As a mother, An Yuan was relieved to know that Little Jiu was in Rong Si’s care.

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Su Shengjing knew that the kid was good to Little Jiu, but he had yet to completely accept him. It would not be so easy for Rong Si to take his daughter away from him!

Su Jiu recalled what had just happened and was still not completely calm.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that whatever Rong Xi had tried to give her couldn’t be good. If Su Jiu had drunk that medicine, who knew what would have happened to her?

It was really… chilling.

Why is Rong Xi such a menace while looking so pure and obedient?

Fortunately, the little villain had been alert.

“Big Brother, thank you for earlier,” Su Jiu said sincerely.

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If it hadn’t been for him, she might have really been in trouble.

“For what?” Rong Si didn’t like her being so polite to him. He reached out and felt the warmth of her forehead.

The fever seemed to have broken. He relaxed a little.

Feeling the warmth of his palm, Su Jiu felt comfortable and leaned into it affectionately like a kitten.

Her hair tickled his palm and his heart.

If it weren’t for other people being present in the ward, Rong Si might have lost control and kissed her.

After having breakfast, Su Jiu received a change of IV solution. The medication made her drowsy, and she closed her eyes after a while and fell asleep.

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Rong Si sat on the edge of the bed, keeping her company. He reached out and touched her forehead again.

The temperature was normal.

He was finally relieved.

Su Shengjing glanced at him and lowered his voice. “Since Little Jiu is asleep, there’s no need to keep watch. Go have lunch.”

“Okay.” Rong Si nodded. He was about to get up when he realized that one of his hands was still in Su Jiu’s.

He could just have removed his hand. However, he still looked at Su Shengjing and raised his eyebrows.

The implication was self-evident.

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Su Shengjing secretly scolded the shameless brat. Doesn’t he just want to stay?

Fine. I will put up with it for now, seeing as he saved Little Jiu again.

Su Shengjing left the ward with An Yuan and Auntie Zhang. He planned to have lunch first. He would reluctantly bring lunch back for this kid today.


At this moment, in another hospital.

Rong Xi went to find a doctor immediately after she had been made to drink the bottle of medicine. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was quickly transferred to the intensive care unit for solitary isolation.

For the rest of the day, she suffered from fever, cold sweat, coughing, fatigue, and even difficulty in breathing. It made her miserable.

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Rong Xi grew angry and upset as thought about how she had been forcefully restrained by those bodyguards and how the contents of the medicine had all poured into her mouth. She was already uncomfortable from the illness, and this made her feel only worse. She started to cry again.

D*mn it! My plan had been perfect.

It’s all because Su Jiu is too lucky. If not, she would be the one lying in the hospital now!

Rong Xi’s symptoms were serious now. If she wanted to fully recover, she would probably have to wait for a year or so!

She wore an oxygen mask and was panting heavily when the door to the ward opened and two doctors in protective gear and masks led in a similarly dressed woman.

As soon as she saw the woman, Rong Xi’s tears fell even more fiercely. She cried out pitifully, “Mom…”

Qiao Man walked to the bedside. Seeing her daughter like this, she got so angry that she wanted to slap her. “You useless thing! Look at what you’ve done to yourself. I told you not to look for that kid. Why didn’t you listen?”