1641 Entrance Test

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Looking at this mythical scene, Chu Yunfan felt emotional.

Below this jade path were many people. Today was the day the Flying Celestials opened its doors to recruit disciples. Everyone in Grand Xia had heard of it, and there were countless people who came to participate.

Countless voices entered Chu Yunfan’s ears.


“There are so many people. Only a sect like the Flying Celestials could attract so much attention.”

“Heavens, just how many people have come? From what I’ve seen and the people I know, there are already quite a number of geniuses from all over the world gathered here. There are even some who are famous in their provinces.”

“That’s right. Moreover, they’re all powerful experts. Even in the Flying Celestials, Golden Cores are only fringe disciples. Even they might not pass. This time, Flying Celestials is only recruiting 5,000 fringe disciples.”

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“Not even one-tenth of the applicants from every season can get in. Tsk, tsk!”

“Becoming a fringe disciple is nothing. The truly powerful ones are those who manage to become inner disciples as soon as they start.”

“That’s right. I’ve heard about that. These people are different from others. These people came here to become seed disciples. Otherwise, they would have become disciples of the Flying Celestials long ago.”

“Of course. Even among the inner disciples, there are different grades. The truly powerful ones are seed disciples. A seed disciple is a seed that has the hope of becoming a true disciple, out that comes out of every ten people. It’s amazing!”

Chu Yunfan heard everything. He swept his gaze across the crowd and saw powerful auras lurking about. Moreover, many of them were either rich or noble. They seemed to have extraordinary backgrounds.

This was as expected. Cultivation consumed a lot of resources, and Chu Yunfan’s cultivation to this level was almost unique. Normally speaking, if there was no powerful force behind a person, it was impossible to cultivate to this level.

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Of course, the most powerful backer would be the Central Royal Court or the ten great sects. Besides that, joining the great sects was the fastest way to enter the Central Royal Court. Every year, a large number of disciples from the great sects would join the Central Royal Court and work for Grand Xia. Li Qianyuan was one of the best among them.

If one could only be a fringe disciple while being in the Golden Core Stage, then Chu Yunfan speculated that an inner disciple would have to be at least in the Abstract Stage, and that might not even be enough. To become a seed disciple, one would have to be one of the best in the Abstract Stage.

Chu Yunfan’s gaze swept across the crowd. He was shocked to find Huang Feng among them. He was also one of the people who had come to apply for the Flying Celestials. This made him somewhat stunned. He did not know what kind of power Huang Feng was supported by to choose to participate in the Flying Celestials’ test.

Compared to a year ago, Huang Feng was now even more powerful, and his strength had undergone a tremendous change. A year ago, he was only at the fledgling Abstract Stage. Now, he was at least at the intermediate Abstract Stage. This improvement was extremely shocking. He was at least several times stronger than before, but against Chu Yunfan’s improvement, it was not worth mentioning.

Suddenly, many figures flew down from the floating gate. Each figure was stepping on a beam of light. These people were all above the Abstract Stage. As soon as they came out, they stunned the thousands of experts who had come to take the test. After all, the best among them were only at the Abstract Stage, while the figures on the light were all in the Abstract Stage and above. Only a portion of the Abstracts present didn’t care. Some of them even dared to look directly at these experts with a hint of contempt in their eyes.

These Flying Celestials disciples were all dressed in white robes. Their sleeves fluttered in the wind, making them look like celestials from the heavens. At this moment, one of the disciples stepped forward. His gaze was piercingly cold as he swept his gaze over the sea of people. And when he did, not to mention the Golden Cores, even the Abstracts did not dare to look him in the eye.

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A peak Abstract.

This man was definitely the most terrifying peak Abstract that Chu Yunfan had ever seen. The divine power in his body surged, almost on par with Chu Yunfan’s.

Of course, this was only what Chu Yunfan thought. If it was an ordinary person, they would have been scared to death. That was a peak Abstract, and Chu Yunfan was only in the Golden Core Stage. It was already a miracle that he could compare to a peak Abstract at all.

‘Wow, the Flying Celestials are indeed impressive. Just the strength of the leader of the inner disciples is already so impressive. I wonder how glorious the seed and true disciples are.’ Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in wonder, but he wasn’t afraid.

“I didn’t expect to see Fang Yu.”

Someone revealed the identity of this disciple.

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“Didn’t he go to the Border Corps to train a year ago? Nobody expected him to return so quickly, but his strength has indeed increased. He’s only half a step away from the Abstract Observance Stage.”

“I heard some things about him. Fang Yu a peerless genius. His ancestors were disciples of the Flying Celestials. He was born a disciple of the sect, so he’s different from outsiders like us. It’s said that he entered the Abstract Stage three years ago. In just three years, he reached the peak of the Abstract Stage. His future is limitless. It’s also said that he’s being nurtured to be a seed disciple. He might even become a true disciple in the future.”

“This is all old news. Fang Yu already stepped into the Abstract Observance Stage a long time ago. He then encountered an old demon at the Abstract Interpretation Stage and was severely injured after covering the rear alone. He narrowly escaped death and his cultivation has yet to recover.”

The surrounding people gasped. Fang Yu had already reached the peak of the Abstract Stage before he was injured. How powerful would he be when he recovered?

Even Chu Yunfan couldn’t help but admire Fang Yu. Even if it was him, if he were to encounter an Interpreter, he would only be able to barely protect himself and escape. Fang Yu’s strength was indeed extraordinary.

“The test is about to begin. Golden Cores, please stand on the left to participate in the fringe disciple test. We are only accepting 5,000 Golden Cores. Abstracts, stand on the right. There is no limit to the number of Abstracts as long as they meet the requirements,” Fang Yu said.

Chu Yunfan nodded. It seemed that the Flying Celestials had certain restrictions on the recruitment of Golden Cores. They probably only recruited the strongest and most talented among them.