Chapter 50:1 Discarded Him

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Translator: _Min_

Upon recognizing the distinctive voice, Gu Dai had known without turning her head that the speaker was Song Ling’s younger sibling, Song Yu. With an icy tone, she retorted, “Are you a tapeworm in my gut? Mow can you be so certain about my invitation?”


Throughout the preceding three years, one of the primary factors for her subdued personality had been the mother-daughter pair, Wang Lan and Song Yu.

In the presence of outsiders, especially Song Ling, they would playact as a harmonious mother and sister, constructing a facade. However, whenever Song Ling was away, they would drop the pretense, revealing their repugnant true selves, and treat her like a plaything.

Song Yu, in particular, would command her to undertake various tasks. Dirtying the villa and then making her clean the whole place, hand-washing the family’s laundry, installing a tracking device on her, compelling her to walk for hours to purchase milk tea, and so forth; such orders were routine.

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Gu Dai, who once endeavored her utmost to integrate into the Song family, catered to this mother-daughter duo in every conceivable way. Despite facing such abhorrent tasks, she refrained from resistance, opting instead to endure and comply.

During one of her menstrual cycles, she also developed a fever. Overwhelmed by such circumstances, she found herself in distress and thus reached out to Song Ling with her grievances.

Yet, after connecting the call, all she received was Song Ling’s impatient rebuttal, “They would never stoop so low! I’m aware that you’re trying to manipulate my empathy to win my affection, but let me clarify, Gu Dai, your approach is erroneous. It’s a grave mistake. Your current conduct won’t evoke my sympathy, but will instead incite disgust. How could you be so scheming?”

Each word served as a sharp dagger, puncturing her heart.

If Wang Lan and Song Yu were responsible for her physical torment, then Song Ling was the source of her mental agony.

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Therefore, upon encountering them, Gu Dai was unable to conceal the loathing that was deeply engraved in her heart.

When Wang Lan and Song Yu’s gaze crossed the hatred in Gu Dai’s eyes, they instinctively shuddered, shrinking their necks, avoiding eye contact, and daring not to meet her gaze.

Upon witnessing the craven conduct of the pair beside her, Jiang Yue was on the brink of grinding her teeth in frustration. She managed to retain a smile and commented to Gu Dai, “Isn’t it inappropriate for a younger person to glare at their elders like that?”

To Jiang Yue’s statement, Gu Dai offered a mere indifferent response, “Oh?”

As Jiang Yue voiced out, Wang Lan jolted back to reality. Seeing Song Yu still trembling with fear, she reached out and pinched her harshly.

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Simultaneously, Wang Lan reprimanded Song Yu in a frosty tone, “Did I nurture you to be so timid in daily life? Raise your head! She’s just a rustic girl, what are you scared of?”

Under Wang Lan’s painful pinch, Song Yu’s face contorted in agony. She instinctively desired to retaliate against Wang Lan, but she swallowed her words upon meeting her stern gaze.

Observing the internal discord between the two, Gu Dai couldn’t help but let out a faint chuckle.

The instant Wang Lan heard Gu Dai’s laughter, she swiftly raised her head to glare at her. It was only at that moment that she realized the woman standing in front of her was not the docile Gu Dai she remembered.

Nonetheless, Wang Lan was convinced that one aspect would persist – that Gu Dai would still be terrified to her core. Without any courtesy, she reprimanded, “Gu Dai, how dare you show such disrespect to me now. Song Ling will surely loathe you when he sees you behaving in this manner!”

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“Loathe me?” At the mention of Wang Lan’s familiar words, Gu Dai couldn’t help but question, “Do you think I’m concerned about that?”

The triumphant expression on Wang Lan’s face froze. She hadn’t anticipated this unexpected twist.

Upon noticing Wang Lan’s reaction, Gu Dai realized something and softly remarked, “I suppose you’re unaware that when I divorced Song Ling, it was my choice. I’m not fond of him, and I discarded him.”

Completely oblivious to their public surroundings, Wang Lan exclaimed in disbelief, “Impossible! My son is so wonderful, how could you possibly not be fond of him!”

At this juncture, even Jiang Yue seemed perturbed. She stepped forward and reproached, “Sister Gu Dai, I comprehend that you’re distressed after your divorce, but you can’t fabricate stories. You shouldn’t delude yourself with false narratives just to feel better..”