755 Liu Yang Appears

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Liu Yang Appears

Half-step Martial Dao!

He was really trash. He had been in seclusion for many years and had yet to step into martial arts!


Feeling the power around Liu Yang, He Chuan smiled coldly.

Before coming to Heibai Academy, he had predicted that Liu Yang would appear.

However, he still overestimated Liu Yang.

He had thought that Liu Yang, who had been in seclusion for several years, would be able to break free from his shackles and enter the realm of martial arts.
In the end, he had only taken a small step forward from the peak of the Heavenly Surge Realm, only reaching the half-step Martial Dao.

In He Chuan’s eyes, this kind of cultivation speed was no different from trash!

As he said coldly, Liu Yang’s killing intent was about to burst out.

No matter what sort of background this person had, the Heibai Academy had existed for many years, and no one had ever dared to humiliate him in such a manner.

Liu Yang’s fierce, bloody killing intent surged out along with the majestic and dense spiritual energy. It rolled around his body and condensed into a blood-red figure. It roared ferociously, and its power was shocking.

“I’m afraid you don’t have the ability!” He Chuan stood still. Spiritual energy surged around his body, and his fighting spirit was high.

It had been many years since someone dared to speak to Liu Yang like this.

The other party was a newborn calf that was not afraid of tigers, but Liu Yang’s killing intent was even stronger!

Liu Yang’s blood-red arms glowed with a bright red light. He punched out directly and attacked He Chuan with unparalleled momentum.

He Chuan’s spiritual energy surged, and he directly used the Tyrant Lion Fist.

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A ferocious lion was formed from the rich spiritual energy and smashed toward Liu Yang.

“The little light dares to compete with the moon?” Yang Liu swung his fist at the lion.

A deafening explosion reverberated in the sky.

Shocking energy fluctuations spread out. The stone platform under his feet was covered in dense moire patterns and shattered inch by inch.

The spirit Lion instantly collapsed, turning into countless streams of light that scattered in all directions.

Liu Yang’s figure suddenly burst out. His entire body was like a ghostly blood shadow. In an instant, he appeared in front of He Chuan. His right arm surged with blood light, and the red light covered the sky. He stretched out his claw.

The wind from the claw was sharp as it tore through the air!

Blood light surged around his body and the blood-colored figure that was constantly roaring gradually solidified in the wind caused by his claws. It quickly attacked He Chuan.

Yin Yang forbidden technique, Nine Yin Claw!

Zhao Sheng’s pupils constricted.

The Yin-Yang technique was a unique technique of the Heibai Academy.

It was divided into the Nine Yang Palm and the Nine Yin Claw, two martial arts techniques. Both Yin and Yang had reached the peak of martial arts and were extremely powerful.

It was listed as a forbidden art by the Heibai Academy, and was forbidden to its disciples.

He didn’t expect that Liu Yang, who had personally ordered the prohibition to cultivate the Nine Yin Claw, would actually use the Nine Yin Claw!

How was this possible?

The blood-red figure was bizarre. It took the lead and rushed over. It even let out ear-piercing cries.

The sound seemed to be able to affect one’s mind, making it impossible for one to focus on the enemy.

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No wonder the other party looked like he was being skinned. It turned out that he was cultivating an evil martial art.

Unfortunately, this bit of power was not enough to affect He Chuan’s mind!

Tiger Roaring Dragon Fist!

His fist and palm were mixed with the roars of tigers and dragons. They condensed into a white-fronted tiger and a ferocious azure dragon and rushed out to meet the blood-red figure.

The sound of a violent collision resounded through the sky.

Under the rampage of the white tiger and the azure dragon, the blood-red figure was like a piece of paper that shattered. In an instant, it disintegrated and was completely blocked.

Liu Yang’s eyes flashed with surprise when he saw the blood shadow being destroyed. However, he was still a peak Heavenly Surge Realm martial artist, a half-step martial artist.

He quickly calmed down, and an even more powerful force surged out of his body, adding to his sharp right claw!

