That day, one of the students was acting strange.

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Strange might not be the right word, to be precise. He was acting a bit funny… oh, maybe strange is already a good word for this.


It was the same class time as usual. He – Masaki Kai – was taking his classes seriously.

His best friends, Akira and Shogo, were glancing at Kai and tilting their heads curiously, and so was Mari, who had recently rapidly grown closer to Kai.

“…Kai-kun, what’s wrong?”

She tilts her head at Kai’s behavior to the extent that she murmurs in a whisper.

It should be no surprise, what on earth was happening to Kai was still going on in a form that was easy to understand.

“Well then… here… Masaki, try to solve it.”

“I understand.”

It was now maths time, and Kai stood up quickly when the teacher asked him to do so.

He stood proudly in front of the blackboard and solved the equation without hesitation, with a piece of chalk, to the extent that the teacher watching beside him nodded her head yes.

“How about this?”

“Mm. Perfect answer. That’s great, even though you only learnt it today.”

“No, no, this is only possible because of your teaching. I’ve met a great educator like you, that’s the greatest happiness for me.”

“…Masaki… you.”

The teacher was moved and hugged Kai.

The remaining students looked on smilingly… not at Kai, who seemed to be stimulated as an educator by Kai’s words, and the teacher herself was truly happy to be doing this job. but at Kai, who had just blurted out the such flirt-like words, wondering what was going on.

Some of them were even jealous of his closeness to Mari, letting them know how strange Kai was now.

“Can you solve this problem then? If you don’t understand something, please ask me, let’s solve it together.”

“No, it’s totally fine. I told you, it’s because of your teaching. Now, how about this answer?”

“Mm correct! Oh no, what’s the matter, Masaki, you’re different today.”

“Haha, how many times do I have to tell you? It’s all because of your teaching.”

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“You can expect better results in maths this semester!”

It’s not hard to see how the teachers feel refreshed, but it’s because they know Kai to a certain extent that his classmates realize that there’s something wrong with him now.

Yes, he was somewhat strange today.

His appearance is the same as usual, but his mood is different… Yes, his mood is that of a handsome man, or rather, that of a mature man.

“Phew!, I’m glad I was able to solve it successfully. I’ll just have to keep working hard from now on.”

His determination to work harder was another sign of his improvement, as he was never conceited about having solved the problem, but determined to do more.

What happened to him, of course, no one knows.

His friends also don’t know how to treat Kai now, and just today they were staring at him from a distance.

“Hey, hey Kai-kun.”

“Hm? Ah, Mari. What’s wrong?”

While even his friends were looking at him from a distance, Mari approached Kai.

For Mari, the dark feelings she has for Kai are naturally getting stronger day by day, but just now her confusion is far greater.

In that bewilderment, she approached Kai, but today’s Kai is somehow different.

“Mari is pretty and beautiful today too. I am really happy to be able to talk like this with you like that.”

“Um… well…”

“Haha, have you become embarrassed? But you’re also so adorable like that. Hey Mari, can you get closer to me and show me more of you?”


Mari, she fell on her buttocks as she sat down on the spot.

Her face turned red and she seemed unable to stand up properly, and her friends came to her side to help her, as if they couldn’t bear to see her like that.

However, Kai’s aggression did not stop.

“Mari, lend me your hand.”


Strange, Kai is really strange today.

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However, I didn’t feel bad about being fed such flirting words. On the contrary, I even wished he’d whisper more in my ear.

In the end, the situation was settled when the next class started after that… but Kai’s strange behavior continued in the next class, and the next class after that.

“…Ah, senpai.”


One day during break time, on his way home from the staff room where he had something to do, Kai was approached by a voice.

The person who was there when she turned around was Emu, who spotted Kai and ran up to her as if to get out of the way of her friends.

“Honma? Are you sure about your friends?”

“Oh, they’re fine. I told them to go back first, so…”

Emu’s friends bowed a little to Kai and walked away.

After seeing them off, Kai returned his gaze to Emu and opened his mouth with a refreshing smile that was also different from usual.

“So you wanted to talk to me so much that you took the trouble to come running up to me?”


“No, this is not the way to put it. I wanted to talk to you as well. That’s why I was so happy, Honma.”


Emu also tilted her head at Kai’s unusual behavior.

The break time is not that long, so there is only a little time to talk to each other, which is a bit unfortunate but unavoidable.

“I wish I had more time. Then I could talk to you more.”

“Se, senpai……”

However, Emu was just as embarrassed as Mari, even though she was bewildered.

The reason is that the atmosphere that Kai wears is both gentle and cool.

It was so reminiscent of the day he fought off my stalker.

“Shall we make time for this again, Honma?”

“Ah, yes!”

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What on earth happened to Kai, Emu does not know.

However, because she was concerned about Kai to some extent under the influence of hypnosis, and because she had been disciplined to the extent that she repeatedly called him master under hypnosis, Emu was happy to hear Kai’s words, even if unconsciously.

Later, after parting with Emu, Kai returned to the classroom… but there his atmosphere changed.


He looked around as if he had hit a switch and switched personalities.

“Why am I at school…? I’m supposed to have just woken up… what the hell?”

He doesn’t know what’s going on. He looks so bewildered that it makes you think so.

After that, Kai spent the time until lunchtime while receiving many strange stares, and then it was the long-awaited lunchtime. but he plopped down at his desk in a style that could not hide his confusion.


It was the long-awaited lunch break, and today was also the day Saika was going to have her partner.

Although there were many things I didn’t understand, I could make sense of it all if I thought that maybe I was sleepwalking.

So I didn’t think about what I didn’t understand, and just as I was about to forget about it by tasting Saika’s body to my heart’s content during the lunch break, I realized.

“I charged it properly… why is the battery dead!”

Yes, my phone had run out of charge.

In this case, it was confirmed that I couldn’t use it anymore today, and of course the reservation hypnosis that had been activated against Saika had also expired.

(Lately it’s like I’m living for this every day… haha, jeez…)

While he was in shock like that, a girl approached him.



Kai looked up to see that voice just now.

Standing in front of him and looking down at Kai was Saika.

“Wagatsuma? What’s wrong?”

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Kai muttered in his mind, “No, I was going to call you from now on, and I was going to do whatever I wanted.

“Nah, I’m not sure. But I somehow felt like I was called… maybe? Hey, Masaki-kun, can I stay by your side during this lunch break?”

“Eh? Ah, ah, I don’t mind…”

Muttering that she was glad, Saika borrowed the chair next to him and sat down close to Kai.

He is not sure what is wrong with him, as Saika stares at Kai in profile without saying anything in particular.

However, when she is by his side like this, his eyes are still drawn to her…


That was one word for big, after all.

Afterwards, Mari and her friends approached Kai, who had regained her usual form.

“Um… seriously, just tell me what you’re talking about?”

“You were really sleepwalking and going crazy, weren’t you?”

“Well, but you said it had to be you. It’s not you like that.”

“…Hey Mari, was it that awesome?”

“Yeah! I couldn’t help but get my underwear soaked… oh, my God, it was amazing anyway.”


In the end, Kai had no idea what had happened.

Well, it was no surprise that he had no memory of it, and that this was just an event brought about by his careless experiment.

『Well, I wondet if I can I hypnotise myself?』

He had just woken up in the morning and was looking in the mirror with this thought in his mind.

He started the hypnosis app and ordered himself in the mirror to do this.

『..hmmm, hey me. Let’s spend the day like handsome men!』

And well, that’s the answer to everything.

This is not remembered by Kai, but at least he never wondered why he never thought of doing this again.