I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1846: 1846

1846 A Bizarre Gossip Chat! (3)

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“You know, no matter how well you humans try to conceal it, some instinctive gestures cannot be hidden when you lie.”

“At times, you humans may not notice these things, but I can.”

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshou grasped the extent of Number Two’s terrifying nature.


This guy was not just a war machine. He was an impeccable lie detector!

Even in what Xu Xiaoshou considered meaningless conversations, Number Two could find advantageous points and start gathering intelligence.

What could be more straightforward than facing the most exceptional and talented player of Saint Servant, communicating face to face, and extracting the ultimate goal of the Saint Servant?

Was this not more effective than interrogation?

If it were any other time, Xu Xiaoshou could hardly believe that the events that transpired in the Arena could occur in the world.

It was too absurd!

The Divine Oracle of the Holy Divine Palace was discussing the ultimate goal of the first-in-command Saint Servant with a member of the Saint Servant. Next, they could even engage in casual conversations like friends, starting their deductions…

Ah! It was too incredulous!

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But Number Two turned this illusion into reality.

Just as his birth itself was impossible, he possessed the ability to turn the impossible into possible.

“How should I answer…” Xu Xiaoshou erased countless explanations from his mind.

Then, he got it figured out.

Bazhun’an did not need him to clean up his mess, nor did he inform him of his plans.

“So, in the current situation, there was no harm in some babbling, right?”

It was not shameful at all to cover his own back.

“Well, I think, firstly, my speculations are limited. Bazhun’an never told me about his plans, no matter when…” Xu Xiaoshou began.

“Get to the point. If you continue to speak drivel, I’ll kill you.”


Xu Xiaoshou choked when he realized his attempt to buy time had been crushed.

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He could only shrug and raise his hands, voicing a sense of helplessness, “I believe Bazhun’an wants to unleash the combat strength within the Inner Island of the Abyss Island. That should be his ultimate goal.”

Number Two’s eyes lit up, revealing a pensive expression.

Soon, he directed his gaze toward him.

“Why are you saying this?”

Xu Xiaoshou was utterly flabbergasted by the sheer absurdity of the question.

He was almost out of breath.

What exactly was this strange feeling?

“We are enemies. How can you show such an expression that only close friends reveal when discussing secrets?”

“I never would have guessed that you, as a Divine Oracle, could actually resemble a human!”

“And you can even express emotions so vividly!”

His thoughts raced in a chaotic frenzy, struggling to comprehend the incredibility of the situation.

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“You want to…”

It took Xu Xiaoshou considerable effort to vocalize a few words. He took a breath, struggling to suppress the discomfort in his heart, and explained in detail to Number Two.

“First of all, the combat strength of Saint Servant is not very high, and I can’t even remember who makes up the Saint Servant Nine Thrones…”

“Well, in other words, besides the Bazhun’an, I only know that Cen Qiaofu is from the higher void. The Storyteller also possesses higher void combat strength.”

“But that’s fine in the five domains of the continent because higher void is considered the pinnacle there.”

“However, when it comes to Abyss Island… or, to be precise, if we were to go to war with your Holy Divine Palace, relying solely on these few individuals clearly wouldn’t be enough in terms of combat strength.”

“At this point, the combat strength of a demi-saint becomes crucial, and the Inner Island of the Abyss Island perfectly meets this requirement.”

“Bazhun’an is the master of the Black and White Veins. If his purpose for this trip is successful, they might have the capacity to engage in a decisive battle with your Holy Divine Palace…”

As he said this, Xu Xiaoshou glanced around the void. Even though he did not see anyone else, he was gripped by a creeping sense of unease.

“Wait a minute…”

“I’m a member of the Saint Servant!”

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“This conversation gives me the feeling that I’m already an outsider!”

“How can I discuss with an enemy the purpose of the first-in-command of the Saint Servant? Even if it’s just speculation…”

“If there really is a decisive battle, Number Two is clearly one of the important opponents!”

A sinking feeling of dread filled his mind as he recognized the implications of his unintended revelation.
“Interesting speculation… and there are some plausible reasons.”

Number Two nodded, neither denying Xu Xiaoshou’s words nor indicating any signs of him lying.

He could see that Xu Xiaoshou was being sincere in his betrayal, like an honest child.

He deserved a reward, not a punishment.

Number Two then asked again:

“So, as a mere member of the Saint Servants who is not even one of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones…”

“You also mentioned that Bazhun’an didn’t tell you their plan, but you were able to deduce their plan.”

“Do you think that’s all there is to the purpose of Bazhun’an?”