attacks of Number Two in combat mode. He could only deceive Number Two with his portrait clone and rely solely on anticipation.

As for why Number Two did not realize that he was attacking a mere portrait clone and continued to intercept Xu Xiaoshou’s attempt to send people to Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou speculated that Number Two might have thought of it but chose not to act.

Both sides agreed to change opponents as if they shared a tacit understanding.

Xu Xiaoshou got Mu Zixi and Zhu Yike, while Number Two got Yu Lingdi and the secondary plane door. It was a win-win situation.

This was exactly why Xu Xiaoshou dared to make predictions in advance.

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This Divine Oracle did not care about losing face. He only cared about the true gains and losses.

This was fundamentally different from Rao Yaoyao, Jiang Buyi, and others, and it was also the most terrifying aspect!

In Number Two’s eyes, Yu Lingdi and the secondary plane door were more important than Xu, Mu, and Zhu combined!

“Answer my question,” Number Two urged.

Xu Xiaoshou could not remain silent.

Nonetheless, in that short period of time, he had already found countless reasons for Bazhun’an’s purpose, so he carefully considered and said:

“From your perspective…”

“No need to consider my perspective. I will think for myself,” Number Two interrupted. “Speak from your own perspective. What do you think Bazhun’an is using you for and what is their goal?”

He was as stubborn as a mule!

It was the first time Xu Xiaoshou had a face-to-face conversation with such a formidable enemy, not using indirect negotiation or direct confrontation.

He had never experienced this before. For a moment, he did not know how to respond.

“From my perspective…” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and glanced at Number Two, then lowered his head in contemplation. He lifted his gaze again, his eyes gleaming, and his lips parted.

Number Two abruptly extended his hand, interrupting and declaring, “Once I detect any signs of deception from you, I will deem it as the termination of our conversation, and I will take action to kill you.”