Ares' Soul was not instantly extinguished once his mind was broken.

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More importantly, the problem was how long YuWon could keep summoning Hell.


'This is the first time I've kept it up this long.'


YuWon looked at Hercules, who was slamming his fist into Ares' still unregenerate soul.


He was shaking his fist almost madly.


It was natural.


Even if the root cause lay with Zeus, Hercules had seen the memory of the necklace moments before, when Ares' sword pierced Alcmene's body.


Having witnessed it with his own eyes, Hercules would not be satisfied with tearing Ares apart again and again.


'He will never be satisfied with this alone, but...'




Hercules' fist clenched once more.


'I hope it feels a little lighter.'




Ares' body exploded once more.


His soul torn beyond recognition.


[The soul of the 'God of War and Struggle' is weakened]


[He needs rest]


[Arcane Power is insufficient]


Slowly, Ares' soul and YuWon's Mana reached their limits.


Hercules stood still and waited for Ares' soul to return to normal.






YuWon approached Hercules, who was half dozing.


"Finish it now."


"Even a little more..." 


"I'm already too tired."


Kak, kak-.


The summoned space shook unsteadily.


Finally, Hercules realized that YuWon had been using his abilities to maintain Ares' soul and allow him to remain in that state.


Besides, if YuWon were a necromancer, he would also need mana from him to restore the torn soul.


"You've been holding on too long."


"If you need it, say so later. I'll let you hit him again."


Ares, who was slowly being restored to his original form, shuddered.


But then Hercules shook his head.


"No, thank you. This is enough."


"Is it enough for you?"


"No. It's still not enough."


Hercules' eyes still glowed with fire.


He looked back at Ares, who was flinching, then spoke as he clenched his fists involuntarily


"But he's not the only one I'm going to hit."


"That's true..."

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Ares had killed Alcmene himself, but that was only a small part of what had led to her death.


Many were involved in her death.


Ares, Zeus, Hera, and the rest of the ranks of Olympus, Zeus' people.


"I don't think I'll be free until I've crushed every one of their heads. I've done all I can with him."


"Do you want me to help you?"


"Forget it, what can you do with your skills?"


"I know a few things."


Hercules' eyes widened.


Apparently fighting wasn't the only way to help.


"What else do you know?"


"Who's fighting who."


Information even Hercules would find interesting.


"And who cooperated in Alcmene's murder."


All that information, of course, came from Hercules' own mouth.


"Whether or not you believe what you hear, that's your choice. But isn't it worth checking out?"


"...Let's see."


YuWon explained the enemies and allies to Hercules.


It would be unwise to allow a blinded Hercules to attack Olympus blindly. In fact, at the end of the Second Gigantomachy, Hercules had even attacked the ranks of Olympus after learning of Alcmene's death.


What Hercules needed now was to identify the real culprits.


"So, if you somehow have to fight Zeus, you won't do it alone. You still can't defeat him on your own."


Maybe in some time, but for now, Hercules was still not confident that he could defeat Zeus.


There was no way Hercules, who did not possess an immortal body like Son OhGong, would be dragged into such an uncertain fight.


"Crush Olympus..."


The plan centered on Hades.


By changing his mind to Hercules, that plan was already more than half completed. Although the plan lacked much substance, Hercules didn't think it was impossible after hearing YuWon's story.




"I understand the plan, but you're not telling me to wait because of that, are you?"




YuWon shook his head.


He probably would have been the first to stop it if that was the case.


"Now go and destroy everything you wish. No restrictions, everything."




The corners of his lips twisted.


Turning around, Hercules looked back towards YuWon and asked.


"Do you think you can go up alone?"


"You go first."


"It's a good thing you're so fast."




Hercules' legs tensed as he stood on the ground.


"Then I'll go first."

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"Let's keep in contact."




Hercules jumped with all the strength in his body and climbed up to the ceiling.


The floor collapsed and the earth shook like an earthquake.


After breaking through the Inferno that YuWon had summoned, Hercules climbed up to the ceiling he had broken through.


"Even when you move, you're still noisy."




Was it because of the impact he had just experienced?


YuWon's mana around him trembled. With the summoned Inferno in play, Ares felt a sense of relief.




"We still have something to talk about, don't we?".




YuWon leaned in, pinning his eyes on Ares.


Then, a terrifying gleam emanated from Ares' eyes.


-I forgot you were a Necromancer.


"Relax your eyes and speak respectfully."


-How dare you....


"Hey, Hercul..."




Ares cried out urgently, emotions surging through his soul.


