Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 1210: 1210

1210 Myriad Worlds Communication Ball (2)

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“Everyone should be familiar with the Transmitting Sound By a Thousand Kilometers Technique.” Zhou Shu smiled. “But what about tens of thousands of kilometers away? Or even farther? My Myriad Worlds Communication Ball allows two people to communicate with each other tens of thousands of kilometers away. It’s like sitting face to face and talking.”

“Uhh…” The small Guo Hua pondered and said, “King Zhou, do you mean that as long as you have this token, even the lowest-grade martial artist can use it to achieve a voice transmission?”

“That’s right.” Zhou Shu nodded. “Not only that, but more than two people can communicate at the same time using it.”


Zhou Shu operated the token again. Three hundred meters away, Shi Songtao was stunned to discover that the token in his hand was beeping.

Then he seemed to see something. Subconsciously, two small figures appeared on his token. One was Zhou Shu, and the other was Guo Hua.

A figure appeared on the token in Zhou Shu’s hand. It was Shi Songtao.

This simple group chat function stunned everyone.

Was this a connate divine weapon?

It was completely different from what they had imagined.

The connate divine weapons they knew were all offensive tools.

This Myriad Worlds Communication Ball was different.

Just for the sake of communication, Zhou Shu had spent countless heavenly treasures to forge such a connate divine weapon?

But after thinking about it carefully, they realized that this item had many uses!

In the past, although Grotto-Heaven Masters could transmit their voices thousands of kilometers away, it was extremely costly to do so. Typically, they wouldn’t do this. After all, it was simpler to send someone over.

But with this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, one could communicate with people tens of thousands of kilometers away without leaving their residence.

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If it was used in the military, the effect would be even more obvious.

All the Grotto-Heaven Masters fell into deep thought. They were even imagining the various uses of the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

They were tempted.

But the biggest problem with this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball was that only Zhou Shu could use it.

In other words, they had to obtain the token through Zhou Shu before they could use it.

The process of using it was most likely under Zhou Shu’s surveillance.

Zhou Shu glanced at the Grotto-Heaven Masters. He naturally wouldn’t explain to them what a terminal was and what a server was.

Speaking of which, Zhou Shu had long wanted to forge this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball. In the past, his attainments in forging were not high enough, and he didn’t have many forging materials on hand. It wasn’t even enough to forge connate divine weapons that he urgently needed, let alone use them to forge this Myriad Worlds Knowledge Ball.

It was all thanks to these Grotto-Heaven Masters that he had enough materials to forge this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

Zhou Shu continued, “My Myriad Worlds Communication Ball not only has a simple communication function, but you can also communicate with others about the Martial Dao and even learn Martial Dao techniques through it.”

The social network, forum, and even the shopping mall function were all in the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

In Zhou Shu’s design, he could even teleport people through this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball. But he couldn’t do it for the time being.

After the Grotto-Heaven Masters heard Zhou Shu’s explanation, their eyes lit up. They couldn’t refuse the temptation at all.

Even though they knew that Zhou Shu might monitor them if they communicated via the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, they could use the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball to communicate less important matters.

Moreover, they didn’t believe that Zhou Shu would be so bored as to look at every message transmitted through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

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If he really did that, it would likely affect his cultivation.

Thinking about it this way, they could really make use of this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball!

“King Zhou, I want a token. What are your conditions?” a Grotto-Heaven Master said.

Zhou Shu gave him a thumbs up in his heart. Smart.

“Of course there are conditions. There is no free lunch in the world. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to forge the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball. And it will cost an unknown amount to support its operation. So although I want to benefit the human race, there are still some conditions to use this token.

“After all, I can’t support this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball with my own wealth for long.”

Zhou Shu’s gaze swept across everyone. “I won’t charge anyone for a token, but as long as you use it, I will have to charge for consumption. How about this? One kilogram of forging materials per two seconds…”

Zhou Shu didn’t accept gold, silver, or jewelry. He only accepted forging materials.

The Grotto-Heaven Masters found Zhou Shu’s method of charging a fee novel.

If someone came from the same place as Zhou Shu, they would definitely understand immediately.

It was very simple. Cell phones wouldn’t cost money, but they had to pay the phone bill. Moreover, they had to pay for any internet functions.

Zhou Shu was charging them like a telco carrier!

The Grotto-Heaven Masters looked at each other and pondered for a moment before saying, “This is very reasonable. After all, we shouldn’t let you bear the consumption, King Zhou.”

The Grotto-Heaven Masters were rich and overbearing. Such charges were nothing to them.

“King Zhou, I have a question. Should I pay before using this Myriad Worlds Knowledge Ball or after using it?” Guo Hua asked through the token.

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“You have to pay first, of course,” Zhou Shu said. “Let me give you an example. Guo Hua, you can pay five thousand kilograms of forging materials at once. You will then be able to communicate with the token for ten thousand seconds…”

Zhou Shu explained, “Every token has a fixed number. This is how you will identify each token and contact each other. The fees you pay in advance will be tied to this number…”

Zhou Shu tried his best to explain the prepaid fee in an easy way.

“Understood!” Guo Hua said in a low voice. “King Zhou, I want a hundred Myriad Worlds Communication tokens, each stored with five thousand kilograms worth of forging materials!

“By the way, King Zhou, about the fixed number you mentioned, which is the number one token…”

Guo Hua actually realized the existence of having a beautiful number on his own.

But he was definitely thinking too much. Zhou Shu would definitely keep the number one token for himself.

“The number one token is mine. The first hundred tokens are also all gone. Guo Hua, if you want, the tokens will begin from number one hundred and one…”

“Deal!” Guo Hua said impatiently.

The other Grotto-Heaven Masters were extremely vexed. Guo Hua had actually beaten them to it!

The number 101 token!

“King Zhou, I want the number 101 token too. I’ll pay!”

The few Grotto-Heaven Masters actually began to fight for the number.
Zhou Shu appeared calm, but his heart was blooming with joy.

People like Guo Hua had been plundering the masses for thousands of years. He had long wanted to squeeze the remaining wealth from them.

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Now was a good opportunity.

If he couldn’t empty them all, he would consider himself incompetent!

“Everyone, don’t worry. I still have other tokens with good numbers,” Zhou Shu said calmly.

“These number tokens come with a price. In addition, the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token has some VIP services. You only need to pay some forging materials to become esteemed VIP users and enjoy different services from others.

“Of course, there will also be different signs. For example, ordinary Myriad Worlds Knowledge Tokens are made of ordinary steel. The tokens for VIP users are made of special materials. Also, there will be special effects when using them.”

As Zhou Shu spoke, he demonstrated. On the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token, all kinds of cool special effects began to fall around Guo Hua.

When had these Grotto-Heaven Masters ever seen such a scene?

Their eyeballs were about to fall to the ground.

They stared at the special effects on the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token. This is good. It suits our status as Grotto-Heaven Masters!

How can Grotto-Heaven Masters like us appear so ordinary?

A VIP has to be a VIP!

Isn’t it just forging materials?

We Grotto-Heaven Masters are not short of this!

After all, we’ve accumulated our wealth for thousands of years.

Besides, at worst, the people of our grotto-heavens will go out to mine!

The Grotto-Heaven Masters asked impatiently, “King Zhou, what is the price of the VIP service?”