“Yes.” Rong Xuelong smiled deviously. She tilted her head and looked at Su Yanyun with curved eyes. “Young Master Yi’s relationship marriage is indeed very worthy of attention…”

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The other chief editors did not understand the meaning behind Rong Xuelong’s words. They nodded and looked at Su Yanyun gratefully.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly weak and timid Su Yanyun actually dared to “fight” with Ms. Rong at this time.

Su Yanyun looked calm, but her heart was pounding and she was suffering inside.

Young Master Yi’s relationship was definitely hot news. That was true.

However, coming from her, it was a grave mistake.

Others might not know her identity, but how could Sister Rong not know?

“I think Su Yanyun’s suggestion is good.” Unexpectedly, Rong Xuelong smiled affectionately. This kind of affection was a form of praise for Su Yanyun in the eyes of others.

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But in Su Yanyun’s eyes, it was a sly smile.

“I’ve decided!” Rong Xuelong slammed the table. “Let Su Yanyun interview Young Master Yi about his love life today!”


The moment Rong Xuelong said that, everyone in the meeting room gasped.

Interviewing Young Master Yi was already extremely difficult, but she still had to interview him about his love life?

This Ms. Rong was really too delusional… Uh, no, it might be wishful thinking for others to request this, but Ms. Rong was Young Master Yi’s biological sister!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

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Looking at Su Yanyun’s gaze, it was jealousy mixed with love and hatred…

With Ms. Rong around, interviewing Young Master Yi was as easy as pie.

Su Yanyun was also stunned.

It was on purpose!

Sister Rong was definitely doing this on purpose!

“Don’t misunderstand, everyone.” Rong Xuelong rubbed her temples with her fingers. “Don’t think that just because I’m Young Master Yi’s sister, I have a way to interview him. My brother is very stubborn. In the past, I wanted to give Heaven and Earth Media a photo of him, but he almost cut off our relationship as siblings. Thus, I can only trouble Yanyun to use her brain for today’s interview.”

Rong Xuelong smiled amiably.

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But now, the entire meeting room’s chief editor felt that this smile was very scary.

Su Yanyun widened her eyes in shock.

Rong Xuelong suddenly felt that isn’t her sister-in-law too cute?

She smiled and held up her finger. “It’s settled then. Yanyun, I’ll give you a day to interview Young Master Yi. No failure is allowed, you can only succeed.”

“If I fail… what will happen?” Su Yanyun looked for a glimmer of hope and breathed heavily.

Rong Xuelong pointed a finger at Su Yanyun’s forehead. “Okay, I have a good idea. That Wang Tong from your department doesn’t seem to want you to interfere. I’ll hand this task to the two of you at the same time and see who can interview Rong Linyi. If you fail, give the position of editor to her. But if she fails, I’ll give you the power to fire her!”

“What if both of us managed to interview Rong Linyi?” Su Yanyun raised her hand.

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Rong Xuelong raised her brows. “What? You will give her a chance to interview him?”

Others might not understand Rong Xuelong’s words, but Su Yanyun understood immediately.

Rong Xuelong was actually just using the interview with Rong Linyi to give her a chance to expel Wang Tong!

So… evil!

She was indeed Hubby’s sister. This kind of cat playing with mice game was the same for the both of them.