The man who feared nothing, not even death, cowered in fear at that very moment.


It was not for nothing.


Only moments ago, he had felt his flesh torn and exploded by Hercules, and he could not die.


Although Hercules had already left after taking revenge on Ares, Hercules was ready to strike Ares at any moment if YuWon asked him to do so.




YuWon looked at Ares as if the latter had something else to say.


The hesitation lasted only a moment.






The desired reaction came immediately.


Apparently, Hercules had bullied him too much.


After all, even if it wasn't just pain, facing Hercules with his eyes rolled back would be pretty scary.


"You know, I could use you as an undead with no will if I wanted to."


Ares lowered his head.


Necromancers, rare even in the Tower, had the ability to bind the souls of their opponents, turning them into mindless undead.


The same could be said of YuWon before him.


"Still, isn't it better to fight willingly than to fight unwillingly?"


-Do you want me to swear an oath of loyalty?


"Then at least you will be able to wield your sword of your own free will."


The souls of High Ranks were precious.


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Especially a High Rank as talented as Ares.


YuWon wanted to turn him into an undead in his full state if possible.


-I refuse.


The answer was predictable.


-You are an enemy of Olympus. As much as I fear Hercules, I cannot point a sword at my father and mother against my will.


To Hercules, they were all worthy of death, but to Ares, Zeus and Hera were the parents who bore and raised him.


As much as Hercules feared them, it was hard to imagine a man of Ares' stature turning his sword against them.


It was only natural.


It was time to negotiate, not threaten and persuade.


"Then I guess we'll just have to use you in war."


Ares' eyes flickered.


He was probably thinking about his future.


He had already cracked the whip, now it was time for the carrot.


"But if you help me, I'll at least leave you out of the fight against Olympus."




The question came a little late, but it came.


I had to catch him here.


"Let's get the system online and make a contract with me."


[You have requested an oath contract]


[When the contract is concluded, the soul is 'completely' bound to the player].


[If the contract is not fulfilled, the soul becomes free].


A contract between an Undead and a Necromancer.


A promise, bound to the system, more secure than anything else.


"Do you accept?"



* * *



77th Floor.


The Temple of Hera, the first wife of Zeus and a High Rank.


It was known for housing the largest number of Rankers in all of Olympus. The Temple's luxury was the greatest among the factions of Olympus, and the wealth it had accumulated over the years knew no bounds.


Aside from the Three Gods, there was one being who wielded the greatest power and strength on Olympus.


She was Hera.


Gardens and gates as wide as a castle.


Strolling through them, the Rankers enjoyed the calm weather and peace.


"Lady Hera hasn't arrived yet?"


"No news of her."


"This outing seems to be going rather long."


"It's been a bit turbulent lately. Even if it's just a drizzle, it's still soaking the whole place."


The rumors about Kim YuWon were well known.


No one knew the full story, but enough Rankers knew that he had caused a rift between Zeus and Poseidon.


One of the pillars of the Three Gods collapsed.


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Rankers who had followed Poseidon went into hiding or left the Guild, and there was a feeling of unease between the other two Gods, Hades and Zeus.


"I never thought the Three Gods would split up like this..."


"Who would have thought that the other one would also go out like this?"


"I heard that the other two held hands and lent each other a hand."


"Yeah, I heard that too."


Rumors abounded.


But even if the rumors were true, it didn't matter.


"Anyway, it's a fight whose outcome is obvious."


"Well. We have war heroes here too."


Zeus and Hercules.


Besides, Poseidon was also imprisoned in Asgard's prison.


Zeus' power was still strong and he was still practically Olympus himself.



"But if there's a fight, it's going to be a big one."


"That's right."


A Ranker looked up at the sky.


Clouds hovered serenely.


"It feels like the day before a storm."


And that was the starting signal.




"What, what?"


"Is it an invasion?"


A section of the fence surrounding the temple collapsed, sending thick smoke upward.


On top of the collapsed fence.


The silhouette of a single, rather large man emerged.


"Is it just one?"


"Fear not, that guy who thinks he is...."


An exasperated Ranker stepped forward.




The older Ranker put a hand in front of him.


"That silhouette is...."


It was an unforgettable figure.


A hero wielding a mace and wearing a lion mask as he advanced across the battlefield.




He slammed his fist back into the temple fence, shattering it, and shouted.


"Where are you, Hera?"




A thunderous voice that rattled eardrums.


Manteus, a High Rank member of the Temple of Hera who knew him, muttered.




The Hero of the Gigantomachy burst into the Temple of Hera.