Chapter 3478: 3478

Chapter 3478: Corpses

It was no wonder Pangu would try to remind Huang Xiaolong. After all, out of ten experts who entered the Yin Yang Road of Death, nine of them would lose themselves within. The moment they did, there was no coming back. They would turn into undead corpses that wandered around the lands, never to be saved again.

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That was because Gods of Creation were unable to enter the Yin Yang Road of Death. If Huang Xiaolong were to turn into an undead corpse, Pangu couldn’t do a thing about it.

Afraid that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t take him seriously, Pangu continued to nag about several other points he had to take note of.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled with amusement, “Master, when did you become a nagging old man?”

“Shut up, you stupid brat!” Pangu roared while sending a kick towards Huang Xiaolong’s buttocks.

Soon after, Pangu watched Huang Xiaolong’s disappearing figure as he entered the Yin Yang Road of Death.

Sighing to himself, Pangu realized that Huang Xiaolong’s talent was too legendary. The moment he entered the God of Creation Realm, he would truly turn into an overlord capable of dominating the universe. No one would be able to stop his rise!

When that happened, Huang Xiaolong would be able to unleash the terror of the three worlds he possessed.

Like what Pangu said, there was absolutely no sound in the Yin Yang Road of Death. Everything was dead, and Huang Xiaolong couldn’t hear a thing. There were no ferocious roars of beasts, and rocks didn’t make a sound when they fell to the ground. Huang Xiaolong saw a volcano erupting from the corner of his eye, but that didn’t make a sound either.

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It was as though all sound was sealed in the Yin Yang Road of Death!

As he flew forward, Huang Xiaolong observed his surroundings.

The Yin Yang Road of Death had an end, and it was where yin and yang energy gathered. It was the purest form of energy, and one would be able to comprehend the laws of the universe more clearly there!

As such, Huang Xiaolong wasted no time in making his way over.

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy for him to arrive. From what Pangu said, there were countless undead corpses wandering the Yin Yang Road of Death. They were experts at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm who had lost themselves! Even though he wasn’t afraid of a single corpse, Huang Xiaolong knew that it would be troublesome if he was ambushed by a massive group of them.

Other than them, countless universe beasts were roaming the Yin Yang Road of Death. They were even stronger than the universe beasts outside, and they had an extremely powerful regenerative ability.

Not too long after Huang Xialong arrived on the Yin Yang Road of Death, a giant palm appeared in the skies above him. It slammed down towards him, and a shocking amount of power filled the skies. It was an expert with 1.2 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

The palm moved extremely quickly, and due to the absence of sound in the Yin Yang Road of Death, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t hear it coming.

Despite that, he casually raised his hand to block the strike when it was several feet away from his head. Huang Xiaolong swatted his hand, only to be met with a giant black bear-like beast falling from the void.

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Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan on showing mercy as he killed the beast with a single slap.

He was unable to bring them out of the Yin Yang Road of Death anyway.

As he continued onwards, the mysterious yin and yang energy around him grew stronger.

Huang Xiaolong felt as though he was toeing the line between life and death as a strange sensation filled his body.

When he first entered the Yin Yang Road of Death, Huang Xiaolong didn’t find anything weird with the lack of sound. However, after some time, he found it a little weird.

There was a sense of oppression due to the lack of noise, and even experts who had powerful willpower would go crazy after some time.

Huang Xiaolong finally understood why experts at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm would lose themselves in the Yin Yang Road of Death to become undead corpses. If one was trapped in a silent box for eternity, there was no doubt they would go insane after some time.

However, Huang Xiaolong had already comprehended the use of universe energy. His dao souls were also tempered with its power, and his willpower and dao souls were much stronger than any Dao Venerable! He managed to adjust his mental state after a short while.

In two days, Huang Xiaolong had no idea how many beasts he killed. However, he failed to find a single undead corpse.

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As he continued to travel deeper into the Yin Yang Road of Death, another figure appeared outside the Yin Yang Road of Death. His body was covered in frosty qi, and he stared at the Yin Yang Road of Death with an unwavering gaze. 

He thought for half a day as unease flashed in his eyes. He didn’t know if he should enter the Yin Yang Road of Death or not.

Only after half an hour did he get to his feet. Charging straight into the Yin Yang Road of Death, he disappeared into the void.

Half a day passed…

When Huang Xiaolong killed yet another beast, a bony white arm appeared in the void behind Huang Xiaolong. Just as it was about to stab straight into his back, the Huang Long Armor appeared to protect Huang Xiaolong. Even so, Huang Xiaolong could feel a stinging pain in his back.

Of course, the other party was sent flying by the recoil of Huang Xiaolong’s defense.

Turning around, he noticed that the assailant was clad in white-scaled armor. Death qi was emitted from every orifice in the man’s body. 

Clearly, the creature who tried to attack Huang Xiaolong was an expert at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm who tried to break through to the God of Creation Realm. He lost himself along the way, and he turned into an undead qi. After an eternity, the death qi around him reached a shocking degree!

The undead corpse wasn’t surprised that he failed on the first try. Instead, he continued to rain down attacks on Huang Xiaolong. Endless death qi filled the skies and shockwaves filled the space around them.

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Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother using his grand cosmos energy. He sent out a punch, causing the undead corpse to tumble through the air.

He might have dealt with the creature, but a terrifying amount of death qi seeped into Huang Xiaolong’s body!

In an instant, his organs were surrounded by the extremely corrosive death qi from the Yin Yang Road of Death!


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