Legend of the Transcendent

Chapter 199: Stalemate

In an instant, the Condensing Elixir was completed, and a strong aroma of the elixir spread out. Many injured cultivators gathered at the entrance of the main hall. They didn't dare to enter, but when the aroma of the elixir wafted out, they couldn't help but sit cross-legged to absorb the free-floating elixir scent in the air, which could also alleviate their injuries.

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Mi Xiaojing was a bit stunned. The result of this elixir production surprised him.

There were a total of eighteen Clear Tranquility Pills. Among them, one was a failed pill, ten were lower-grade pills, and there were also five middle-grade pills and two standard high-grade pills. This kind of elixir condensation situation was the first time Mi Xiaojing had encountered it.

Generally speaking, either all were failed and lower-grade pills, or all were lower and middle-grade pills, or all were middle and high-grade pills. It was rare to see such a range, from failed pills to high-grade pills. What kind of elixir production method was this?

Also, the quantity was large. When refining elixirs with earth fire, there was rarely such a large output.

"Old man, this way of producing elixirs is strange!"

"What's so strange about it? Using earth fire and golden flame can't be compared. Moreover, this is the Kui Dragon Cauldron. Don't compare it with your garbage pill cauldrons. It's normal for the Kui Dragon Cauldron to produce a lot of elixirs!"


Mi Xiaojing was speechless. He really didn't know the gap between the two would be so big.

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However, he quickly cheered up. Being able to produce more elixirs was a good thing no matter what, as it could save a lot of time.

Wang Weijun said, "Indeed, a lot of low-level spirit pills will be produced. However, if you switch to spirit pills used in the Elemental Infant stage, there will be much fewer. Of course, it's definitely much stronger than before. The higher the grade of the spirit pill, the fewer elixirs will be produced. Don't be too happy too early."

Mi Xiaojing began to refine pills with everyone's materials, which solved a big problem. The cultivators fighting on the main peak often didn't dare to let go because of the lack of healing spirit pills. They instinctively chose a conservative approach. Once something went wrong, they would immediately retreat to the defensive array, and the overall combat power would invisibly drop a lot.

With the healing elixirs refined by Mi Xiaojing, the overall combat power of the main peak began to rise, and many cultivators dared to fight.

Part of the spirit pills were taken away by the sect, which was for those disciples who had made contributions. Part of them were given to the cultivators who provided the materials. Mi Xiaojing didn't keep any, nor did he receive any rewards. He considered it as practice. He even subsidized some materials and refined some more spirit pills.

There was one thing that Mi Xiaojing understood very well. Everyone was in the same boat. As long as the boat didn't sink, everything would be fine. Once the boat sank, everyone would be doomed.

No matter how much Mi Xiaojing disliked this boat, since he was on it, he had to make an effort.

As a result, the cultivators of the Foundation Establishment and Condensing Elixir stages in the sect began to recognize Mi Xiaojing. Also, because of his spirit pills, he gained the respect of others. This had nothing to do with strength and cultivation level. They respected Mi Xiaojing's serious attitude and recognized and appreciated his alchemy level.

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In this way, Mi Xiaojing's popularity in the Heart Sect soared. No one would offend a master alchemist. Except for Chen Shouyi, who was jealous and ruthless among his peers, everyone else was showing goodwill openly or secretly.

Of course, Chen Shouyi was not currently on the main peak. He was staying at Qingmu Peak. Due to the rise of Mi Xiaojing, his status was not as good as before. The high-level members of the Heart Sect were quite disappointed in him. This time, he was not brought to the main peak, but was asked to stay at Qingmu Peak, which made Chen Shouyi extremely dissatisfied.

The offensive and defensive battle became more and more brutal. The cultivators of the Elemental Infant stage fought from time to time, but basically, it was one-on-one. The cultivators of the Condensing Elixir and Foundation Establishment stages, on the other hand, fought in groups. Back and forth, the whole main peak was bustling.

Mi Xiaojing turned a deaf ear to the outside world and focused on refining his healing spirit pills.

In just over ten days, Mi Xiaojing had exhausted all the materials for refining healing elixirs and had to stop refining low-level spirit pills. He began to work on spirit pills for the Elemental Infant stage. Anyway, there were still a lot of materials for refining Hakutaku Pills and Nurturing Infant Pills. It was good to use them to practice when he was idle.

Outside the main peak, the high-level cultivators of the Elemental Infant stage from the Vast Gold Sect gathered together.

Continuous battles made Radix Notoginseng feel very tired. He didn't expect that the main peak of the Heart Sect would be so difficult to conquer. Several joint attacks were all blocked by the opponent. The strength of the two sides was limited, and both sides suffered losses. However, very few people died at present, and neither side had reached the point of desperation.

Especially Thousand Poisons and Big Head Zheng Tong, both of them were all talk and no action. Every time they fought, they would retreat as soon as something went wrong. Radix Notoginseng gritted his teeth at the sight, but now was not the time to turn against them, so he could only bear it.

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The main peak couldn't be taken down, and the other nine peaks were the same. Radix Notoginseng's face was getting worse and worse. He could still support it on the surface, but he was losing confidence in his heart.

"We still don't have enough manpower. If we could invite a Dividing Spirit stage expert, we could directly break the defense of the main peak. This defensive array is really annoying!"

O'neill said, "We can't invite anyone, sigh!"

Thousand Poisons sneered and said, "Invite who? Just hold on, they can't hold on for long. Relying on a defensive array to defend to the death, how much ambition can they have? If they come out to fight to the death, it would be better. They are all like turtles with their heads retracted, all their sharpness has been worn away. Hehe, it won't be long before they are done!"

O'neill was very annoyed with this guy. He talked more than he did. He didn't exert much strength in the battle, but his mouth was full of flowery words. This was the kind of person she despised the most.

Big Head Zheng Tong also said, "Yes, don't worry, don't worry!"

Radix Notoginseng wished he could kick these two bastards to death.

O'neill didn't dare to stay where she was. She was afraid that she couldn't help but curse out loud. She said, "Senior brother, I'll go over there and have a look."

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Ban Jin never liked to talk nonsense. He always fought at the forefront. Even if he was injured, even if he couldn't beat his opponent, he still fought desperately. The people of the Heart Sect were actually quite afraid of him. A desperate Elemental Infant old monster, even cultivators with a higher level of strength, didn't dare to fight hard.

Brahman Sa and Yin Jin, on the other hand, tried to trick him several times. But Ban Jin had Xu Zhongqing standing behind him, who always took action at critical moments. It wasn't that the two had a deep friendship, but Xu Zhongqing thought Ban Jin was a good person, simple and crazy, and couldn't bear to see this straightforward guy being tricked to death, so he took more care of him.With Radix Notoginseng occasionally lending a hand, Banjin became their vanguard, always charging ahead. His fearless demeanor earned Yu Hong's admiration. This man was born for slaughter.

Seeing Radix Notoginseng's ashen face, Da Tou Zheng and Thousand Poisons knew exactly why, but they didn't care in the slightest. Did they expect people to risk their lives for such a small reward? That was wishful thinking. They were here to earn and to rob, not to throw their lives away.

The two exchanged a glance and ascended into the sky in perfect sync.

Thousand Poisons smiled and said, "Let's go up and observe, see if there's an opportunity."

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