Legend of the Transcendent

Chapter 198: Kui Dragon Al hemy

The Kui Dragon Cauldron had a rare appearance, with a single foot, or a single support point, unlike other pill cauldrons that either had three or four feet. It was rare to see a cauldron with a single foot, which meant that the Kui Dragon Cauldron did not stand on its foot, but had some other mystery.

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Single foot, round belly, thin neck, the mouth of the cauldron was a monster's mouth, roaring towards the sky. The whole appearance looked extremely bizarre.

Before it was activated, the Kui Dragon Cauldron was only the size of a palm, emitting a faint glow. It could be held in one hand and looked very delicate.

Mi Xiaojing found that the treasures of the Cultivation World, once they reached a certain level, there were no ugly things.

After careful consideration, Mi Xiaojing had some understanding of the Kui Dragon's spiritual patterns, but to master them, unless Wang Weijun helped, it would be impossible to succeed without some time to explore.

The Golden Flame was placed in a transparent bottle. Not to mention the Golden Flame, the bottle itself was also very special.

This was a bottle directly formed by sealing spiritual patterns, with seven spiritual patterns. Its framework was made of ten-thousand-year-old profound ice. Holding it in hand, there was an extremely cold feeling, but it was completely isolated by the seal.

A bit of Golden Flame, only the size of a soybean, was a completely golden flame. Its body was very small, emitting a golden glow, filling the entire bottle, like a bottle full of golden liquid, with layers of fluctuations, spreading out from the Golden Flame in circles.

"So beautiful!"

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Mi Xiaojing didn't know how to describe it. The golden flame was like a living thing, with its waves carrying a certain magical rhythm, making people unconsciously immersed in it.

Wang Weijun reminded him, "Don't get addicted!"

Mi Xiaojing was startled and immediately came to his senses. Such a treasure naturally made people addicted!

As the Sect Leader, Mo Chentian was somewhat heartbroken to take out the best collection of the sect. However, the sect had reached a critical moment. If there were healing Spirit Pills, the strength of the main peak would not decline too quickly. If there were Cultivating Essence Pills, the endurance of the sect's experts could be greatly improved.

This was a price the sect had to pay.

There were also various alchemy materials collected by the sect, all of which were high-grade goods. Some of them even made Wang Weijun exclaim in admiration. However, many of the materials were not useful to Mi Xiaojing at the moment.

Strictly speaking, these were materials for refining higher-level Spirit Pills. With Mi Xiaojing's current cultivation level, it was impossible to refine them, even if he had the inheritance, he still couldn't do it.

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However, Mi Xiaojing would not refuse these high-grade materials and immediately collected them. Precious materials were naturally never too many.

Mo Chentian said, "If you need anything else, just say it. As long as the sect has it, there will be no problem. Of course, it is limited to alchemy."

Mi Xiaojing was not surprised. Mo Chentian was not so foolish. He would not give anything unrelated to alchemy. If it weren't for the current emergency, with the shortage of Spirit Pills affecting the battle, he would not have taken out so many treasures.

For the place of alchemy, Mi Xiaojing directly chose the main hall of the sect, which was the safest place.

Of course, this was also the most dangerous place. If the enemy broke in, they would definitely rush to the main hall first. This was the core area of the sect.

Seeing that Mo Chentian was still standing and not leaving, Mi Xiaojing said, "Sect Leader, I need some time to study. I can start alchemy only after I understand it. This is my first time dealing with the Kui Dragon Cauldron and the Golden Flame."

Mo Chentian nodded and said, "Okay, I will send someone over to follow your orders!" After saying this, he left cleanly and called someone to follow the orders.

Not everyone could enter the main hall of the sect. They had to have the approval of the sect's high-level officials to enter.

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Yong Ji, Wan Bao, and Mo Yuer, the three of them followed Mi Xiaojing's orders. Mo Chentian knew that his daughter was idle and didn't need to fight, so he simply assigned her a task to shut other people up.

In fact, Mi Xiaojing's storage bracelet contained many Spirit Pills, especially low-level ones. But he couldn't sell them at this moment. If he sold them at a high price, it would definitely cause public anger. So he kept silent until Mo Chentian came here, and he found an opportunity and also got two treasures of the sect.

Now as long as Mi Xiaojing started alchemy, he could sell the Spirit Pills he had refined before.

With the help of Wang Weijun, Mi Xiaojing finally activated the Kui Dragon Cauldron and successfully put the Golden Flame into the Kui Dragon Cauldron. The two successfully combined.

Wan Bao was assigned to guard the door, Mo Yuer took orders, and Yong Ji received materials and delivered Spirit Pills, providing a one-stop service.

The activated Kui Dragon Cauldron was not too big, with a diameter of only two feet. Even after being enlarged, this Pill Cauldron was still extremely delicate. Between the Kui Dragon's spiritual patterns, there were faint white mists swirling around. The entire Kui Dragon Cauldron was suspended above the ground, with its single foot not touching the ground, but with a finger's gap. In other words, the entire Kui Dragon Cauldron was floating in the air.

The bottle of the Golden Flame had not been unsealed yet. This seal could not be opened. It was put into the Pill Cauldron as a whole, and the Golden Flame automatically sank into the fire chamber of the Pill Cauldron. There were special spiritual patterns here to communicate with the seal, which could guide the energy of the Golden Flame.

This was a completely new way of refining, which was quite different from the previous alchemy. Of course, there were also many similarities. The previous alchemy experience was also helpful for this alchemy.

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He tried to refine a batch of Clear Tranquility Pills.

Everything went smoothly at the beginning. The heat was a little difficult to control, but Mi Xiaojing quickly found that the flame brought by the Golden Flame was really stable. He could now control it precisely.

The earth fire used for alchemy before was controlled by the fire control formation. Various uncontrollable factors could ruin a batch of pills inadvertently. But now the source of fire was not only stable but also controllable in size, which saved a lot of effort.

After trying to control it a little, Mi Xiaojing was extremely surprised in his heart. This was definitely a top-grade Pill Cauldron for alchemy. Once his cultivation level increased, he could definitely refine higher-level Spirit Pills.Using the Kui Dragon Cauldron to refine low-level Spirit Pills is somewhat wasteful. This Pill Cauldron is a major consumer of Spirit Stones. The golden flame, if not placed in the cauldron, basically has no consumption. However, once it is put in, after each alchemy, a certain amount of Spirit Stones needs to be added to replenish the energy of the golden flame. If the refining continues, the golden flame will gradually weaken.

Only by replenishing Spirit Stones can the golden flame continue to perform alchemy for a long time. Moreover, as time goes by, the quality of the golden flame will gradually improve. If Spirit Stones are not used, the quality of the golden flame will not decrease, but it will not improve either.

Using the Kui Dragon Cauldron for alchemy, the speed is extremely fast. In no time, Mi Xiaojing found that the pill was about to be formed. He was full of anticipation for the final Condensing Elixir process.

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