[Back in the day, Supreme Green Grass had been a 6th Dome Supreme being. He had dropped five petals and almost killed a Zerg Heavenly Venerate with a single slash.

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[This had laid the foundation for victory in the battle between humans and Zergs.

And now, Sage Emperor Saber had used his 8th Order cultivation to unleash this attack. He had dropped four petals, but the power of this attack had increased by a hundred times.

[Such an attack was naturally comparable to a Supreme being’s attack.


[A loud shout rang out from the willow tree’s body. At that moment, it could sense the fatal danger it was in. Vines and willow branches shot out in a frenzy, trying to block this fatal attack.

[However, it was useless. Given its 9th Sage Emperor cultivation, how could it possibly withstand a Supreme being’s attack?

[It could barely maintain itself by relying on the energy it had absorbed in the Endless Black Hole region.

[Unfortunately, Liu Qing did not have any ability to defend against this attack.

[The long saber sliced through the universe as well as Liu Qing’s huge body.

[There was no earth-shattering sound. It was as if nothing had happened. After the saber shadow entered Liu Qing’s body, it regained its calm.

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[In the next moment, a series of explosions sounded. The entire willow tree started to be dismembered, piece by piece. It was as if a specially polished piece of wood had fallen off the willow tree.

[This attack actually dismembered the entire willow tree.

[One black hole after another started to explode, blasting the floating piece of wood into dust.

[Sage Emperor Slow led the unconscious Sage Emperor Saber toward their spaceship.

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear also led Alchemist Akator toward the spaceship. However, there was a deep haze in his eyes.

[In a corner of the black hole that no one noticed, a small willow tree that was only half a meter long took a few deep glances at them before burrowing into the black hole.]

[The location of the spaceship was very far away from the location of the battle. After everyone got off the spaceship, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear sent the spaceship away from the battle area. Although it was slightly affected and damaged, it was not a big problem.

[You had already returned to the spaceship and quietly waited for the return of those few people.

[At that moment, you were extremely pleased with yourself. It was really a blessing in disguise. The willow tree was killed, and your life was finally safe.

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‘This talent is too much of a rip-off. Luckily, it’s calculated according to the age of the human race. If it was calculated according to the Dragon race, I’m afraid that a single strike from a random person would be able to take my life…’

[You could now deeply feel the disadvantages of this talent.

[Putting aside the fact that some races’ offspring were considered 1-year-olds after living for 100,000 years. If you were to encounter an old monster who possessed a body and was reborn, it would take them less than ten years to cultivate to the Sage Emperor realm.

[If you were to encounter such an opponent, even if you were a 9th Order Sage Emperor and had many Sage Emperor weapons, you would probably not be a match for them.

‘I must level up your talent. Otherwise, I will have a huge flaw…’ you said silently in your heart.

[The next moment, the gate of the Star-class spaceship opened. Sage Emperor Slow flew in with the unconscious Sage Emperor Saber. When he saw you, he was obviously shocked as well. However, when he saw that you noticed you were a 1st Order Sage Emperor, he was not surprised at all.

[That was because he remembered your performance at the beginning. When you hit the willow tree, you were severely injured by the backlash and almost died. It was probably at that time that you returned to the spaceship to recuperate, and that was how you managed to escape.

[After that, Fifth Bodhisattva Bear and Alchemist Akator boarded the spaceship. When he saw you, he were also shocked. However, they did not say anything. Instead, they navigated the spaceship out of the Endless Black Hole region.]

[On the 226th day, after a few days of traveling, the spaceship successfully approached the human race’s teleportation formation area.

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[During this period, you encountered more than ten spaceships. Those who wanted to get close were all scared away by the auras of Fifth Bodhisattva Bear, Sage Emperor Saber, and Sage Emperor Slow.

[This was also the reason you did not make a move when they were at their weakest.”

[First, you didn’t know how to navigate a spaceship. In this area where black holes were everywhere, you were really afraid that you would accidentally open a hole.

[Secondly, in order to avoid encountering people who had designs on you, it was inevitable that there would be a big battle if there were no strong people guarding the place.

[Although an individual like Liu Qing was rare, it was not impossible to encounter someone else like it.

[When you approached the human race’s teleportation formation, you opened your eyes.

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear, Sage Emperor Saber, and Sage Emperor Slow all looked at you.

[This operation, not to mention Alchemist Akator’s 10,000,000 Yuan, just the resources he collected alone could be sold for 15,000,000 Yuan.

[In total, it was 25,000,000 Yuan. Such wealth tempted Fifth Bodhisattva Bear and the other two. If not for being afraid of each other, they would have gone all out long ago. Only one of them would be able to leave this place alive.

[Since the three of them were similar in strength, they had no choice but to split it equally. However, you were just a piece of trash at the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm. If they were to split it with you, the three of them would not be satisfied.

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[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear said with a sinister smile, “Kid, if you want to blame someone, you can only blame your bad luck. You’ve already cultivated to the Sage Emperor realm. I didn’t expect that your brain would still be so slow.”

“Brother Slow, are you going to make a move, or should I?”

[Although Sage Emperor Saber hadn’t fully recovered, and the little flower on his head had only grown three petals, he was still in a pretty good condition. He wiped the long saber in his hand with his hand and looked at Fifth Bodhisattva Bear.

“Aiya, I’m old, I’m old. I can’t see too much killing. Make your move. I’m going to take a nap…”

[Sage Emperor Slow obviously had a bit of character. He looked in your direction with a hint of pity, but now that things had come to this, he couldn’t say anything. Moreover, if he wanted to keep you alive, wouldn’t he have to give you some of the money he obtained? Naturally, he was even more unwilling.

[There were a total of five people in the spaceship. Alchemist Akator was still unconscious at this moment. Two people wanted to kill you, while one was pretending to sleep.

[Seeing such a laughable scene, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud as well.


[Seeing that you were laughing even before your death, Sage Emperor Saber’s eyes narrowed. He stood up and walked in your direction. As he walked, he asked, “What? You’re going to die soon. Are you stupid? How can you still laugh?”

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear also looked at you with disdain. You’re just a piece of trash in his eyes. It’s not that he didn’t like you, but you were just an ant that can be killed with a wave of his hand.

[The reason you were smiling was that you could feel a potent surge of energy coursing through your body,

[When you were facing Fifth Bodhisattva Bear, Sage Emperor Saber, and Sage Emperor Slow, your battle prowess could increase by 10,000 times. They were old monsters that had lived for millions of years.]