754 Crippling Zhao Sheng

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Crippling Zhao Sheng

The disciples of the Heibai Academy all looked towards Zhao Sheng in unison.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere. Zhao Sheng’s arms drooped weakly, and his left shoulder had caved in.


Everyone felt a chill run down their spine. They felt both fear and disbelief.

Great Elder Zhao Sheng was the number one expert of the Heibai Academy, second only to the Academy Master.

With the support of the Eight Gates Immortal Slaying Array, he had the strength of the peak of the Heavenly Surge Realm.
Even so, he still couldn’t last a round against He Chuan.

It was simply inconceivable!

“Great Elder Zhao, how does it feel to have your arm broken?” He Chuan, who had defeated Zhao Sheng, said with a faint smile.

He had only broken his arms. He still has legs!

Everyone’s gazes could not help but once again look at the wailing Zhao Sheng, feeling pity in their hearts.

The Great Elder would definitely die.

Just what sort of monster had the Black-White College offended?

“Activate the Immortal Slaying Array and blast this kid into pieces!” Feeling the gazes of the disciples, Zhao Sheng’s face was extremely ashen. He endured the pain and roared sternly.

If He Chuan really killed him, even if the Heibai Academy wasn’t destroyed, its reputation would be tarnished.

The entire Jizhou Prefecture would no longer have a place for the Heibai Academy to live!

All the disciples instantly realized that this was a matter of life and death for the school, and they would not rest until one of them was dead!

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He Chuan’s figure flashed and instantly appeared above Zhao Sheng, stepping down on his legs.

At this moment, the disciples walked in an orderly manner and quickly occupied the formation.

The pillars of spiritual energy soared into the sky, connected with each other, and quickly entered the light shield above his head.

The light barrier that had originally enveloped Changliu Mountain suddenly shone brightly, and a terrifying aura spread. It was as if it wanted to wipe out everything within the light barrier.

The Eight Gates Immortal Slaying Array could kill any martial artist in the four realms of martial arts!

Upon seeing this, Zhao Sheng, who had a ferocious expression on his face, immediately threw his head back and laughed loudly.

He Chuan was indeed very strong, unexpectedly strong.

But so what? He still had to die today!

“Your son killed me for no reason in the Cangyun Mountains, and you repeatedly attempted to harm the He clan. Today, it’s you who eradicated Heibai Academy.” He Chuan looked at the light barrier calmly.

Black lightning shot out from his sleeves, charging straight toward the disciples of the Heibai Academy.

Lightning as thick as an arm condensed, containing terrifying destructive power, and suddenly bombarded He Chuan.

Even Primordial realm experts would find it difficult to block lightning comparable to divine retribution, much less He Chuan!


The lightning that had originally come to He Chuan’s head suddenly dissipated, turning into countless flowing lights that wreaked havoc.

The huge light barrier that enveloped Changliu Mountain shattered at a speed visible to the naked eye and finally disappeared.

Zhao Sheng’s laughter stopped abruptly!

In the instant that he froze, a muffled thud rang out in his ears. He slowly turned his head, somewhat stiffly, only to see that the Inner Sect disciples of Heibai Academy who had occupied the formation had fallen to the ground one after another, blood flowing out of their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They were dead.

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Many of the disciples’ bodies had already begun to rot and melt, quickly turning into blood.

The sudden disappearance of the attack of the Eight Gates Immortal Slaughtering Array was not because He Chuan was so powerful or invincible that he could break the array with just one sentence.

It was because the disciples in the formation were killed that the formation was broken.

The source of the energy came from the hundreds of inner disciples. Now that they had died tragically, the formation lost its energy supply and naturally collapsed.

These were all inner sect disciples of Heibai Academy, and all of them were at the Spirit Accumulation Realm.

He Chuan had never left the high platform from the beginning to the end, so how could he kill these disciples from afar?

It was the black lightning!

