57. Old friend

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The morning turmoil is over and now, I’m having a late breakfast.

Maria talked to me as I was eating the prepared breakfast.

“By the way, Kohaku-sama, do you know that the bakery we often visit is in the magazine?”

“Oh really? I don’t know about it. Is it the latest one?”

“Yes, it was released recently. Would you like to see it?”

“Yeah, I want, I want to see…”

Maria listened to my words and stood up, and after a while she came back. She brought back a book in her hand and offered me the book.

The title of the book was “Gurumeguri”, it’s a quite famous gourmet magazine. [TN: ‘Gurumeguri’ is kind of a word play of the word ‘gurume’ (Gourmet)) + ‘meguri’ (Tour), so I translate the word in English, I’ll name it ‘Gourmet Tour’]

While saying thank you, I received the book and looked at the cover again, the headline was ‘20 Popular Bakeries’.

‘Ooo… I’m impressed that it was chosen’, I thought so while flipping through the pages.

…Found it.

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There was a picture of a clerk who had a good face and was looking at the camera when the picture was taken. 

..I bet if they were to put a word near the clerk’s face, it would be something like ‘SPARKLING!‘ or ‘SHINE!’.

The clerk in picture was posing as if the pose was already decided beforehand. 

When I read the article written below the photo, I found a brief introduction to the store and an interview with the clerk.

『”Is the ingredients for the bread in this shop carefully selected? “』

『”All ingredients are domestic, and the best ingredients for bread are selected carefully.”』

At first, they were talking about such a serious topic, but gradually the topic started to go in a strange direction.

『“By the way, I heard that a ‘Pretty Boy’ often come to this store?”』

『”Yes, he is.”』

『“At what time do the ‘Pretty Boy’ usually come to the store?”』

『”I can’t say that because it might bothers the ‘Pretty Boy’.”』

…… Why does the word “Pretty Boy” appear many times in an article about bakeries? Isn’t it stupid? Do it seriously, please! 

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However, the story goes to a funnier direction.

『”What a pity. So what is it that attract the ‘Pretty Boy’ to directly come to this shop?… As expected, is it the delicious bread?”』

『”Yes, I’m sure that’s the case. But, the people who ate the bread at this shop said that they were able to get closer with men, so maybe there’s a mysterious power within the bread, and that power is what attracting the ‘Pretty Boy’ to come here.”』

『“……So… You can get closer to a man by eating bread from this shop… is that what you want to say?? “』

『”No, no, it just that there was such a story within the customer. Well, you can say the the bread here works like a lucky charm. But, I just want to say that many people say that … “』

『”… many”』

It’s so strange… the article is not about bread in the second half, but about something supranatural. It’s like an advertisement about a lucky accessory in a newspaper.

I closed the magazine and said to Maria who gave it to me..

“This is… no good.. it’s hopeless…”

“But Kohaku-sama, the bakery has been thriving, and it becomes even more popular since an article about it written in a magazine.”

…… By the way, when I got home from school, I saw a line there. At that time, I didn’t really care about it… After all, I usually bought the bread from that shop when I was jogging, so there weren’t many customers because it was early in the morning.

However, if it becomes so popular, there may be a line even before the store opens…

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Sure, I’m a ‘Pretty Boy’, but I don’t know if my prettiness could exceed the expectations of the people who are gathering there just to see me. If when I visit the shop while they’re gathering, they’re disappointed when they see me…….. Wait, what am I thinking……. No, no, I can’t be angry!

But, one think for sure is the bread that the shop sells definitely delicious. Just that… the clerk is a little crazy…

Since I’m not running in the morning today, I decided to take a walk after eating my breakfast.

The spring air and the occasional breeze are very pleasant. 

While enjoying it, I walked toward the nearby park. 

The park is a natural park and has a lot of trees and the pathway always got maintained, so it is a perfect place for a walk.

However, on the way to the park suddenly someone called me out.


Unusually, it was not a female voice, and when I turned my face to the voice, there was a familiar face there.

“Oooh, Long time no see, Maegashira… You look thinner than last time.”

It was the boy who was in the same junior high school as me. Although I haven’t seen him since I graduated, Maegashira was taller than before, and his plump body was slimmer.

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“Is that so? Oh! But for sure, I became taller.”

“It hasn’t been so long since we graduated, but you had grown taller considerably, huh?”

“Yeah, maybe It was because I tried to overcome what I dislike.”

“I see, did you succeed on overcoming it?”

“I’m going to overcome it… you see, if I left something on the plate, my seniors would get angry.”

“Oh…I forgot that Seimei High School had a senior as an instructor.”

“Yeah, so we usually eat lunch together, but if he found me left something on my lunch box, he’ll do this …”

While saying so, Maegashira hold his fist lightly, bring it in front of his face and shake it lightly.

“So, I think it’s no good if I leave it, after all, he hit my forehead when I left it. When I see my senior, who is worried and care about me, I feel like trying my best to eat something I don’t like… And so, I feel like I’ve overcame my dislike.”

Then, I heard various stories about his senior, such as Maegashira fighting with his classmate over that senior and being taught by his senior about the class.

When I saw Maegashira who is happily talking about his high school life, I was relieved and really happy that I didn’t go to Seimei High School.

To be honest, in my mind, what Maegashira talks about, it sounds like a hell to me.