Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 1209: 1209

1209 Myriad Worlds Communication Ball (1)

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Guo Hua and the other Grotto-Heaven Masters didn’t react much to Zhou Shu’s words.

But the expressions of Shi Songtao and the other forgers, who had rushed over after them, changed slightly.

Is this one of the best divine weapons forged by His Highness? What does this mean?


Zhou Shu had forged more than half of the connate divine weapons in the Huaxia Pavilion’s revised armament manual, and they all ranked at the top.

Did he mean that this connate divine weapon in his hand was one of the strongest connate divine weapons in the world?

But the divine weapon didn’t quite look like it.

They had never seen a spherical connate divine weapon.

The Grotto-Heaven Masters looked at the spherical connate divine weapon in Zhou Shu’s hand. They were also very curious. How does this connate divine weapon work? Does it become a huge ball to attack the enemy? Or is this a meteor hammer?

Speaking of which, there did seem to be low-level martial artists who used weapons like the meteor hammer. But for people with high cultivations, a weapon like the meteor hammer was very useless.

For high-level martial artists, they usually chose to use sabers and swords. This was not without reason.

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“Your Highness, what kind of divine weapon is this?” the Ji Xuan Grotto-Heaven Master, Guo Hua, couldn’t help asking.

Zhou Shu’s lips curled up slightly. “This is the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball!”

“Myriad Worlds Communication Ball?” Everyone looked puzzled.

This connate divine weapon had a strange appearance and name.

It didn’t sound like a divine weapon.

Just from its name, it was impossible to tell what kind of weapon it was.

Seeing everyone’s puzzled expressions, Zhou Shu smiled even more happily.

He said to Shi Songtao, “Deputy Pavilion Master, come here.”

Shi Songtao stepped forward and said respectfully, “Your Highness!”

“Take this and retreat a kilometer away.” Zhou Shu reached out and patted the spherical connate divine weapon.

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A metal palm-sized token appeared in his hand. The token looked a little like the identity token used in the imperial court.

Shi Songtao took it and asked in confusion, “What should I do after that?”

“Activate it with your spiritual essence,” Zhou Shu said casually.

Shi Songtao nodded and used his movement technique to fly a kilometer away.


He activated his spiritual essence and injected it into the token. Then everyone saw an extremely shocking scene.

The token in Shi Songtao’s hand erupted with a powerful aura, and a surge of incomparably turbulent spiritual essence poured into Shi Songtao’s body from the token.

Shi Songtao looked as though he had eaten too much. His body swayed, and his face was red. He roared and punched out. The surging force hit a boulder and shattered it.

After he vented, his expression improved slightly.

The Grotto-Heaven Masters were not ordinary people. They could tell at a glance that when Shi Songtao activated the token in his hand, it was the sphere in Zhou Shu’s hand that injected a surge of spiritual essence into the token, and then through the token, it poured into Shi Songtao’s body.

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“This Myriad Worlds Communication Ball replenishes the spiritual essence consumed by martial artists?” Guo Hua said solemnly.

When martial artists fought with others, using martial techniques or divine abilities would consume spiritual essence. The consumption of spiritual essence needed to be replenished. Generally speaking, martial artists needed to adjust their breathing and absorb the spiritual qi of heaven and earth to transform it into their own spiritual essence.

This process took time, but this token could directly inject spiritual essence into the martial artists’ bodies. It was much faster than martial artists absorbing the spiritual qi of heaven and earth themselves.

But just this alone was almost useless to Grotto-Heaven realm experts.
Grotto-Heaven realm experts had extremely deep spiritual essence cultivation. Not to mention that in a battle, they rarely consumed their spiritual essence to the point of needing replenishment.

Even if they needed to replenish it, they had grotto-heavens themselves. Grotto-heavens were equivalent to a storage place for spiritual qi. It was even more convenient to absorb than through this token.

They looked at Zhou Shu. They didn’t believe that he didn’t understand this logic.

If this was the only use, this connate divine weapon could only be considered somewhat interesting. It couldn’t be said to be one of the best.

“Replenishing spiritual essence at any time is just a small function that’s not worth mentioning.” Zhou Shu was very satisfied with this effect. He smiled and said, “Can someone else step out?”

He called over another person, took out another token from the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, threw it to him, and got him to fly a hundred kilometers away.

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Everyone was puzzled. Could it be possible to transmit spiritual energy from a hundred kilometers away?

There didn’t seem to be any difference in nature.

Everyone looked at Zhou Shu.

Another token appeared in his hand.

He casually tapped a few times on the sign, and then a small figure appeared on it.

Everyone was stunned. This figure was Guo Hua, who had flown a hundred kilometers away with the token!

“Guo Hua, can you hear me?” Zhou Shu said. His voice wasn’t loud.

Guo Hua was stunned. The small figure was vivid, just like the real Guo Hua. He said, “I can hear you. King Zhou, what’s going on?”