Legend of the Transcendent

Chapter 197: Ding and Fire

The battles of Foundation Establishment cultivators were scattered in every corner of the main peak of the sect, but Mi Xiaojing didn't pay any attention to these fights.

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The main peak was vast, with gaps everywhere. During this period, the cultivators of the Foundation Establishment and Elemental Infant stages were exhausted. The Foundation Establishment cultivators were slightly better off as they were only responsible for continuous patrolling. Once an enemy appeared, they would immediately summon the Elemental Infant stage masters to defend.

This made the Elemental Infant cultivators miserable. They had to patrol and fight at any time to prevent anyone from attacking any point of the large formation. Some hot-tempered fellows couldn't stand this state and directly charged out to fight in places far away from the Elemental Infant stage masters.

Many Elemental Infant cultivators returned to the front of the main hall, each of them silent, sitting down on the spot to recuperate and cultivate. Mi Xiaojing soon discovered the reason - the spiritual qi here was the most abundant.

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Due to the activation of the defensive formation, a lot of the spiritual qi of the main peak was absorbed. Cultivating in other places was far less effective than outside the main hall of the sect, so they all ran over.

Those who had rested and recuperated would immediately leave to continue their tasks.

Some Foundation Establishment cultivators who were closer also ran over. They didn't dare to approach the entrance of the main hall, but sat down at a distance to recuperate and cultivate.

Mi Xiaojing just watched as people came and went. He noticed some cultivators who were injured, silently consuming spirit pills. Those cultivators without spirit pills were randomly sprinkling some medicinal powder on their wounds and bandaging them casually.

A day passed with Mi Xiaojing in cultivation. Cultivators had no concept of time when cultivating. Basically, with a blink of an eye, half a day had passed. People came and went outside the main hall of the sect, and soon it was the second day.

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On the third day, Mi Xiaojing noticed that there were more injured people, and many of them were Elemental Infant cultivators.

The battles during this period were very tough. Mo Chentian had already taken out all the healing spirit pills from the sect's collection, but it was still far from enough. Especially now that all the peaks had cut off contact, even if they wanted to go to Qingmu Peak for alchemy, they couldn't.

Probably since the establishment of the Heart Sect, this was the first time they had been forced into such a situation. They had never thought that the peaks would cut off contact, making the cultivators of the main peak very uncomfortable.

One day, Mo Chentian hurried over. When he saw Mi Xiaojing, his eyes lit up. Mi Xiaojing was sitting cross-legged on a rush cushion at the entrance of the main hall, seemingly cultivating. He didn't disturb him and sat down not far from Mi Xiaojing.

A group of Elemental Infant and Foundation Establishment cultivators were so shocked that their eyeballs almost fell out. This was the Sect Leader!

After a while, Mi Xiaojing opened his eyes and saw Mo Chentian. He was about to stand up and salute, but was held down by Mo Chentian, who said, "No need to get up, cough, I want to ask, can you refine pills now?"

Mi Xiaojing nodded, "I can refine pills, but I need earth fire and a suitable pill furnace, and also materials."

Mo Chentian was completely speechless. After a while, he said with a bitter smile, "We don't have earth fire. There is a decent pill cauldron in the treasure house. Also, we don't have many materials, mostly high-level ones. But what we need now are low-level spirit pills, mainly healing spirit pills. Do you have a way?"

At this point, Wang Weijun had already started shouting on the Heart Tower, "There is a way! There is a bit of Golden Flame in the treasure house!"

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"What Golden Flame? I didn't see it!"

"Idiot, just because you didn't see it doesn't mean I didn't. It's on the bottom layer. I saw it at a glance. Ask him for it!"

"If I ask for it, can I refine pills?"

"Of course, isn't that obvious? Why else would I ask you to get it? Hurry, that Golden Flame is a good thing!"

Mi Xiaojing lowered his head, and Mo Chentian watched him anxiously. When the surrounding people heard about alchemy, they immediately became excited. Given the current consumption, healing spirit pills had become extremely scarce and were nowhere to be found.

Any cultivator who participated in the battle, even if they had previously stored some healing spirit pills, would absolutely not be willing to take them out now. Even if they were injured in battle, as long as the injury was not severe, they would just clean and bandage it, sprinkle some medicinal powder, and absolutely not willing to consume spirit pills.

Now seeing the Sect Leader come to inquire about Mi Xiaojing, everyone realized that Mi Xiaojing should be able to refine healing spirit pills. This was too important.

Each of the Elemental Infant and Foundation Establishment cultivators stared at Mi Xiaojing with burning eyes.

Mi Xiaojing said, "There is a way, but it requires some conditions to possibly refine healing spirit pills."

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Mo Chentian was overjoyed and said, "What conditions? As long as the sect has it, we will definitely satisfy you!"

Mi Xiaojing said, "First, I need the Golden Flame from the treasure house!"

"Second, I need a suitable pill cauldron, not the kind that relies on earth fire, but one that can use Golden Flame instead of earth fire. The pill cauldrons I have are not suitable. Third..."

Mi Xiaojing listed his requirements while counting on his fingers.

Mo Chentian knew that Mi Xiaojing had been to the treasure house, so it wasn't particularly strange that he knew about the Golden Flame. The only thing that puzzled him was how Mi Xiaojing's knowledge was so extensive, even recognizing the rare Golden Flame. It seemed that the inheritance he received was indeed powerful.

"Okay, I'll have someone fetch it right away!"

Mi Xiaojing said, "It's a pity that the materials are insufficient."

Mo Chentian nodded, "I'll solve that!"His solution was simple. Those who wanted to perform alchemy had to provide their own materials. They could pool resources together or pay individually.

In addition, alchemy required a certain fee. This fee was demanded by Mi Xiaojing himself. It could be in the form of Spirit Stones or materials. These materials were not limited to alchemy materials, but could also include materials for refining tools.

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Mi Xiaojing did not take advantage of the situation to extort them. The fee he set was very low, and he even allowed temporary credit if there was no fee. He had long understood that if the Heart Sect was breached, he would not benefit at all. Moreover, the enemy wouldn't care who you were, they would still hunt you down.

Soon, the Pill Cauldron and Jin Yan were brought over, along with a batch of high-grade alchemy materials.

This was a spiritual Pill Cauldron that could use earth fire for alchemy, or spirit fire like fire essence. In the eyes of a Pill Master, this Pill Cauldron was absolutely a priceless treasure.

Kui Dragon Cauldron!

Wang Weijun was surprised. He hadn't noticed this cauldron when he was in the treasury.

Mi Xiaojing asked, "Is this Kui Dragon Cauldron famous?"

Wang Weijun, sitting on the Heart Tower, waved his hand and said, "Not because of this cauldron, but because of the Kui Dragon. This cauldron uses the Kui Dragon spirit pattern. Few people in the Cultivation World understand this spirit pattern now. Look at this cauldron, it's a rare single-footed cauldron. I don't know where the Heart Sect got it from, but they even collected such a strange cauldron. Haha, but I just happen to understand!"

Mi Xiaojing thought to himself, "It seems like there's nothing this old man doesn't know. He's really amazing."

"The Kui Dragon Cauldron looks so complicated. Is this the Kui Dragon spirit pattern?"