Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 1211: 1211

1211 A Way to Make Money, Black Magic (1)

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Shi Songtao was in a trance as he watched Zhou Shu discuss the price with the Grotto-Heaven Masters seriously.

Such a Zhou Shu felt familiar to him.

In fact, Zhou Shu had the same personality back then. But most of the time, everyone only saw his talent in forging and his abnormal strength.


Many times, everyone forgot that in the depths of Zhou Shu’s heart, the identity he related with the most was that of a forger!

In the past, he had liked to sell the weapons he forged to others. Back in Great Xia, he had even come up with a way for others to pay him in installments to buy ranked weapons.

But because he went on to participate in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament, it didn’t last.

His Highness seems to be up to his old tricks again… Shi Songtao looked at the Grotto-Heaven Masters sympathetically.

With His Highness targeting these Grotto-Heaven Masters, they will probably lose their pockets.

His Highness will end up with an endless supply of good things.

As long as you’re tempted, you will definitely have to keep giving…

Not long after, Guo Hua and the others returned to the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven with satisfied expressions.

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Zhou Shu smiled in satisfaction. “Deputy Pavilion Master Shi, have you memorized the prices we just discussed?”

“Yes,” Shi Songtao said blankly.

He felt a little numb to these numbers now. These damn Grotto-Heaven Masters deserve to meet His Highness!

How much have these bastards plundered over the years?!

Previously, they had paid a mountain of forging materials. Now, they were giving out so many forging materials without batting an eye. Could it be that their treasure vaults were bottomless pits?

Shi Songtao really wanted to know how rich these Grotto-Heaven Masters were. But now, it seemed that he would have to rely on Zhou Shu to find out.

He would know the answer when Zhou Shu eventually emptied them.

“Send someone to get the forging materials from them later,” Zhou Shu instructed indifferently. “Then send the tokens to them.”

This Myriad Worlds Communication Ball is really worth it! Zhou Shu was very satisfied with the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball he had forged.

It was equivalent to a server. With it, all martial artists could be connected and influenced to a certain extent by Zhou Shu.

it was much more ingenious than using brute force to subdue those martial artists.

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As long as they became used to using the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, they would be affected by Zhou Shu.

If he wanted, he could even spread his thoughts through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

Shi Songtao looked at Zhou Shu and asked, “Your Highness, when the token instilled spiritual qi into my body, I felt that it could allow me to erupt with strength that exceeded my cultivation… Was it my imagination?”

“No,” Zhou Shu said. “Apart from replenishing people’s spiritual essence, the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token can also temporarily increase their strength. However, this is a paid function.”

When Zhou Shu was forging the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, he had an idea and incorporated his divine ability Unparalleled Benevolence into it.

Through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball, he could transmit Unparalleled Benevolence to a martial artist, and the martial artist would temporarily have the strength he shared.

In addition, the nine-word laws could affect martial artists through the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball.

In other words, if Zhou Shu was willing, he could use the Myriad Worlds Communication Ball to suddenly increase the strength of a martial artist far away.

Although this increase in strength was only temporary, it would be extremely useful at critical moments.

Zhou Shu had long cultivated Unparalleled Benevolence to greater mastery. Now, he could even use Unparalleled Benevolence on multiple people at once.

“Paid function?” Shi Songtao muttered to himself. As expected, the methods His Highness uses to harvest the wealth of the various Grotto-Heaven Masters are endless…

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There’s actually such a paid function. This is a temptation that no martial artist can refuse.

With such a function, it’s equivalent to having another life-saving method!
No matter how much it costs, it’s worth it!

“Speaking of which, Deputy Pavilion Master Shi, the Huaxia Pavilion still has something to do.”

“What is it?” Shi Songtao asked curiously.

“In the future, we will definitely let all the human martial artists have a Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token. But its activation and payment are both troublesome. It’s impossible to get every martial artist to come to our Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven. It’s unrealistic. Low-grade martial artists won’t be able to come to the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven either.”

Zhou Shu pondered. “Therefore, we have to open a Huaxia Pavilion branch in various places.

“These branches will not be for forging weapons. Instead, they will be responsible for selling Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token and charging fees.”

The Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token was not free for martial artists to use. The token itself didn’t cost money, but if people wanted to use its function, they had to pay monthly fees.

There might be a free lunch in the sky, but it wasn’t so easy to take advantage of Zhou Shu.

While impressed, Shi Songtao was also excited.

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He only thought for a moment before understanding how many benefits this Myriad Worlds Communication Ball contained.

The various functions of the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token were things that martial artists couldn’t refuse.

He couldn’t imagine any martial artist refusing to own a Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token!

As long as they wanted the Myriad Worlds Knowledge Token, they would have to pay the Huaxia Pavilion and Zhou Shu continuously.

What did this mean?

It meant that Zhou Shu didn’t have to do anything in the future. He just had to wait and collect money!

This was faster than forging.

No, this was also the effect of forging!

Being a forger indeed had a bright future.