Even though he was heavily injured, as Heavenly Surge Realm martial artist Zhao Sheng’s eyesight was still amazing. He quickly caught Litle Black’s trail.

But this discovery shocked him even more!

The black lightning swam within, and more than half of the 300 inner disciples were killed.

The remaining disciples had never seen such a terrifying scene before.

He was instantly frightened and fled in all directions.

How could they compare to Little Black’s speed?

Soon, the black lightning caught up to him, and he fell to the ground dead.

The outer sect disciples who were rushing over from afar, wanting to support them, were afraid and did not move forward.

Zhao Sheng’s pupils dilated, and his eyeballs were about to pop out.

What exactly was the black lightning?

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How could it be so terrifying?!

The terrifying formation completely dissipated, leaving behind only the disciples ‘panic, miserable wails, and unwillingness and fear before death.

“I said I’m going to break your limbs.” He Chuan looked at Zhao Sheng and said coldly.

He meant what he said!

Zhao Sheng had yet to recover from his shock when He Chuan suddenly raised his right leg and kicked.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard.

Accompanied by Zhao Sheng’s shrill scream, his right leg was forcefully broken.

He Chuan’s expression did not change. He raised his right foot again and suddenly landed on Zhao Sheng’s left leg.

The sound of bones cracking rang out once again, and Zhao Sheng’s left leg was broken.

“I want to kill you. I want to tear you into pieces! Arghhh!” Zhao Sheng screamed miserably and roared ferociously. The intense pain that pierced straight into his heart made his entire body twitch.

“Tear me into pieces? I’m afraid you won’t have this chance.” He Chuan shook his head slowly.

Today, he would let this father and son be companions on the road to the afterlife!

He Chuan’s right hand formed a fist and smashed out, aiming straight for Zhao Sheng’s chest.

A stream of light instantly collided with He Chuan’s fist.


An explosion sounded, and the huge force made He Chuan take a few steps back and look up.

An incomparably ferocious blood-colored streak of light shot out from the depths of the Heibai Academy.

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A thick, cold killing intent spread out like a bone-cutting knife, instantly engulfing the Changliu Mountain peak.

“Academy Master!” Zhao Sheng, who had a pale face and a weak aura, was instantly overjoyed, and his eyes flickered.

“Liu Yang!” He Chuan muttered to himself.

The speed of the waterfall was extremely fast, and it instantly landed on the high platform.

The person was wearing a blood-red robe and looked to be in his thirties. His body was covered in a blood-red light, and his blood-like long hair was scattered behind him, flying in the wind.

He looked bloodthirsty and sinister. The surrounding temperature had dropped quite a bit, and the coldness was bone-piercing.

Especially his exposed arms, as if they had lost their skin. It was red in color as if they were dripping with blood. They revealed a ferocious and ferocious aura, making people’s hearts palpitate.

The Academy Master came out of seclusion!

Zhao Sheng seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw, crying tears of joy.

If the Academy Master still didn’t come out of seclusion, the Heibai Academy would cease to exist!

“I’ve only been in secluded meditation for a few years, but the Heibai Academy has been brought to such a state, and they’ve even been provoked and humiliated by a junior.” Liu Yang looked at Zhao Sheng, whose limbs were broken, and the inner court disciples, who were almost slaughtered. He snorted coldly with an ugly expression. “Academy Master, it’s not that we’re incompetent, but this He Chuan is too monstrous!” Zhao Sheng’s face was ashen.

He felt very aggrieved. He did not expect He Chuan to be so powerful at such a young age.

He had actually single-handedly challenged the entire Heibai Academy. Even a late Heavenly Surge Realm expert like him wasn’t a match for him.

If he had known earlier that He Chuan was such a monster, Zhao Sheng would not have dared to provoke him no matter what.

“You actually dare to come to the Heibai Academy and behave atrociously?” Liu Yang couldn’t be bothered with Zhao Sheng anymore. Instead, he looked at He Chuan and sneered.