The ferocious white tiger and azure dragon were instantly crushed and vanished.

Liu Yang’s figure did not stop. Spiritual energy gathered at his fingertips, and his right claw seemed to have turned into the sharpest blade. He attacked He Chuan’s vital point at an extremely tricky and ruthless angle.

Faced with Liu Yang’s fierce attack, He Chuan’s body was filled with spiritual energy, and his blood vessels were bulging. Unparalleled power condensed on his body, and he directly faced Liu Yang head-on without retreating!

The two figures instantly crossed and collided in the air like lightning!

It exploded with shocking power, causing ripples in the sky.

Seeing this scene, the outer sect disciples in the distance were dumbfounded. They could see that the two of them were completely in a life-and-death battle. They were both doing their best. If there were a slight mistake, it would lead to the outcome of death on the spot!

Zhao Sheng didn’t even notice the pain in his limbs. His eyes were wide open.

He Chuan was able to fight head-on with Academy Master Liu Yang, who was half a step into the Martial Dao, without falling into a disadvantageous position. It was simply unbelievable!

Was he only a Life Cultivation Realm cultivator?

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The intense battle in the sky continued.

Even though Liu Yang had been in seclusion for many years and had the cultivation of a half-step Martial Dao, he could not gain an advantage under He Chuan’s fierce attack. The two sides were evenly matched.

Everyone stared at him intently.

The explosion came from the sky. Everyone’s eyes could not help but focus and look carefully.

He Chuan’s long hair fluttered in the wind as he retreated dozens of steps. His figure stopped at the edge of the high platform and barely stabilized his body.

It was obvious that Liu Yang, who was a Half-step Warrior, was slightly stronger in the fight just now!

“You can fight me for dozens of rounds with your Life Cultivation cultivation. You can be considered quite capable!” Liu Yang stood in the air, his body glowing with a bloody light, but his expression was not good.

He had a hundred years of cultivation and had gone through many years of seclusion to reach his current cultivation.

However, He Chuan was only a junior but did not fall into a disadvantage after fighting for several rounds. It was simply a slap in the face.

However, if this were all the other party had, then his life would still have to end in the Heibai Academy!

“We’ve dragged this on long enough. It’s time to send you on your way!” He Chuan placed his hands behind his back and said indifferently.

Otherwise, what about Jianning?

“Shameless bragging!” As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Yang turned his claw into a palm and struck out.

Palm-down Nirvana!

Boundless spiritual energy surged out!

The huge spiritual palm emitted a sharp aura that filled the sky. Its terrifying might covered the sky and earth as it descended from the sky and slammed down on He Chuan’s head!

The Yin Yang technique was indeed a good martial art. It was the pinnacle of Yin Yang.

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Unfortunately, it was too weak!

Liu Yang almost spat out blood. He was a peak Heavenly Surge Realm martial artist, a half-step martial artist who had cultivated for a hundred years, yet he was being criticized by this young man.

“You have a sharp tongue and only know how to talk!” Liu Yang laughed sinisterly, and the wind from his palm suddenly soared. The vast power instantly enveloped He Chuan.

He wanted to smash this arrogant brat in front of him into powder!

The rough stone sword immediately appeared in He Chuan’s hand.

Finger Soft Sword Technique, Dripping Water Pierces Stone!

The stone sword stabbed out fiercely, striking the center of the huge spiritual palm, and ripples emerged.

Like a poisonous snake that had been caught by seven inches, the light of the spirit palm suddenly dissipated and stopped, unable to land any further!

Yang Liu’s face turned ugly.

The stone sword looked extremely crude and was so old that it looked like an abandoned weapon.

However, it could easily block the powerful palm print!

Could it be that He Chuan could see where the lifeline was so he could restrain the power of the palm print?


Even in the Yanyang Empire, not many people would dare to take the Yang Palm technique or Yin Yang technique head-on. He Chuan was only a Spirit Accumulation Realm martial artist, so it was impossible for him to see through it.