Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 790: 790

Jiang Yu opened her computer and opened a hacker’s web address. After entering a string of code, an IP address appeared on the screen.

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Jiang Yu copied the address and searched again. She found that this IP address had been applied for two accounts.

One was an account with the user’s name “Jiang Ran”, and the other was the account that she had used to post.

At this point, the chain of evidence was confirmed. Even if Jiang Ran gritted her teeth and refused to admit it, it was useless. As long as these addresses were thrown at her face, she had to admit it even if she didn’t want to.

Jiang Yu told Lu Qi and Dai Zhu about this matter. They were going to confront Jiang Ran in front of her, but Jiang Yu stopped them.

Lu Qi was a little puzzled. “Xiao Yu, what do you mean? This Jiang Ran is already in this state, and you still plan to let her go?”

Dai Zhu also expressed her confusion at Jiang Yu’s actions. “That’s right, Jiang Yu. Don’t tell me you still intend to let the matter rest?”

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Jiang Yu smiled mysteriously and said, “Isn’t it better to watch her post these posts without any evidence and then throw the evidence at her face than to have a falling out with her?”

Lu Qi and Dai Zhu thought about it and felt that what Jiang Yu said made sense, so they temporarily shelved the idea of questioning Jiang Ran.

“However, I wonder when Jiang Ran’s next post will be published? “Lu Qi asked, “Although she likes to fabricate facts, now that Xiao Yu is back, she might have to restrain herself. I don’t know when the next post will be published after the last post is published.”

“It’s simple. Why don’t we just walk around in front of her?” Dai Zhu came up with an idea. “I don’t believe that Jiang Ran won’t be angry when she sees the three of us walking away triumphantly in front of her.”

“You know Jiang Ran very well,” Lu Qi said.

“Of course. She’s the same as my sister,” Dai Zhu said disapprovingly.

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After coming up with a plan, Jiang Yu and the others agreed to meet up on the road that Jiang Ran had to pass.

A few minutes after they met up, Jiang Ran walked over from the other end of the path with a strange man beside her.

Jiang Ran and the man were still talking and laughing, but when they looked up and saw Jiang Yu, the smile on their faces instantly disappeared.

It had to be said that Dai Zhu was indeed quite skilled at manipulating other people’s psychology.

They didn’t even need to say a word, but Jiang Ran’s eyes were already filled with anger when she looked at them.

Dai Zhu walked over and smiled smugly. “I was wondering who this was. So it’s Jiang Ran, Jiang Yu’s ‘good sister’.”

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“The business between Jiang Yu and me has nothing to do with you,” Jiang Ran said unhappily.

“Do you think I want to care? I can’t wait for you to disappear from this world!” Dai Zhu said.

Jiang Ran’s expression became even uglier, and the man beside her also became gloomy. He said in an unfriendly tone, “This classmate, please watch your words.”

“Who are you? Do you have the right to interfere in the matters between me and Jiang Ran?” Dai Zhu looked at the man and really wanted to go up and give him a slap.

“I’m He Li, I’m Jiang Ran’s…” He Li glanced at Jiang Ran, but he still didn’t say the word “Boyfriend”. Instead, he said, “I’m Jiang Ran’s friend.”

“Friend or boyfriend? You have to explain this clearly.” Lu Qi walked over and sized up He Li.

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“He’s a handsome man. How come he’s related to Jiang Ran all of a sudden?” Lu Qi shook her head as if it was such a pity.

Jiang Ran couldn’t take it anymore. She felt that they were here to pick on her. So she looked at Jiang Yu. “Jiang Yu, can you control your friend?!”

Jiang Yu then walked over unhurriedly and said with a smile, “Before I control my friend, can you also control your mouth? And those hands of yours?”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Ran’s eyes began to dodge. She felt that Jiang Yu must have known something or else she would not have asked her this question.

“My meaning is very simple. In the absence of evidence, don’t always spread rumors about me.” Jiang Yu looked at her coldly.

“Hehe, I really don’t understand what you mean.” Jiang Yu laughed dryly. She planned to bite the bullet and refuse to admit that the two posts were posted by herself. “Don’t tell me that after you saw the two posts on the Forum, you think that it was me who posted them? Jiang Yu, you have to pay attention to evidence when you speak. If you don’t give me the evidence, are you trying to slander me here?”

Jiang Yu tilted her head and looked at her. “Why? Wasn’t it you?”