458 Jealous Demon

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When Third Madam heard Li Tingfeng and her son arguing, she ran out with a pale face. She hugged the furious Li Tingfeng and begged, “Hubby, it must be Li Ze’en. She must have bullied Zeyu, which is why Zeyu changed so much.”

Her words woke him.

Li Tingfeng’s eyes were ruthless. “Li Ze’en, did you urge your brother to go against us?”

Li Ze’en did not dare to come up against Li Tingfeng and quickly explained, “Dad, do you think I have the ability?”

Li Tingfeng thought for a moment and felt that Ze’en did not have the ability to urge Zeyu to defy them.

Li Ze’en saw that his expression was slightly relieved. Afraid that he would come back to his senses, she quickly found an excuse to slip out.

That night, Li Ze’en knew that the Li family’s villa must be in chaos again. She felt very happy about this situation. The only thing she felt guilty about was that she seemed to have dragged Li Zeyu down with her.

But how could there be an intact egg under an overturned nest? It was unfortunate taht Li Zeyu was the son of that bitch?.

Li Ze’en had nowhere to go, so she could only return to the accommodation distributed to her by the company. Unexpectedly, Qiao An had not left even though it was so late.

Li Ze’en saw that the office light was on and came to the office curiously.

Qiao An was bent over the table as she cleaned up the photos seriously. When Ze’en walked over, Qiao An didn’t notice her.

“Hey,” Ze’en frightened her.

Qiao An was so shocked that she quickly pocketed the photo until she saw that it was Ze’en. She covered her chest and exhaled. “You scared me to death.”

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Ze’en held the photo and looked at it. “What is this? You treasure it so much.”

When she saw these photos, her eyes were about to spew fire.

In the photo, Li Tingfeng was hugging a young and beautiful girl and drinking with a group of people.

Li Ze’en was so angry that she vomited blood. “Is this bastard cheating again?”

Qiao An handed her another photo. “Not necessarily. Look at this.”

Ze’en took it. “At this moment, it’s much quieter around Li Tingfeng. The girl is still standing beside him, but opposite him is a man with a powerful aura and wearing sunglasses.”

Qiao An said, “This girl’s identity is questionable. Ze’en, I think you need to work with your stepmother for once.”

Li Ze’en’s entire body was protesting. “Aunt, it’s not like you don’t know how much I hate her. I feel like vomiting just looking at her and getting goosebumps when I hear her voice. I can’t work with her.”

Qiao An stared into Li Ze’en’s eyes. “Ze’en, don’t you want to see your stepmother’s wonderful expression when she finds out that your father has a Little Fourth?”

She patted the photo and smiled evilly. “Take this girl’s photo and go back to stoke your stepmother’s wrath. I think she won’t bear to let the assets she worked so hard to defend be reaped by other women even if she doesn’t love your father. It’s much more appropriate for her to investigate this girl than for us to do it ourselves.”

Ze’en’s eyes lit up. “Aunt, you’re so evil.”

Qiao An’s eyes darkened. She wasn’t bad. She was just someone who had been through hell. In order to survive, she would let go of her principles.

Moreover, she had to protect Falcon and Xiaoran.

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Li Ze’en picked up the photo of Li Tingfeng and the girl and placed it in her wallet happily. “Looks like I still have to go back to the Li family villa.”

Qiao An finished packing the photos and picked up her coat. “I’ll go with you.”

When the two of them walked out of the office door, they saw Huo Xiaoran leaning against the railing and looking at Qiao An resentfully.

“Hubby, why are you here?”

“I’m afraid I’ll be alone tonight, so I came here to pick you up,” Huo Xiaoran said pitifully.

Ze’en laughed hysterically. “Uncle, aren’t you ashamed?”

Huo Xiaoran handed Li Ze’en a stack of money. “This is your bonus. 50,000 dollars.”

Ze’en jumped for joy. “There’s so much.”

“Your aunt asked me to get it for you.”

Ze’en immediately kissed Qiao An’s face. “Thank you, Aunt.”

Huo Xiaoran was so mad that his veins bulged. “Li Ze’en, what are you doing? Who allowed you to kiss my wife?”

Li Ze’en smiled inappropriately. “Uncle, I’m a woman. Don’t tell me you’re even jealous of me.”

Huo Xiaoran raised his hand and wiped Qiao An’s face hard. He even warned Li Ze’en fiercely, “Don’t touch Aunt in the future.”

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Seeing that he despised her so much, Li Ze’en was so miffed that she hugged Qiao An and planted a few more kisses on her face.

She ran off after doing it.

After running for a long distance, she turned around and made a face at Huo Xiaoran smugly. “I insist on kissing her.”

Huo Xiaoran picked up the card in his hand and was about to fly out.

Qiao An quickly stopped him. “Brother Xiaoran, Ze’en is a girl and your niece. Why are you arguing with her?”

Huo Xiaoran said anxiously, “I’m afraid she’ll turn you into a lesbian.”

Qiao An stared. “Where did you get that strange idea?”

Huo Xiaoran’s ears turned red and he said sourly, “You’re working as partners 24 hours a day now. When you’re with her, you never report your schedule to me or call me.”

Jo Ann was dumbfounded.

Was she too independent?

However, Huo Xiaoran, the domineering CEO, had nothing to do and was actually wheedling like a girl. Would he be jealous because of this?

Okay, Qiao An admitted defeat.

She held Huo Xiaoran’s hand and said sweetly, “Hubby, I actually want to call you every day. But in the morning, I was afraid that you were in a meeting. At noon, I was afraid that you were resting, and in the afternoon, I was afraid that you were meeting a client. So I endured it every day and didn’t allow myself to disturb you.”

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Huo Xiaoran knew that she was lying, but he was still especially happy.

“I forgive you.”

Qiao An heaved a sigh of relief. She thought that was the end of the matter.

Unexpectedly, the next day, as soon as she opened her eyes, Huo Xiaoran handed her a freshly printed timetable.

“An’an, I’ll get my secretary to prepare my itinerary a week in advance and send it to you in the future. That way, you’ll know when I’m free and can talk to you on the phone.”

Qiao An looked at the long stretches of free time and frowned.

Didn’t she need to work?

“Oh,” she replied a little reluctantly.

Huo Xiaoran frowned. “Is it very forced?”

Qiao An squeezed out a bright smile and said against her will, “Not at all, Hubby. I just feel that you have too little free time. There must not be enough time for me to make phone calls to you.”

Huo Xiaoran raised her chin and said seriously, “When you miss me, you can call me anytime. Actually, I’m not busy. I can make shelf my meetings with clients for you.”

Qiao An swallowed. If this guy was born in ancient times, he would definitely be a fatuous ruler.

“I understand.”

“Get up. It’s the weekend today. Zhou Zhou has a blind date. Aunt asked us to accompany him.” Huo Xiaoran patted Qiao An’s head and said affectionately.

Qiao An was instantly interested. “He finally got over it.”